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  • 24framespersecond: Reactions to films, DVD reviews, editorials, interviews, and links.
  • Ain't It Cool News: The latest in movie, TV, comic and other information from Hollywood.
  • BBCi - Films: Includes cinema reviews, competitions and films coming soon. Read interviews with Jonathan Ross.
  • Blackflix: Guide to black films, with news, reviews, articles, interviews, and other resources.
  • C.H.U.D.: The latest cinematic happenings under development.
  • Chasing the Frog: Previews and news about upcoming films, reviews of theatrical releases, DVD information, top film lists, and a look at classic films.
  • Cinema Confidential: Reviews, gossip, interviews, rumors, news, and contests. Also features image galleries and discussion forums.
  • Cinema Eye: Movie news, reviews, trailers, and discussion with a particular focus on independent and low-budget films.
  • Film portal. Showtimes, news, trailers, image galleries, film festivals, film schools, home video, ring tones, and related links.
  • News, reviews, previews, and film festival information for mainstream and independent films.
  • Comic Book Movies: News, rumours, photographs, and trailers for films adapted from comic books [requires Flash].
  • Features news, photos, trailers, articles, and message boards.
  • News aggregator and blog for new films. Also includes reviews, ratings, and opinion articles by Dan Brusca.
  • Dark Horizons: News, images, video clips and reviews of current and upcoming blockbuster films.
  • Death and Popcorn: Dedicated to death in connection to movies. Obituaries for film personalities who have died, as well as details about deaths in movies.
  • Doctor Daniel's Movie Emergency: Reviews, ratings, previews, trivia quizzes, top lists, and links.
  • E-Online: Reviews: News, reviews, and information about recently released and upcoming films, as well as box office statistics.
  • Edge City Chronicle: Movies: Previews, reviews and interviews for mainstream and independent films. Also includes information about home video releases.
  • Empire Movies: Movie news, photos, trailers, posters and message boards.
  • Entertaindom: Movies: News, movie clips, reviews, feature articles and interviews, polls, and discussion forums.
  • Entertainment Insiders: Film reviews and previews, box office statistics, articles and interviews, message board, and links.
  • Entertainment Tonight: Movies: News, reviews, and release schedules.
  • FileThirteen: Movie reviews, independent director/actor interviews, and Lodger's "Notes from Austin".
  • Film Jerk: News about upcoming films, reviews, interviews, filmmaking resources, and related links.
  • Film Rotation: Film and entertainment news, movie and DVD reviews, editorials, and links.
  • Film Scouts: Screens independent films and mainstream film trailers. Also includes film reviews, interviews, and articles.
  • Film Threat: News and information on cult films, underground shorts, alternative films, and independent features. Also reviews, interviews, and details on local and international film festivals.
  • Film UK: Archived news and rumours about projects in Hollywood filmmaking; including promotional screen shots and trailers.
  • Film Unlimited: News, reviews, gossip, full UK listings from the Guardian and Observer.
  • Film and the City: Collection of articles about the history and future directions of film. Includes related links and a discussion forum.
  • News Archives: Collection of links to news articles, dating back to 1999.
  • FilmFlava: Top lists of films and celebrities with information. Also includes desktop wallpapers.
  • FilmFour: Independent UK cinema subscription channel. Film news, release details, trailers, ringtones, DVD reviews, articles, and film clips.
  • Flick Addickt: News, trailers, pictures, and previews of upcoming feature films.
  • Focus on Movies: Synopses of news articles from various sources, with links to the articles. Allows users to add resources.
  • Freeze Dried Movies: Movie news, reviews, features, interviews, and message board.
  • Guardian Unlimited Film: Features, reviews, interviews and trailers. Interactive what's showing, film search, video mood-matcher and Brits in film.
  • Hollywood Byline: Hollywood buzz, cinema news, celebrity gossip, movie reviews, trailers, independent films, filmmakers directory.
  • Hollywood Crawler: Daily news and gossip about movies and celebrities. Interviews with the stars, movie reviews, synopses, and image galleries.
  • Hollywood Hollywood: Film reviews as well as an archive of video picks, gossip, articles, and quizzes.
  • Features video clips, trailers, soundbites, photos, games, celebrities, news, and event coverage.
  • IGN - Movies: Current and upcoming movie news, reviews and previews.
  • - Movies: Provides synopses and related links for various wide-release features.
  • Insomniac Mania: Film and DVD reviews, trailers, news, multimedia, artwork, and forum.
  • International Movie Studio: Hollywood and world movie news, reviews, features and business. Also includes community features and links.
  • Movie Report: Information, pictures, and news for several upcoming feature films.
  • Kikizo Movies: Movie and DVD news, reviews, previews, features and media.
  • Killer Movie Reviews: Reviews of mostly independent films, as well as streaming audio of interviews with filmmakers.
  • Reviews, news, trailers, and discussion forums. User contributions welcome.
