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  • AVI Biopharma, Inc.: Develops and commercializes a vaccine against human chorionic gonadotropin secreting cancers, and synthetic antisense technology to inhibit translation in treating cardiovascular, kidney and viral diseases. Research and manufacturing facilities in Corvallis, Oregon. (Nasdaq: AVII)
  • Affinium Pharmaceuticals: Developer of a novel class of antibiotics, under licence to major manufacturers. Including marketing profile, news archive and contacts in Toronto, Canada.
  • Alicon AG: Specializes in the development of modern diagnostic and therapeutic technologies for the detection and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: Develops therapeutics based upon peptide analogs, primarily in regulation of glucose metabolism. Includes links for investors and patients, product pipeline, and career enquiries to San Diego, California. (Nasdaq: AMLN)
  • Anhui Anke Biotechnology Co., Ltd.: Specializes in developing and manufacturing genetically engineered drugs; somatropin, interferon, including monoclonal affinity columns for recombinant subtypes, kits for fertility and sperm detection, in Hefei, China.
  • Aphios Corp.: Developing natural therapeutics, with a focus on infectious diseases, cancer and quality-of-life medicines. Overview of extraction and nanoscale technologies, product pipeline and profile of company in Woburn, Massachusetts.
  • Aphton Corp.: Develops products using vaccine-like technology for neutralizing hormones which participate in gastrointestinal system and reproductive system cancer and non-cancer diseases and the prevention of pregnancy. Based in Miami, Florida. (Nasdaq: APHT)
  • AplaGen Biopharmaceuticals: Development of cytokine analogs for cancer therapy, peptides for contraception, diagnosis and treatment of infertility. Includes introduction to technology, projects, key staff, and contacts for careers in Baesweiler, Germany.
  • Archemix Corp.: Company developing therapeutics of aptamers, for the prevention and treatment of chronic and acute disease. Includes overview of technology and commercial potential, careers and contacts in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: Receptor-based drug discovery in the fields of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular, sleep disorders, neurodegeneration, schizophrenia, depression and anxiety. Comprehensive profile of company in San Diego, California. (Nasdaq: ARNA)
  • AusAm Biotechnologies, Inc.: Developing diagnostics and drugs from core discoveries in protein and polysaccharide chemistry, including anti-viral attachment inhibitors. Includes research overview, distributors, and offices in Chicago and Santa Monica, California.
  • Avigen, Inc.: Develops gene-based therapeutic products derived from adeno-associated virus for the treatment of inherited and acquired diseases. Includes explanation of technology, product pipeline, collaborative partnerships and investment data, from manufacturing facility in Alameda, California. (Nasdaq: AVGN)
  • BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.: Researches and develops therapies for debilitating, fatal, chronic genetic disorders causing enzyme deficiency of carbohydrate metabolism, such as phenylketonuria. Headquarters in Novato, California. (Nasdaq: BMRN).
  • BioMep Inc.: Company founded in 1997 to develop new therapies for bone diseases. Outlines products under development and news from Montreal, Canada.
  • BioRexis Pharmaceutical Corp.: Company with proprietary protein technology for carrier to enhance half-life and efficacy, fused peptide in therapeutic applications, and yeast host cell expression systems for production. Opportunities and contacts in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.
  • BioSpecifics Technologies Corp.: Produces and licenses collagenase used as a topical treatment of dermal ulcers such as bedsores and burns. Includes explanation of therapy, investor data and profile of company based in Lynbrook, New York. (Nasdaq: BSTC)
  • BioSphings AG: Innovating viral phospholipase inhibitor to prevent expression of Herpes specific genes, and intracellular viral antigens, and drug inducing death of tumor cells and autoreactive immune cells, in multiple sclerosis, rheumatism, and Crohn's disease. Based in Leverkusen, Germany.
  • Biogen Inc.: Established manufacturer of drug for treatment of multiple sclerosis, with research focusing on respiratory diseases and congestive heart failure. Offices throughout Europe, Canada with headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Biophage Pharma: Company focusing on the development and commercialization of agents to prevent and control antibiotic resistant infections and inflammatory diseases. Includes explanation of modalities, services offered for microbial and tumor testing, details for investors and careers in Montreal, Canada.
