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Udhas, Pankaj@ Ugly Americans@
Ugly Duckling Ugly Kid Joe
Ukranians, The Ultimate Fakebook
Ultramagnetic MC's Ultrasound
Ultraspank Ultraswiss
Ultravox Ultra Bide
Ultra Vivid Scene Umm Kulthum@
Umphrey's McGee@ Underground Kingz
Undertones, The Underworld
Underwater Unified Theory
Uninvited, The Union Underground, The
Universal Honey Universal Tribe
Unicorns, The Unrest
Unwound Unwritten Law
Unbelievable Truth Uncle Kracker
Uncle Sam Uncle Tom
Uncle Tupelo Upshaw, Dawn@
Ure, Midge Urge Overkill
Urge, The Uriah Heep
Urusei Yatsura@ Uranium 235@
Urban Dance Squad Urban, Keith@
Usher Usher, David
Uttal, Jai Utada, Hikaru
U.D.O.@ U.K.
U.S. Bombs U2
U96 UB40

  • U-Roy: The creator of DJ music, beginning as a Jamaican sound system DJ in 1961. Fan site includes news, biography, discography and pictures.
  • U-mass: Official site of the French power-pop band from Marseille.
  • U.N., The: Hip hop/rap `group` based in New York. Features band news, biography and contact.
  • U.N.P.O.C.: Official homepage signed to Domino Records.
  • U.P.O.: Official site at Epic Records. News, bios, pictures, media, and tour information.
  • U.S. Chaos: Official site of the New Jersey punk band.
  • U.T.F.O.: Includes biography, discography, and message board. At
  • U:Phonics: Stuttgart/Germany Band with information, news, clips, and photos.
  • UFOMAMMUT: Biography, music, links, lyrics, pictures and news.
  • UHF: A rock and roll band from Portland, Oregon, with a sound described by some as modern rock that remembers its roots. Visit site for MP3s, band bio, live schedule, and band journal.
  • UK Crisis: Includes MP3s plus video footage and production news.
  • UM: UM is an experimental musician/performer based in Cambridge, UK. Gigs, MP3, links, discography, and biography.
  • UMC's: Includes biography, discography, and message board. At
  • UMKC Accordion Orchestra: Under the direction of Joan C. Sommers is recognized as one of the finest accordion orchestras in the world.
  • US3: Includes biography, discography, articles, and message board. At
  • UV Pop: Devoted to the `group` and their music. Offers discography, articles and photo gallery.
  • UberScenester: Official site includes biography, news, and gigs.
  • Uberband: Veterans of signed Canadian bands Ginger and Me, Mom and Morgentaler join forces in this pop and rock group.
  • Uberkarnies: A britrock explosion `group` that also provide a site for bored websurfers.
  • Ueber, Angela: Official site for the artist. Features biography, show listings, MP3's, photo gallery and news.
  • Ugland, GT: Singer-songwriter, guitar player and music teacher from Kristiansand, Norway.
  • UglyStyk: Christian Hard Rock band, with a hint of metal and blues formed to tell people about Jesus.
  • Ukulele: History, member biographies, and pictures.
  • Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, The: Founded in the UK in 1985. Offers a history of the group, upcoming shows and events, CD offers and reviews.
  • Ulmer, James Blood: Comprehensive source of information on the guitarist, including an in-depth discography.
  • Ulterior Motive: The official web site of the Dutch metal band. Includes biography, photographs, latest news, links and guestbook.
  • Ultra Blue: Local unsigned band out of St. Louis. Offers media downloads, lyrics and contact numbers.
  • Ultra Grey: Formed in 1998 and influenced by groups such as Cocteau Twins. Includes history, MP3 audio, news, biographies, and photos.
  • Ultra Noir: Romantic and atmospheric pop `group` from Tampere, Finland. Includes biography, pictures, band news, and links.
  • UltraMax: The Fusion of Classical and Techno Music by Max I. Fomitchev. MP3s, albums, and other electronic and computer music resources.
  • UltraSun: Dedicated to the Australian dance act comprised of Christos and Katie. Includes a short biography, lyrics and a interview with
  • UltraViolet Uforia: Official band homepage. Offers news, contact information, biographies, downloads, lyrics and history.
  • Ultramarine: Audio clips, biography, discography, and album reviews. At
  • Ultras, The: Profile of the band and an audio clip.
  • Ultrasound: Dedicated to the ambient `group` from Austin, Texas. Includes discography, album information and liner notes.
  • Ultrasport: The official homepage of the Finnish indie pop band. Includes photos, news and upcoming shows, music and links.