  • Lee's Movie Info: Box office statistics and predictions, movie reviews, upcoming film previews, and message board.
  • MSN Entertainment: Movie reviews, gossip and news from Hollywood. Also features celebrity interviews, and links to other movie sites.
  • Merryweather Jones Alliance: News and commentary about what's happening in the American film industry, by several contributors. Also includes film reviews and message forums.
  • Movie Forum: Film news, reviews of theatre and DVD releases, box office reports, image galleries, discussion forums, and related links.
  • Movie Poop Shoot: News, opinion columns, and reviews. Also includes sections on music and comics.
  • Movie Spoilers: Production news and rumors for upcoming projects, top ten lists and polls, as well as capsule reviews of recently released films.
  • Movie Usher: Information about titles currently playing in theaters, out on home video, and coming soon.
  • Movie Wasteland: News, reviews, interviews, and links to trailers.
  • Different film-related contests in major cities across North America. Winners will receive advance screenings or newly released DVDs. Also includes film news and trailers.
  • MovieWeb: Trailers, box office statistics, archive of film previews, and movie stills.
  • News and reviews available in English and Dutch.
  • Moviehole: Movie news, interviews, and reviews. Also includes theater and video release information for Australia and the United States.
  • Movies of Oz: Release dates, film synopses, quotations, and box office details for movies in Australia and the United States.
  • Moviexpress: New Zealand-based movie and TV site with international coverage, including news, reviews, interviews, and other features.
  • MyMovies: News, reviews, trailers and features like movie mistakes.
  • Neurofilm Online: Community-driven database of reviews, news, and film-related links.
  • Numbmonkey: Movie reviews, editorials, multimedia, essays, fiction, and a bulletin board.
  • Ocean Blue Films: Reviews, message board, polls, previews, trailers, and box office statistics.
  • One Reel Film: News, reviews, box office reports, articles, and links.
  • Out Of Focus: Articles, news, and reviews for mostly independent and art house films.
  • Premiere Magazine: Previews, reviews, interviews, polls, box office numbers, guides, forums and a newsletter.
  • Preview-Online.Com: Reviews, previews, articles, pictures, production notes, release dates for independent and major movies in US and internationally.
  • Prevue Magazine: Online entertainment magazine emphasizing sci-fi, horror, and action.
  • Reel Cinema: Film trivia, previews, box office details, audio clips, posters, and links.
  • Reel Movies: Recent film news, reviews, multimedia downloads, and related links.
  • Hollywood Confidential: Jeffrey Wells' movie column, normally updated every Wednesday and Friday.
  • Rope of Silicon: Features movie news, previews, images, trailers, film awards, weekend box office, and reviews.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: Reviews, predictions, box office, trailers, interviews, photos, and news of current and upcoming movies.
  • SF Gate: Entertainment: Movies: Reviews and previews of films in theaters and on video. Also includes articles, news, gossip, top lists, and showtimes.
  • SPLICEDwire: Reviews of current theatrical and video releases, along with news, interviews, and multimedia.
  • SU Newswire: Covering Hollywood and screenwriting.
  • Screen Digest: News, research and statistics on the film, cinema, television, video, cable and interactive media globally.
  • Spliced Online: Film reviews, news and interviews.
  • Talk Film: News about upcoming films, reviews of various movies, rumors and gossip. User contributions welcome.
  • The Hollywood Reporter: Film: Regularly updated movie news.
  • The Movie Blog: Reviews, interviews, articles, and opinions on current film.
  • The Movie Centre: Film news, previews, trailers, and articles. Also features film screenplays and live chat.
  • The Movie Insider: Provides the film news with casting information, box office reports, release dates, articles, and links.
  • The Movie Spoiler: Contains information about the endings of current and upcoming movies.
  • The Movie-Page: Current Film Reviews and trailer links.
  • The Moviezone: Trailers, posters, reviews, upcoming Region 2 DVDs, and links to official film sites.
  • The New York Times: Movies: Movie reviews, nationwide showtimes, new releases, movie news and ticket purchase.
  • The Z Review: Features news, reviews, previews, trailers, and chat.
  • Top Box-Office Movies: Film news and reviews.
  • Top Movies Now Playing in Theaters: Synopses, image galleries, and reviews.
  • USA Today: Movies: Real-time `resource` for film news, reviews and showtimes.
  • Movies: Reviews, image galleries, articles, and trailers.
  • Virtual Urth's Movie Channel: Reviews, news and information on new movies and the film industry.
  • Yahoo! Movies: Showtimes, trailers, reviews, articles, interviews, news, and gossip.
  • Movies: Movie news, reviews, showtimes and trailers.
  • : Movie News: Presents up-to-the-minute entertainment news, trailers, gossip, reviews, contests to movie and TV enthusiasts.
  • UK-based magazine for independent, arthouse and world cinema.

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