  • Biopro Pharmaceutical Inc.: Research and marketing, with focus on cancer and aging products for Asia, with offices in Mill Valley, California and Taipei, Taiwan.
  • BresaGen, Ltd.: Focused on the discovery and commercialization in the fields of reproduction and development, applying gene technologies to human and veterinary biotherapeutics. Ordering information for embryonic stem cells, manufacture of recombinant proteins, such as equine somatotropin, in Thebarton, South Australia.
  • Cellegy Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: Develops cosmetic drugs for topical application in skin diseases, local and systemic medical conditions, including HRT. Lists products by prescription and in clinical trials, with profile of company in South San Francisco, California. (Nasdaq: CLGY)
  • Chaperone Technologies: Offer novel peptide-based molecules to treat currently life-threatening infectious diseases, using technology for design of antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic drugs, bio-pesticides and delivery enhancers for pharmaceuticals. Corporate office in Wayne, Pennsylvania.
  • ConjuChem, Inc.: Focuses on the application of its bioconjugation platform in various therapeutic areas such as cancer, pain, HIV, diabetes and thrombosis. Includes technology overview, research pipeline, partnerships, investment news, profiles of key staff in Montreal, Canada.
  • Connetics Corporation: Principally engaged in rapid commercialization of new therapies in the areas of rheumatology and dermatology. Includes product pipeline, investor relations, recruitment and contacts in Palo Alto, California.
  • Cue Biotech Inc.: Company focusing on G-protein coupled receptor signaling as targets for therapeutic products. Includes corporate data, partnering and technology overviews, with media resources, list of publications, and opportunities in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Curis, Inc: A regenerative medicine company formed from Creative BioMolecules, Ontogeny and Reprogenesis. (Nasdaq: CVGP).
  • Cyano Biotech GmbH: Identifies and characterises natural products from cyanobacteria and optimises their pharmacological activities employing a biocombinatorial approach. Berlin, Germany.
  • Dongbao Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.: Conglomerate industrial group, with more than 20 subsidiaries, engaged in the field of pharmaceutical production and manufacturers of recombinants, especially human insulin in Shanghai, China.
  • Dynamikos Corporation: Research and development in neurodegenerative disease, non-pesticide insect control, GSH receptor in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Endocube: Engaged in the identification, validation and selection of novel drugable targets and product candidates for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases. Profiles of technology, product pipeline and corporation in Labege, France.
  • Euroscreen: Drug discovery company focused on custom screening, luminescence testing and functional screening, interacting with G protein-coupled receptors. Offers custom cloning and production in Gosselies, Belgium.
  • GenPhar: Specializes in viral diagnostics, vaccines, and cancer therapy. Includes current research, news releases and contact information.
  • Gene Products, LLC.: Company offering gene synthesis, site-specific mutagenesis, expression optimization, prospective drug target validation services. Based in Dallas, Texas.
  • Genelabs Technologies, Inc.: Discovers, develops and commercializes therapies for systemic lupus erythematosus, viral diseases and cancer. Located in Redwood City, California.(Nasdaq: GNLB)
  • Genentech, Inc.: Genetic engineering techniques in the discovery, development, production, and marketing of human therapeutics. Includes research history, product pipline, global corporate and career information, from South San Francisco, California.
  • Generex Biotechnology: Developed a proprietary technology to orally administer large molecule drugs. These drugs include proteins, peptides, monoclonal antibodies, hormones and vaccines.
  • Genfit: Researching nuclear receptors and gene deregulation for treatment of cardiovascular, metabolic and inflammatory diseases. Includes information about genomic research.
  • Genzyme Corp.: Products targeted on rare inherited disorders, kidney disease, orthopaedics, transplant and immune disease, cancer, and diagnostic testing. Includes links to global subsidiaries, headquartered from Cambridge, Massachusetts (Nasdaq: GENZ)
  • GlycoTech Corporation: Research glycobiology company developing diagnostics and therapeutics for cancer and inflammatory diseases based on the interaction of glycoconjugates and their receptors.
