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  • Adventures of Skeeter: Features an interactive cartoon. New episodes every month.
  • Allow to Infuse: Featured comics by Stefan J.H. van Dinther include The Newspaper Trick, The Leader of People and Instructions.
  • Angry Alien Productions: Animation by Jennifer Shiman, featuring the 30-Second Bunnies Theatre doing re-enactments of movies.
  • Apocalypse Cartoons: Features Father Tucker, Fear and Loathing, Grandma's Independence Day and The Living Abortion. Offers sketches, episodes, about and downloads.
  • Astropod: Features the issues, the characters, the letters and the credits.
  • Beyond Grandpa: From Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation. Features cartoons, animation and entertainment.
  • Captain Wacky: Featuring several series including the Gordon Show, Spud-u-don't-like, BagBoy and The Taahnies.
  • Captain Wuli: Features include story, adventures, news, research and engineering.
  • Cartoon Canyon: Features a collection of animated shorts. Updated weekly.
  • Cartoon Webcam: An ordinary family stars in a collection of animated cartoons. Features include Beach Cam, Bike Cam and Dinner Table Cam. Includes about the artist.
  • Cocao and Vanilla: Features cartoons about two hamsters. Includes history, poll, games, and trivia.
  • Crazy Cartoons: A selection of interactive Flash cartoons, ranging from the distasteful to the light-hearted.
  • Designs and Wonders: Features animated scriptures, biblical stories and proverbs and political humor.
  • Digital Nightmare Arts: Offers animated entertainment including cartoons, games and 3D. Requires Quicktime.
  • Digital Pigg: A Pigs adventures on the Internet. Features a collection of Flash cartoons.
  • Drifter TV: Short animated films by Nils Mühlenbruch. Information about the project, news, and links [requires Flash].
  • Eric The Worm: Flash animated cartoons of the adventures and misadventures of an invertebrate.
  • Fantastic TV: Features the cartoon series Sickcom, Moonshine Shanty, Rat and Roach, Lenny the Pimp and short films, comics and trip cinema.
  • Fatpie: British comedy about a strange town in Yorkshire.
  • Flash-Art: A collection of shorts, some interactive. Features downloads and contact info.
  • Frat: Offers short funny stories made in Flash, about big intelligent rat and his friends. Includes list of characters and archive.
  • Fred Koning Flash Cartoons: Features Talking Heads, Traces of the Missing Link, The Great Chicken Disaster and other Flash animations. In English and Dutch.
  • Frogmans Funnies: Original comic animations. [Best viewed with Internet Explorer]
  • Fwak! Animation: Flash cartoons for the web by Eddie Mort and Lili Chin: Rudo By Night, Dr Amoeba, and Afro Baby. Information and links.
  • Geeen Comix: Offers a collection of 2D and 3D characters and stories. Features clips to download, GIF, Flash and AVI. Some require DIVx.
  • Cartoon animations, Flash movies, and games featuring many oddball characters. Also includes screensavers and links to various humorous Flash movie sites.
  • Hate Order: An archive of the work of Tool_Of_The_System. Offers games and movies.
  • Heads that Shine: The adventures of Oscar and Cesar, two crazy guys who only think in moveas and TV. Features comics, gags, and animations. In English and Spanish. Requires Flash.
  • Hi Noon: Collection of short animated cartoons and holiday interactive comics.
  • Interactive neurotica. Offers a collection featuring everyday life.
  • Humanatee: Follows the adventures of a part-man, part-manatee superhero. Features include a list of episodes, the history, characters and archives.
  • I Hate You: The Site: Web Comic by Alex Thobaben, featuring talking twinkies and exploding heads.
  • Cartoon network offers interactive Flash, QuickTime movies, 3D and featured episodes.
  • Jacked Cartoons: Original animations, games and a discussion forum.
  • Catalogue of animated cartoons. Also features games, phone pranks, comics and ecards.
  • Justin T. Nick of Time Adventures: Features an action animated series. Includes the cast of characters and an episode guide.
  • Features the adventures of Karl and his friends.
  • Kid-e.TV: Offers sitcoms, fun and games and a directory.
  • Kids on Drugs: A collection of animated music videos. Features news, spam club and ecards.
  • Kidzdom: Spotlights a collection of Flash cartoons featuring the misfortunes of an orange moose.
  • Kill Nelson: A gallery of animated GIFs featuring the demise of a stick figure.
  • Killtoons: Collection includes Kill the Fly, Shoot the Bug and She Devil's Strip Show.
  • Lunaclick: Features the episodes Something in the Air, What Breaks?, Trailer 2 and Trailer 1 - Grandma's Revenge.
