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See Also:

  • Ultimate Metal: Huge metal forum talking about the music and life, featuring many official artist forums.
  • 2SG Forum: Forum dedicated to all urban music styles (garage, r&b, hip-hop, d&b).
  • 411hype: Hiphop forum with sections for audio battles and exchange, MC`s and politics.
  • 80's Message Forum: Active message forum for eighties fans.
  • Akron Music Forum: A message board for people in the Akron, Ohio area who are interested or involved in rock music.
  • Alternative forums: Forum with sections on most types of rock, metal and punk.
  • Anthems Dance Music: Forum about modern dance music; sections include DJ mixing, dance events and "Name that song".
  • Anti Popstars: Forum with anti-pop talk. There are also discussions on rock, music melody and concerts.
  • Audio Senate: Music forum covering rock, metal, pop and gothic. Includes reviews, lyrics and recommendations.
  • B2K Fan: Message board for B2K fans.
  • Online bulletin board for airing your views on breaking stories in the music industry.
  • Bandlink: Discuss popular artists with individual sections for each artist.
  • BehindClosedDoors: Half of the discussion forums is about hip hop. The other half is about other trivial things; like picture, funny, rumours.
  • Best of Yes: Offering current Yes information and forums. Created by the fans for the fans.
  • Blue Comet: Message board for unsigned bands.
  • CCMChat: A community board with many forums on Christian music, the artists and some sections on the religion.
  • Message Boards: Cover all aspects of Canadian popular music and performers.
  • Chicago Musician: A community site for Chicago area musicians.
  • Classic Rock Chat: Chat about your favorite classic rock artists. From Pink Floyd to Molly Hatchet.
  • Classic Rock Forums: A classic rock community discussing music and culture of the 60's, 70's and 80's.
  • Classical Music Forum: A discussion hub for classical music, composers and recordings.
  • ClubGabbay: Three sections with general topics on music.
  • DJ Tiësto Discussion Board: Dutch dance music forum where you can discuss with other fans about DJs, Music, Producers, Clubs or anything else relevant to the Dutch dance scene.
  • DanceBBS - The Online Dance Music Community: The dance music scene has its own diverse culture: the people, music, DJs, artists, record labels, clubs, clothing, publications, parties, and raves.
  • Death Warp: Discussions on guitar and bass tablatures.
  • Definite Lyrical Skills Freestyle: Mc bulletin board with various site awards.
  • Diane's House , hi99 message board: A message board for the listeners of radio station hi99. Run by Diane House.
  • Die ultimative Musikseite: General music forum, for non musicians.
  • Digitally Imported: Forum with sections on different dance music, events, sound systems and DJ`ing.
  • A forum dedicated to new and recent music releases.
  • Dnb Chat Arena: Chat room area and discussion forum for drum n bass, trance and techno music entusiasts courtesy of Drum & Bass Arena.
  • Drum Ring: Drummer`s forum. Sections on technique, equipment, lessons, musicianship and health.
  • Drummer Cafe: A drum and percussion forum for the novice to professional drummer or percussionist. Registration required to view board.
  • Endemoniada's Warboard: From Endemoniada zine, dedicated to covering women of the extreme underground scene.
  • EnjoyChuck: Music fan forums with dynamic sections on current popular acts.
  • EntsWeb Forum: Discussion boards for musicians to chat and exchange information, mostly about industry related. Many sections on job vacancies, band formations and auditions.
  • FluteTalk Dot Com Flute forums: Forum and discussions for flutists.
  • Freestyling Forum: For hip hop lyricist to test skills.
  • This site enables the music people to meet, and mix music online, read articles, and interviews.
  • GMN Arts Network: A community site with discussion on classical, jazz, opera and world music.
  • Garage Chat: Message board with several topics on garage music.
  • Glam Central: A forum to discuss glam rock, indie, alternative bands and anything else that is glam.