  • Hemobiotech Inc.: Developer of blood substitute, aiming to address intrinsic hemoglobin toxicity. Introduction to company and their work, with form to contact Dallas, Texas.
  • Hybridon, Inc.: Engaged in the discovery and development of novel therapeutics and diagnostics using synthetic DNA and antisense technology. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (AMEX: HBY)
  • Imclone Systems Inc.: Researches and develops growth factor blockers and anti-cancer vaccines. Includes clinical programs, investor details and overview of company in New York City. (Nasdaq: IMCL)
  • Intra-Cellular Therapies, Inc.: Developing novel drugs against targets inside nerve cells to treat CNS disorders. Includes therapeutic projects, target biochemistry, corporate data and contacts for headquarters in New York City.
  • Intrabiotics Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: Develops antibacterial and antifungal drugs, including protegrins and related antimicrobial peptides, for application in cystic fibrosis. Includes pipeline, publications, and investor information from Palo Alto, California. (Nasdaq: IBPI)
  • Lybradyn: Microbial Natural Products: Focused on discovering and developing natural products from living organisms to serve the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. Includes explanation of the procedures used in collecting the data.
  • Maxygen, Inc.: Develops proprietary proteins modifications including PEG, glycosylation and vaccines. Overview of technologies, clinical trial pipeline, investor data and careers in Redwood City, California. (Nasdaq: MAXY)
  • Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: Uses genomics to develop therapeutic drugs.
  • Mixture Sciences, Inc.: A privately held company that specializes in research for treatment of HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and infectious diseases, including Lyme Disease. Lists research projects and procedures.
  • Modular Genetics, Inc.: Supporting basic research, drug design, drug screening and chemical synthesis.
  • Morphochem: Focuses on finding therapeutic agents to treat diseases. Particular emphasis is on protein to protein interactions.
  • Myogen, Inc.: Develops therapeutic drugs to treat heart failure using expertise in molecular cardiology and a human heart tissue bank. Includes product pipeline, research overview, careers, contacts and directions in Westminster, Colorado.
  • NPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: Discovers and develops drugs targeting skeletal, endocrinological, gastrointestinal, and central nervous system. Includes glossary, stages in pipeline, careers in North America, and investment in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Nasdaq: NPSP).
  • Nabi Biopharmaceuticals: Discovers, develops and manufactures drugs that focus in the areas of infectious, autoimmune and addictive diseases.
  • Nephros Therapeutics, Inc.: Specialist in the design, development, and marketing of human cell replacement therapy systems, targeting inflammatory disease. Includes directions to research labs at Ann Arbor, Michigan, and corporate offices in Lincoln, Rhode Island.
  • Novacta Biosystems Ltd.: Drug discovery and development company using pathway engineering and chemistry to optimise the activity of natural products for the treatment of infectious diseases. Introduces biotransformation technology, lead compounds, key personnel in Norwich, England.
  • Nymox Pharmaceutical Corp.: Researches and develops neurological diagnostics and pharmaceuticals for the aging population with emphasis on alzheimer's disease. Comprehensive profile of company with bases in Maywood, New Jersey and Saint Laurent, Quebec. (Nasdaq: NYMX)
  • Octagen Corp.: Privately held company developing therapies for hemophilia and other genetic disorders, using recombinant Factor VIII and gene therapy. Includes clinical trial status, licensing, corporate profile and contacts in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania.
  • Oxxon Therapeutics: Developing a portfolio of immunotherapeutics for infectious diseases and cancer using its proprietary boosting regime. Includes overview of technology, publications and corporate profile, with contacts in Oxford, England and Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Pharma 21: Doing research and development for products in the treatment of brain and spinal cord damage. Lists current projects and how the drugs supposed to work.
  • Pharming: Offers novel platforms for the production of protein therapeutics, as well as technology and processes for the purification and formulation. Includes preclinical status of products, and details of corporation in Leiden, The Netherlands.
  • Pharmos Corporation: Develops and commercializes products for the central nervous system (CNS), neurological, ophthalmic and other healthcare markets.