  • Ultrastar: Enigmatic trio fuses ambient aoundscapes, trip-hop, world beat and dub with post-modern pop sensibilty. Sound files and biography.
  • Ultratones, The Fabulous: Nine-piece dance band based in San Diego, California. Offers biographies, photographs, song list, references and contact numbers.
  • Ultraviolet: All female rock band from Pensacola, Florida. Site includes a biography, band member photos, and a mailing list.
  • Ultronz, The: An assortment of unique original rock, ska, reggae, and power pop music.
  • Ulver: Song lyrics indexed by album and alphabetically.
  • Umi: Musician based in Surrey, England. Offers downloads, lyrics and email contact.
  • Umnemento: Dark electronic music. News, MP3, and links.
  • Umoya: Dedicated to the reggae band and their music. Provides biography, latest news, releases, photographs, music downloads and contact.
  • UnTied: Original melodic hard rock. Provides biography, upcoming shows and events, photographs, music downloads, lyrics CD song list.
  • Unadulterated: Official site for the alternative rock band from Cincinnati. Includes photographs and music downloads.
  • Unamerican: Official site for group. Features news, tour, biography, photos and music.
  • Unbelievable Jolly Machine: Electric-powered three piece rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Official site includes sound files, CD information, lyrics, biography, and show dates.
  • Unbelievers, The: Official site of the group. Includes member names and studio musicians and updates on the current recording session.
  • Unbound: Progressive metal band from Cincinnati, Ohio, US. Includes pictures, video clips, tour dates, biographies, and lyrics.
  • Unbounded: Melody punk from eastern germany. Music and punkrock-stuff, local snowboarding, and promotion of motorcity. Site in German and English.
  • Uncertain Bond, The: Three-piece band from Sarnia, Ontario. Includes biography, discography, news, upcoming shows and photographs.
  • Unchain: Official website of the Memphis area band. MP3s, videos, pictures, chat, and message board.
  • UnchainD: Florida rock band. Biography, news, pictures, audio, lyrics, and links.
  • Unchosen, The: Official web site for the rock/metal band. Includes biography, photo gallery, upcoming shows and music information.
  • Uncle Bonsai: From VH1. Audio clips, biography, and discography.
  • Uncle Carl: Blues/pop band from New York. Site includes sound files, member profiles, and lyrics.
  • Uncle Eye: Original and funny songs for kids and their parents.
  • Uncle Joe's Kitchen: Trio based in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Provides upcoming shows, contact numbers, photograph and short biographies of individual members.
  • Uncle Leuschner and the Chris Complex: Official site. Calendar, photos, downloads, merchandise, and links.
  • Uncle Monkey: Carl, Steve, and Sam make up this New Zealand based band featuring music, photos, lyrics, and tour information.
  • Uncle Sam Killed the Clown: Three-piece hard core band from Western Washington, US. Includes upcoming shows, line up, MP3 audio clips, and guestbook.
  • Uncle Sid: Guitar driven hard rock band from Vancouver, Canada. Information, MP3, and links.
  • Uncle Slim: Nashville alternative rock band with tour schedule, fan club, Slim of the month, merchandise, and history of the Slim Hollow Rock Opera.
  • Uncle Spooge: Really offensive old school hardcore punk rock band with politically incor-"erect" views.
  • Uncle Wally: Informational site on the band with lengthy load time.
  • Undead, The: Architects of West coast Horror Punk/Death Rock/Gore-Core music. Includes latest news, photo history, message board, former members, discography, song list and music downloads.
  • Undecided: Band from the Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida area that have been playing and recording for over 9 years. Pictures, club dates, sound files and member profiles.
  • Undecided: The official site of the eight-member ska/punk band from Hawaii, USA. Site includes information about the band, sounds, show information, song lyrics, and pictures.
  • Undefiled: Official site of the Christian rock band from the Bay Area of California. Includes biography, latest news, photographs and upcoming shows and events.
  • Under The Influence: Listing the gigs diary, set list, members and history of the band.
  • Under a Mountain: Turns Out Alright internet album by an unsigned songwriter musician. Mostly catchy pop songs that sound like a mix of Oasis and Pete Townshend meets Radiohead.
  • Underclassmen: Independent hip-hop group. Includes the latest band news, biography, discography, photo gallery, press articles and guestbook.
  • Underdogs, The: Duo consisting of Ray and Gray from Connecticut. Includes song list, demo, short biography, photographs and booking information.
  • Underground Society: New York City based band. Includes discography, lyrics, photos, reviews, gig dates, and clips.