  • Gold MP3 Forum: Discussion forum with many sections concerning the mp3 music format.
  • Gossip Hell: A place to read and post gossip about Marilyn Manson, John5, Ginger Fish, Pogo and Twiggy.
  • HDR Orphanz: Forum for users of the now discontinued Vestax Hard Disc Recorders (HDR6, HDR8, HDR V8). Portable digital recording studios, tips, tricks, mods, and techniques.
  • HipHop Battle Room: Forum for emcees to post their lyrics.
  • Home Recording dot com BBS and Forums: Many active discussion topics on recording, mixing, and making your own music CDs, MP3s, and tapes.
  • House of Shred: A message board for discussing the world's top guitar wizards, and traditional guitar-oriented rock music in general.
  • Ima Robot: Ima Robot fan site & forum, registration required to view board.
  • Indian Guitar Tabs: Indian and pakistani guitar tabs forum, including lyrics sections.
  • Interscope: Discussion `group` with talk about various pop bands and artists.
  • J.C.'s Teen Music Chat: This is a chat room to talk about your favorite artists on any music genre.
  • JT3 Music Workshop: General music production forum, with forums on playing various instruments.
  • Jazz and Orchestral Musicians: Discussion forum for players and listeners of woodwind, brass and strings in jazz and orchestral music.
  • Kick Ass Board: A place to discuss various artists and musicians. Including Michelle Branch, John Mayer, Justincase and TV Nation.
  • Latin House Message Board: A message board for Latin house music enthusiasts moderated by Hot Hands.
  • Lazy Frog: Song identification forum with movies, shows and radio sections.
  • Lina's Sax 'n' Stuff Site: Forum dedicated to the saxaphone. Includes photos and chat room.
  • Live Daily: Huge forum with discussions on the american pop scene and the specific artists.
  • Lucas's Dimension: A message board for talking about music or anything else.
  • Lush Forums: garage music and hip hop music forum.
  • Lush Forums: Urban Music Forum for Garage, Hip Hop, RnB and Dancehall discussions.
  • Lyrical Combat: Website dedicated to lyrical combat by MC`s, using a mp3 and forum based system.
  • Lyrics Forum: Forum with many genre based sections.
  • Lyrics Land: A chat room for a fans of Rap and R&B music. Get advice and find out more about your favorite artists.
  • MacMusic Forums: Forum on music production on the Mac platform. Topics on audio, MIDI, Pro Tools and virtual synthesizers.
  • Margin Walker: Italian forum about Margin Walker.
  • Matrix Maze: A forum dedicated to music and music related topics.
  • Memphis Rap Community: Rap community with various topics, including Memphis rap scene in specific areas.
  • Metal Heads: Message board for discussion of metal and related music.
  • Metal Mayhem: Metal music talk; with guitarist, drummer and bassist sections.
  • Metal Tabs: Large forum on guitars, with a metal music section.
  • Mezcla Message Board: Latest news about Mezcla's peña and other cultural and Cuban music happenings in Havana, as well as news about Mezcla's tours.
  • Midwest Drum and Bass: Online Community for Drum and Bass listeners. Containing record review, mix and events sections.
  • Modern Rock Board: Discuss all types of modern rock here.
  • Modern Things: Composition forum hosted by a collective of young contemporary composers from all styles. Sections on compositional process and theory.
  • Music Banter: A general music discussion forum with sections for many genres.
  • Music Discussion Boards: A message board for all bands and artists.
  • Music Fanatics: Music fanatics chat is general music discussion forum with focus on latin and hip hop
  • Music Is My Life: A lil message board for you to chat about all sorts of music, be it pop, soul, hip-hop, rock, jazz or classical.
  • Music Ministry Forum: Music discussion, Bible Q&A, classified adds. No membership required.
  • Music Postings: Catalogue of recent comments on music from newsgroups involving close to hundred different topics.
  • Music - bringing sheet music to life.: Forum for music composers, including student and sheet music sections.
