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See Also:

  • Anime Extreme RPG: Rules, how to train, weapons, and sign-up information. Also images, character profiles, and summaries for a variety of series. Played in e-mail. [Pop-up voting window]
  • Anime RPG Network: A site a that is home to some very well made an original anime based RPG's.
  • Anime RPG Network: Web ring for anime roleplaying games.
  • Anime Warriors RPG: This is probably going to be one of the best Anime RPGs.
  • Anime Warz: This is a site all about fighting based largely off of Final Fantasy.
  • Chao's World of Slayers RPG: A Slayers RPG that takes place after Try with a mixture of the old Slayers cast and the new!
  • Chubbs DBZ RPG: A freeform DBZ roleplaying game played on several forums in our expanded Dragonball Z Universe.
  • Crossover RPG: Characters from any anime accepted. Story information, member list, how to join, and rules. Played in e-mail.
  • Gene Starwind's Outlaw Star RPG Page: An RPG page based on the famed anime series Outlaw Star with players opting to play as a character from the show or create an original character.
  • Gundam and Evangelion RPG: Information, background story, how to join, rules, and message boards.
  • Ichiban Apartments: An anime-based RPG loosely based around the concept of Maison Ikkoku; tenants living in apartments.
  • Kuwabara's YYH RPG: An online Yu Yu Hakusho RPG where you get to become one of your favorite characters from YYH.
  • Legacy Of Darkness RPG: This is a small, RPG. You can be people from Invader Zim, Zelda, And all of The DBZ Series (DBGT, DBZ, DBX). If you get someone to join, you get 200 credits.
  • Neo Anime RP Chat: Come in and become your favorite anime characters!
  • Online Anime RPG: Text/Email based Rpg. Select what you want to be. Rules-Characters-Trainin/battle.
  • Squall and REDXIII's Anime RPG: An RPG based around anime.
  • Super Deformed RPG: A stat based mecha RPG. Choose a SD\Chibi Mech to use from Gundam, Maccross, and Giant Robot.
  • The Fantasy Anime RPG: Create an original character, and character art. Post archive, RPG humor, and world map. Played by e-mail.
  • The MegaDragonballFantasy RPG: RPG with a mix of Megaman, Final Fantasy, and Dragonball/Z/GT.
  • The Next Generation: White Dragons: Weiss Kreuz is back in action, this time training a new assassin group, called the White Dragons. Their fight is against Wakiza, a `group` headed by the second remaining Takatori.
  • Tomodachi High: The RPG: An anime/manga based RPG that takes place in Tomodachi High. Play by e-mail.
  • USAnimeRPG: the All anime RPG: This is an RPG based on both AOL and BBS. You may use a character from any anime, or create your own.


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