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  • Aemo's Forum: For the discussion of graffiti, bodyart, and music.
  • Art Soul Tattoo: Addresses inquiries about tattooing and body piercing. Established by professionals who are contributors and columnists for various tattoo magazines. Membership information.
  • BellaOnline Body Art Forum: Weekly articles, a monthly e-mail newsletter, bulletin boards and chat, with fans of tattooing, piercings, and temporary body art.
  • Belly-Button: Forum in which members share pictures, experiences and advice about piercing or tattooing. Joining instructions and membership information.
  • Body Art Forum: Message board for those interested in discussing piercings, tattoos, mehndi, modifications, and implants.
  • Body Piercing Art Forum: Discussion of body piercing and tattooing: why it's done, safety concerns, and basic information. Includes membership data and instructions on joining.
  • BodyArtCH: Discussion and pictures on body art in Switzerland and surrounding countries. Membership information and joining instructions. Discussions are welcome in German, French, and English.
  • Bodyarts: Open to the discussion of all forms of body adornment; permanent and temporary. Membership information and instructions on joining.
  • Bodypiercing Group: Forum for the discussion of piercing adornments. Membership information, description, and settings.
  • Bodypiercing2: No piercings need to join this discussion group. Open membership, information on joining.
  • Fashion Asia: Discussing the latest fashion trends in the eastern culture of India. Open to almost anything; from makeup to henna bodyart. Membership information and instructions on joining.
  • Females with Hairy Arms: Yahoo `group` contains membership information, joining instructions, and an archive.
  • Flesh Steel: Forum for the discussion of all types of body modifications. Membership instructions and joining information.
  • Henna: Questions and experiences regarding the art of applying henna to the skin. Membership information and instructions on joining.
  • LDS Piercing and Tattoo: For Mormons who wish to discuss personal bodyart. Membership information.
  • Labret: Open to those who wish to discuss piercings or tattoos. Membership information and `group` settings.
  • MA Bodymods: Forum intended to discuss body modification, specifically in Massachusetts, but all are welcome. Membership information.
  • Mehndi 2 Dye For: Discuss the traditions surrounding henna. Recipes, application techniques, and aftercare as well as the artwork, books, and design ideas. Membership information.
  • Mind Body Soul: Discussion `group` set up by The Church of BodMod. Membership information and instructions.
  • Navel Girl Forum: For those with a love of piercing who wish to share conversation with others, also includes information on aftercare.
  • Oz Body Art: Forum for the discussion of temporary forms of body art. Includes henna, mehndi, full body painting, and face painting. Membership information and joining instructions.
  • PhattChat: Alternative life styles topics are discussed. Includes subjects related to tattoos, music, body piercing, art, and fashion.
  • Prince Albert: A forum to discuss genital piercing. Contains membership information and instructions.
  • Punk Possee: Alternative wave forum discusses everything from exotic lip, navel, and nose piercings to body tattoos, purple and green hair, dog collars, chains, leather, and eyeliner. Membership information.
  • Red Wing Tattoos Piercing Fans: For people who love body piercing and wish to share conversation with others. Membership information.
  • Tattoo: For those people who have, provide, design, and are interested in tattoos and body piercings. Membership information.
  • Tattoo and Piercing Fans: For those interested in tattoos and piercings. Instructions on joining.
  • Tattoos4u: Tattoos, flash, piercings, body mods, and body painting topics are discussed here. Membership information.
  • The Altered Body: Dedicated to the erotic art of tattoos and piercings. Everyone is welcome to join.
  • The Pierced Tongue: Talk about piercing experiences. Membership information and joining instructions.
  • The Seventh Sun: Discussion of all aspects of the 'alternative' lifestyle. Joining instructions.
  • The Steel Rod: Forum for questions and concerns regarding body piercing. Membership information and joining instructions.
  • Urban Primitive: Discussion forum about primitive ritual, piercing, tattooing, scarification, general body modification, suspension ritual, techno and industrial music, drumming, drugs, or anything that applies to urban/modern primitive lifestyle. Membership information.


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