  • Music Unbound: Devoted to the proposition that commercial/professional music is stuck in rigid concepts of style, genre and format, and needs to be freed of these categories, in order to flourish.
  • Music of the Soul: Describe music that has expressed the depths of your soul. Usually, it's connected with a significant relationship, life event, crisis, or time of change.
  • MusicPlayer: Forums for musicians, DJs, and recording professionals from experts and Grammy winners.
  • Musica Electtronica Italiana: Discussion forum for the Italian music scene.
  • Musically Inclined: Forum with many sections on different genres. Including the rock eras, classical, pop and metal.
  • Musician Forums: Large message board with sections dealing with most genres and instruments in western music.
  • Musicians Forum: Forum about writing music, music gear and discussing favorite bands.
  • Musicians Forums: Forum with sections on instruments and meeting ground for musicians to form bands.
  • MyMP3Board: Forum for international artists and fans. Other than music, sections include collaboration, songwriters and artist page design.
  • Name That Tune official website: This is the official website of the Yahoo chatroom game of NameThatTune.
  • Netmusician Musician Discussion: Message board with different sections including jazz, classical, trumpet and saxophone. Partnership based.
  • Noiz Pollution Music Forums: Music forums designed for artists and bands to use and communicate with fans with free forum hosting (including customisation) for up and coming acts.
  • None So Vile: Discussion forum for the death metal band, None So Vile.
  • Obsessed With Music: General music forum with various genre sections.
  • Oldies Music Bulletin Board: Questions, trivia and comments on the music of the 50's, 60's and 70's. Also includes a Chat Room.
  • PRS Forums - Paul Reed Smith Guitars: PRS Guitar Forums dedicated to Paul Reed Smith Guitars. Includes PRS Models, Classifieds, Set-up and discussion for New,Used and Vintage Guitars.
  • Pet de Kat Krewe Litter Box: Message board for Pet de Kat Krewe. Discussions about music festivals, upcoming events and travel plans. Also offers music reviews, parties and recipes.
  • PetShopGirls: For fans of Pet Shop Boys, Neil Tennant, and Chris Lowe.
  • Planet Musician: Community for musicians & the industry.
  • Pop-Cussions: Message board for UK pop fans.
  • PudgyGirl Networks: An interactive chat network based around the love of music. Includes chats, message boards, weekly quizzes, and pictures of regular members.
  • Radio Free World - Chat Room: General discussion with music listeners and weekly chat sessions with notable musicians and artists.
  • Radio Mute: General music forum, including sections on rock, electronic, stringed instruments and synthesizers.
  • Ragheb Alame: Ragheb Alame fan forum.
  • Rant And Roll: A discussion forum for all things rock & roll.
  • Rap City: Rap board with battles and general discussion.
  • Rap Rippaz: Rap forum with various battle sections.
  • Rap Worlds: Rap and hip-hop forum with many sections for MCs and on popular artists.
  • Hip hop live voice chat room and message boards.
  • Rockband Discussion Forum: Online discussion forum dedicated to hot bands, shameless promotion, and local gigs.
  • Rosey's Honky Tonk Chit-chat & Rendezvous: Rockabilly Rose invites rockabilly, country and roots music fans to a java chatroom for a musical meet n greet
  • Songstuff Forum: Broad range of boards aimed at musicians and others in the music business at all levels. Categories include lyrics, songwriting, drums and chat!
  • Songwriting Lounge: Join us for songwriting discussions every Monday night from 9pm Eastern onward. Guest speakers are frequent.
  • Sound Advice Panel Blog: A blog and community dedicated to the discussion and debate regarding the music industry.
  • South Wales Music: Community for bands from South Wales.
  • Square Jane's Culture Club: A Vancouver-based forum for the discussion of music, arts and (sub)culture including rockabilly, brit-pop, funk. a good place to meet people from Vancouver.
  • Street Verbalz: Rap board for MCs and DJs.