  • Underground Zero: Official site for the UK rock band. Features history of the band, discography, photo gallery, members page and demo downloads.
  • Undermine: Tour information, biographies, and links.
  • Underschool Element: Official site. Dates, gallery, and information.
  • Underscore: Three piece emo punk band from Arizona. News, MP3, pictures, and information.
  • Undershadow: Progressive Metal Band from Cincinnati, Ohio. Includes audio clips, biography of the `group` and photographs.
  • Understudy: The homepage for the British indie singer/songwriter. Offers latest news and information and downloads for songs.
  • Undertow: Official band site. Features music downloads, photographs of the members, upcoming shows and events and guestbook.
  • Undertow: Grunge rock band from Velsen, The Netherlands. Photos, biography, and downloadable Real Player songs.
  • Underwood: Official site of the band from Glasgow, Scotland. Offers photographs, band history, latest news, music and online merchandise.
  • Underwood, Katie: Official site for Australian pop singer and TV personality Katie Underwood. Provides photographs, sound bytes and text messages from Katie herself.
  • Underwood, Ruth: Dedicated to percussion goddess of the great Frank Zappa bands of the 70's.
  • Undone: The official website of a 4 piece melodic punk band from Orlando. Tour information, multimedia, profile, merchandise, links, and message board.
  • Unease: Alternative rock duo from Stockholm, Sweden. Information, songs, review, news and links.
  • Official website of the alt/rock band. Includes biography, news, wallpaper download, newsletter information and contact form.
  • Unfinished Thought: Official site for ethereal rock duo from Michigan. Includes history of the duo, music, lyrics, photographs and contact numbers.
  • Unfold: Southern Utah melodic punk rock band. Includes history of the band, biographies of members, past shows, music downloads, photo gallery and guestbook.
  • Unholy: Song lyrics, indexed by album and alphabetically.
  • Uni-Big-Band Tübingen: Big Band of Tübingen University, Germany. Traditional arrangements from Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Sammy Nestico, Stan Kenton and others are played as well as modern Compositions by Bob Mintzer and Matt Harris.
  • Unicorn: This site is dedicated to the 70's country rock band Unicorn. Biography, photos, articles, lyrics, and album covers.
  • Unicorns,: Two piece duo from Montreal, Canada. Includes news, audio, contact and guestbook.
  • Uninvited: Official site for the UK group. Includes upcoming shows, original tunes, news, downloads and photographs.
  • Union 13: Includes biography, discography, pictures, and message board. At
  • Unique Chique: Chicago based Emo band with heavy influences from Radiohead, U2 and Sunny Day Real Estate. Provides upcoming shows and events, music downloands and band members email contact.
  • Unit 731: Hard rock band from Kamloops, British Columbia. Includes biographies, news, tour dates, demo music downloads and contact numbers.
  • Unit:187: Official site includes audio clips, news, biographies and pictures.
  • United: Official site for the Atlanta-based independent band. Includes MP3s, tour dates, pictures, audio, news, and merchandise.
  • United: Features a new album produced in Melbourne. Provides biographies of the group, photographs, download and lyrics.
  • United Magnetics: Homepage of the New York City melodic punk trio. As the world inexorably disintegrates, find sanctuary amidst clever anthems and tiny pictures.
  • Unkind: Hard rock band from Tacoma, Washington. MP3 files, pictures, lyrics, and biography.
  • Unkle Bob: Official website for the 5-piece band from Glasgow. Includes biography, photographs, upcoming shows, news, music downloads and contact numbers.
  • Unkle Bob: Four piece `group` from Glasgow. Includes biography, photographs, band news, music downloads and message board.
  • Unleashed: Song lyrics, indexed by album and alphabetically.
  • Unlisted: Home page of the Slovenian rock band. Provides biography, discography, photo gallery, latest news, upcoming shows and email contact.
  • Unloco: A metal band from Austin, Texas on Maverick Records. With pictures, show schedule, news, and links.
  • Unmen: UK duo. Biography, reviews, audio clips, photos, and links.
  • Unmist, The: Official site of the Norwegian indie/post rock band. Includes discography, pictures, band information, and news.
  • Unnamed: Metal band from the Southeast of England. Includes photographs of the members and short biographies.
  • Unne: Listen to music by producer, songwriter, and singer Unne.
  • Unpaved: Christian modern rock band based in North Carolina. Includes MP3 download, show listings, biographies of the members and contact numbers.
  • Unpronounceable: Biography, tour dates, and music.