  • Progenics Pharmaceuticals Inc.: Develops and commercializes innovative products for the treatment of melanoma, prostate cancer, viral diseases, including HIV infection. Information for investors, and details of the company in Tarrytown, New York. (Nasdaq: PGNX).
  • Protalex, Inc.: Drug development company, focusing on bioregulation of rheumatoid arthritis. Introduction to product, SEC filings, newsletters and contacts in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • Replidyne: In the process of creating bacteria that will block infectious disease DNA replication. Includes information about the company, news releases and research goals.
  • Repligen Corporation: Researches, develops, manufactures and markets synthetic version of protein A for monoclonal antibody processing, and peptides such as secretin for gastrointestinal and pediatric neurology. Details for invetsors and clinical programs run from Waltham Massachusetts. (Nasdaq: RGEN).
  • Rib-X Pharmaceuticals Inc.: Structure-based drug design start-up, specializing in the ribosome as a target, and bacterial antibiotic resistance. Includes mechanisms of action, glossary, careers, corporate news and contacts and directions in New Haven, Connecticut.
  • SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: Develops and markets products targeted for treatment of cancer and diseases such as hepatitis B and C, cystic fibrosis and immune system disorders. Based in San Mateo, California. (Nasdaq: SCLN).
  • Serono SA.: Specializing in multiple sclerosis, fertility, growth therapies and AIDS wasting. Includes company history and milestones. Includes products, pipeline, investor and media details, with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. (NYSE: SRA)
  • Shantha Biotechnics Pvt. Ltd.: Offering rDNA derived streptokinase, human inteferon alpha of type 2b, and hepatitis-B vaccine, with developments in endocrine, growth factors, immunotherapy, vaccine and diagnostics. Based in Hyderabad, India.
  • Sierra Sciences Inc.: Developing drugs and therapies to reverse the effects of human aging by focusing on preserving the length of telomeres, to keep them more resilient. Careers in Reno, Nevada.
  • Sino Biopharmaceutical Ltd.: Corpoarate information on treatments for ophthalmia, hepatitis, dermatitis, angiopathy and illnesses associated with aging, from Beijing, China.
  • Spring Bank Technologies, Inc.: Development of novel anti-viral therapies, including hepatitis B in Milford, Massachusetts.
  • Synaptic Pharmaceutical Corp.: Applies human receptor-targeted drug design technology to discover and clone genes and to design G protein-coupled receptor agonist and antagonists. Based in Paramus, New Jersey. (Nasdaq: SNAP)
  • Texas Biotechnology Corporation: Dedicated to the discovery, design, and development of new pharmaceutical compounds to treat vascular disease.
  • Vasopharm Biotech: Discovers and develops novel therapeutics to treat cerebro and cardiovascular diseases. Features company profile, product pipeline and investor relations. Located in Würzburg, Germany.
  • Versicor, Inc.: Biopharmaceutical company focused on the marketing, development and discovery of pharmaceutical products for the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections. (Nasdaq: VERS).
  • Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc.: Discovers, develops and sells small molecule inhibitors for treatment of diseases, such as HIV /AIDS, cancer, and hepatitis C. Careers in Cambridge and San Diego, USA. (Nasdaq: VRTX)
  • Virax Holdings, Ltd.: Developing therapeutics for autoimmune diseases, AIDS, cancers, infectious diseases based on patented Co-X-Gene platform technology co-expressing antibodies and T cells. Based in Australia.
  • Xenova Group plc: Holding company for drug discovery subsidiaries, developing anti-cancer compounds in clinical stage, and addiction vaccines. Includes candidates for therapeutic focus, investor details, with contacts in Slough and Cambridge, England. (Nasdaq: XNVA)
  • Xoma: Development and manufacture of recombinant proteins and peptides, in partnership with big pharmas. Includes licensing of technology derived from the host-defense protein BPI, monoclonal antibodies to treat chemotherapy-induced thrombocytopenia, and to target cancer. Based in Berkeley, California.
  • ZymoGenetics, Inc.: Discovery, development and commercialization of therapeutic proteins for the prevention and treatment of human diseases. Includes product pipeline, news on clinical trials and profile of company in Seattle, Washington.


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