  • String Asylum: Forum for artists playing string instruments.
  • Suffering in Extacy: A message board for those interested in brutal death metal.
  • Synth Zone BBS: Large syntheziser forum that includes sections on MIDI, analog synths, samples, studio equipment and other sections dedicated to spedific soft- and hard synthesizer brands.
  • Synthvox: Discussing remixing, and producing music with computers and synthesizers.
  • TALK@PhilMusic: Discussion forums, chat, and mailing lists on music.
  • TOOL BAND: Bulletin board for Tool fans.
  • TabCrawler Musician Forums: Discussion forum for guitar and bass. With coverage of surrounding aspects, including lyrics.
  • Forums: For bass players of any genre.
  • Tavarnig: Multilingual forum about celtic music.
  • Texas Musicians Message Board: A meeting place for Texas musicians, new bands, gigs, venues, labels, and producers.
  • Texas Rock and Roll Bandshack: Chat room for Texas musicians.
  • The Black Tower: Forum with topics on various pop bands, including Counting Crows, Tori Amos and Pink Floyd. There are also sections on other types of arts.
  • The Flutists' Forum: A message board for flute players to ask questions, get answers, and chat about music.
  • The Haven: Music forum that welcomes people with all sorts of musical tastes. Discuss life, charts, indie, pop, dance, r&b, divas, as well as sport, tv and films.
  • The John Lennon Forum: Discuss the music, the life, the ideals and everything else concerning John Lennon.
  • The Mad4it Forum: A music and general chat forum, with boards to post about hiphop, rock, indie, metal, punk and your music.
  • The Music Connection: Discussion forum involving all geners of music, together with music trivia, instrument and sound equipment discussions.
  • The Music Files: Forums about Jason Donovan, Raf Van Brussel, Jordan Knight and Popular Music.
  • The Musicians Chat Network: A forum dedicated to all types of musicians, spanning all genres and instruments.
  • The Recording Website: Forums are for musicians who want to talk about making and recording their music.
  • The Rock Forum: Forum about the rock scene, with live and lyrics sections.
  • The kind that hurts the most: Discuss artists from the Industrial genre, as well as, prog-rock contenders.
  • Trance Creator Board: Discussion on various topics surrounding trance music.
  • Trumpet Geek Message Boards: Message board related to trumpet playing. Swap ideas, discuss players and equipment.
  • UK Garage Chat: Chat for UKG listeners and clubbers.
  • UKMIX: The forum section of the e-zine, with topics on pop culture and genres.
  • Ultimate-Guitar: Forums dedicated to guitar enthusiasts. Cover electric, acoustic, guitar gear and accessories topics.
  • Underworld Hip Hop: Underground Hip Hop Message Board focusing on Culture, with sections on lyrics, world issues, pictures, jokes, poetry and audio/video review.
  • Universal Emcee Message Boards: Forum topics include freestyling, battling, poetry, Real Audio, live chat forums, and anything dealing with Hip Hop.
  • Discussion Board: Discussion board for violinists.
  • West Virginia Musicians Message Board: Leave messages, bands seeking West Virginia musicians, WV musicians seeking bands in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland and Ohio.
  • Who Sang the Song?: Message Board with questions and answers about finding specific artists and songs.
  • Woodstock 99 Forum: A message board devoted to Woodstock 99 discussion. What went wrong? Should there be another Woodstock? Locate friends you met at Woodstock 99.
  • World Metal Alliance: Metal forum with sections on the music, politics and visual arts.
  • Zentao Guitar Forum: Discuss guitar related topics with guitar players of all levels and styles at this moderated public forum.
  • Forums for today's hostest pop stars backed by fan sites.
  • - Forum: The most comprehensive 80's forum on the Internet.
  • iMusic Artist Direct Community: Community containing over 35,000 bulletin boards broken down by style, artist and news.
  • Brass Discussion Forum: A very active and complete brass community.

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