  • Unsed: Original acoustic rock band based in Virginia Beach. Provides latest news, upcoming shows, music and lyrics, biography and photographs.
  • Unshine: Official site for the Finnish rock group. Offers history of the band, photographs, upcoming shows and events, lyrics, music and guestbook.
  • Unsolved, The: Site for the Austin, Texas-based pop rock band. Includes photographs, upcoming shows, biographies.
  • Unstable, The: Official site for the indie rock band. Includes photographs, steaming audio/video, merchandise and music downloads.
  • Unstuck, The: Three-piece garage-punk band based in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Includes news, history, lyrics, photographs, and show details.
  • Untanned Hide of a Young Cow, The: New MP3s weekly and CD information.
  • Until I Bleed Dry: Features information on upcoming shows, links, photographs, demos, merchandise and contact email addresses.
  • Until Tomorrow: Official site for the indie band from Madison, Wisconsin. Includes latest news, upcoming shows and events, photo gallery and guestbook.
  • Untold Story: Official site for the rock band from Zurich. Includes latest news, music downloads, photo gallery, links and contact.
  • Untyde: Official site for the Los Angeles based modern rock band. Includes biography, song samples, photographs and a schedule of upcoming shows.
  • Unveiled: Contemporary Christian singing `group` based in Baltimore, MD. Site includes biographies and concert dates.
  • Unwed Sailor: Official site. Shows information, photos, discography, and links.
  • Up In Arms: Brutal metal hardcore from the depths of Central Florida, with music, merchandise, pictures, and show schedule.
  • Up, Bustle and Out: Includes biography, discography, and message boards. At
  • Up, Bustle and Out: Ninja tune artists, Cuban film footage, the rebel radio diary, record releases, biography and DJ events.
  • Upground: Official site for the group.
  • Upinarms: Bendigo, Victoria band. Biography, songs, gigs, photos, and links.
  • Uplift Mofos: Offers a synergization of several styles including emo, ska, punk, alternative, metal and garage rock. Includes news, photo gallery, lyrics, upcoming events and a forum.
  • Upper Crust: Includes biography, discography, and message board. At
  • Upper Hutt Posse: Music, video, and images of the Maori rap and reggae band from Aotearoa (New Zealand).
  • Uprising: Six piece metalcore band from North Carolina. Includes latest news, biography, lyrics, music downloads, contact and message board.
  • Urban Dread: The band's sound is derived from a unique blend of reggae, funk, rock and hip-hop. Site includes show dates, and sound files.
  • Urban Folk: Comprised of brothers Matt and Beau Humphreys. Biography, tour dates, music, pictures, and links.
  • Urban Funk Ordinance: Official site for the Chicago based funk band. Biography, concert dates, pictures and sound files.
  • Urban Phunk Society: Remixes, soundtracks, chill out and groove music. Links and message board.
  • Urban Renaissance: The evolution of sounds resounds in this eclectic amalgam of music, theater, and spoken word troup from the New York City area.
  • Urban, Robert: Promotional information, photos, sound clips, CD purchasing, contact information, poetry, band, and links.
  • Ursulas World: Interactive music site featuring MP3 and Real Audio downloads, information on the members of the band, Ursula, Mal Scott, and Man With No Name.
  • Urth: Come hear this band mix saxophone, keyboards, guitar, bass, and drums with soulful, driving vocals.
  • Used: Boston alternative rock/metal band. News, audio, lyrics, show dates, biography, mailing list, merchandise, and message board.
  • Used song lyrics: lyrics sorted by albums
  • User Friendly: Hard rocking ska band out of Melbourne, Australia. Provides latest news, biographies, photographs, contact and guestbook.
  • Ussery, John: Information on John Ussery and the Full Tilt Blues Band, including biography, song clips, CD ordering, reviews, and links.
  • Utah Carol: Band information, photos, soundbites, album reviews, and links can be found here. Formed in 1997 by Grant Birkenbeuel and JinJa Davis, Utah Carol has a lo-fi alternative-country and folk-tinged sound.
  • Utah Saints: The Utah Saints official website with discography, news, and mailing list.
  • Utmost, The: Las Vegas based punk rock group. Includes MP3, news, photographs, guestbook and individual and `group` biography.
  • Utopia: Official site of techno dance duo. Includes the latest news, views, music samples and upcoming shows.
  • Uz Jsme Doma: Official site of the Czech prog rock band. Includes news, tour dates, MP3 audio, pictures, and discography.
  • Überground: A band whose style is as varied and eclectic as its constituent members. Includes photos, music download and biographies of the members.

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