  • Manic Baby: Original animation and films, including "Bill Jones, Insane Spider-Boy," "Silent Banana Theatre," and "CHUCK." Created by Justin Hannah and Pudgy Neuter.
  • Flash animations, including the story of an arm with superhero powers, cartoons, reviews and funny songs.
  • Nate Milton: Offers cartoons, updates, newsletter. Includes the series "Animal Talk".
  • Nomad Radio Pictures: Features animated cartoons, short audio streams, odd collections and stories.
  • Nosferatu: Dracula's granddaughter and Van Helsing's grandson end up in the same high school history class.
  • Orlando Movie Project: A collection of animated Flash cartoons.
  • Inspired by recent news stories about panda pornography being produced by Chinese zoo keepers, comes a collection of goofy short animations.
  • PixeLimits: Flash cartoons and other projects by artist John Gentry. Featured titles: The Adventures of Calvin Carcass, Rockin' Chair Planet, and Final Acres.
  • Place The Face: Features customized cartoons and games. Users upload pictures.
  • Polymorf: Animated cartoons featuring Polymorf characters.
  • Post-It Theater: Hand-drawn flipbooks. Updated with a new movie each week.
  • Rainbow Animations: Offers Flash cartoon music videos and games.
  • Ricky's Art: Some sweet sick and not sick animated GIFs.
  • Rsubox: Features Braingirl, Central Toilet, and The Pod People.
  • Features a gallery of Flash animations including Math, Grey and Spare Me Your Pity. Offers contact information and updates.
  • Schmitty's Toons: Flash cartoons and games starring Dippy Duck, Master Sazuke, Woober and Pelican the Platypus. Requires QuickTime.
  • Scooter's World: Flash animated musical greetings featuring a dog named Scooter.
  • Flash animated cartoons of Daev C. Zen. Features include Chicken, Liquid Coffee and Snake Eyes.
  • Six Point Harness: Offers shorts including What would Jesus do, ChemoPhone, and Crotch Test.
  • Features the Story of Desert Duck, hip hop Ka- Boom, and Drunk Monkey. By F.B. Design.
  • Spizzkid Online: Home of the original cartoon strip featuring a rather chunkily drawn action hero.
  • Stick Page: Features a collection of games, movies, and the series "Xiao Xiao" featuring action stick figures.
  • Stickyflicks: Featuring frustrated aliens, angry rabbis, confused lesbian truck drivers and other strange animations. Requires Flash.
  • Stuff Animation: Showcasing a selection of Flash animations.
  • Stupid Todd: Stick cartoon shorts include The Face, Mean Cat, and Super Midget.
  • Suicidal Balloon: Official site featuring a variety of animated cartoons, interactive content, downloads and credits.
  • SuperShoes: An animated flash comic created by KCS production.
  • Terrorist Hideout: Features the humorous death of Osama bin Laden.
  • The Adventures of Evil Larry: The stories of CPA turned supervillain.
  • The Courtship of Sniffy LaPants: Features Quicktime and RealVideo versions of a six-minute animated film. Includes bios of the personnel and a short "behind the scenes" section.
  • The Keener Boys: Movies, music and press. Features The Boys Who Slept with Santa Claus, vs. The Elderly Nazi and The Available Temping Man.
  • Too Stupid to be President: Collection of cartoons lampooning George.
  • Toons With Guts: Contains original animations on miscellaneous topics.
  • Trailer Ark: Features movie spoofs of an animal kind.
  • Troma Entertainment Web Toons: Sick and Twisted Flash Cartoons.
  • Turksville: Animated cartoons and comic strips by Phil Turk. Choose from violence and main street. Requires QuickTime.
  • Ubergeek TV: Features a collection of technology themed cartoons.
  • Vogelterror: A collection of interactive Flash movies about one week in the life of a homocidal bird.
  • Webfilms: Cartoons on various topics by Jason O'Malley and Dave Rock.
  • Wes Bay Films: Featuring the animated series The Little Guy, The Super Jeffie Show, Weeds, Sharon, and The Andersons. Requires Quicktime.
  • Whatever USA: Archive of cartoons featuring Duncan Duck and Pashley Porcupine.
  • YoYo Megahertz: Offers cartoons, artwork, holiday ecards and music. Features The Farmer, Accordian Boy, and Aliens.
  • Features foul-mouthed groundhog named Phil. Offers a collection of animated cartoons and information about the creator.
  • Features Law Cops, Office Romance and Unnovations.
  • eyeEnvision: A collection of flash animation cartoons. Includes The Dentist and Litterbox.

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