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  • Bayer Environmental Science: Provides resources for lawn care operators, golf course superintendents, and pest management professionals. Including product information, safety labels, marketing programs and business tools.
  • A & C Chemicals Pty. Ltd.: Australian based toll formulator of liquid and granule crop protection products.
  • AGSCO Inc.: Formulator, manufacturer, retailer and distributor of crop protection products and precision farming products. Includes profile, products and services, and price information.
  • Adams Farm Supply: Supplier of agricultural and horticultural maintenance and establishment products, including specialty fertilizers, chemicals, seed, and others.
  • Ag Depot: Offers packaged and bulk handling, repackaging, manufacturing, and transportation of crop protection products.
  • AgCentral Australia: An online procurement wholesaler providing chemicals and fertilisers to Australian farmers.
  • LLC: Online quote and sales of farm and agricultural chemicals to the farmer.
  • Offers wholesale and retail agriculture products.
  • Agri-Growth International Inc.: Certified organic fertilizers, distributes Nitrozyme.
  • Agrisel USA, Inc.: Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and rodenticides, for agricultural uses.
  • Agro Extracts Limited: Produces neem oil, neemex organic manure, di ethyl phthalate for agricultural applications.
  • Agro-K Corporation: Natural pesticides and fungicides including soaps, oils and nutrient products.
  • Agrospray: Specialized crop protection products, equipment and services to horticulture and crop producers. Includes company profile, listing of services, new products news, customers and contact information.
  • Agsin: Produces crop protection products including insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and acaricides.
  • Albaugh, Inc.: Formulator and packager of agrochemical produts. Includes profile and detailed product information.
  • BASF Canada: Agrochemical products, canola crop production systems, ROI calculator, weed identification guides, and `resource` library.
  • Bayer CropScience Canada: Products, technology and information for the agricultural industry across Canada.
  • Offers organic root stimulants.
  • Cargill: Corporate home page with news and information, employment opportunities, values and performance, products and businesses.
  • Chem Real Company: Agricultural products.
  • Chemet Chemicals: Agrochemical manufacturer offering a wide range of pesticides and plant protection chemicals.
  • China Greatvista Chemicals: Supplier of pesticides, herbicides, and agrochemicals including chlorthal, tridemorph, picloram, cymoxanil, prochloraz, captan, and glyphosate.
  • Coalite Chemicals: Produces chlorinated phenols, dihydric phenols, cresylic acids, biocides and speciality chemicals.
  • Contact Group Co., Ltd.: Manufacturer of agrochemical products. Includes profile, news, products, and application tips.
  • Crop Care Australasia: Manufacturers of more than 130 herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and other agricultural chemicals.
  • Cyprus Agriculture Chemicals Agents Importers: This page lists agricultural chemical agents importers of Cyprus with their P.O.Box, Telephone, TeleFax Numbers and corresponding Links.
  • De Sangosse: Provides comprehensive information on all aspects of slug control for agronomists, arable and domestic growers.
  • Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals Corporation: Manufacturer and suppliers of industrial chemicals like methanol, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate and micronutrient fertilisers.
  • Dhanuka Group: An Indian manufacturer of pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and growth stimulants.
  • Diamond K Gypsum: They specialize in mining and products processing for the agriculture, pharmaceutical and food industries.
  • A new way to purchase the products such as agricultural chemicals, seeds, and machine parts. It also allows access to information you need to farm today.
  • Dow AgroScience: Provides pest management and biotechnology products. Includes profile, news, product catalogue, and safety information.
  • Dow AgroSciences Canada: Providing crop protection and plant genetic technology for agriculture, as well as products in forestry and urban pest management.
  • Earth Chem, Inc.: Earth Chem product lines (SOILPAM and EarthBound) are used to control erosion, increase water infiltration, and enhance water retention.
  • Eddie Mercer Agri-Services Inc.: A family business that produces crop protection chemicals, fertilizers, and crop seeds.
  • Elliott Chemicals Ltd: Supplier of fertilisers and agricultural chemicals to New Zealand retailers.
  • Estes, Inc.: Distributor of crop protection chemicals, specialty chemicals, seed and fertilizers.
  • Evans Vanodine International plc: Manufacturer of cleaning and hygiene chemicals for the janitorial and livestock protection industries.
  • Excel Industries, Ltd.: Manufacturer of agrobased, industrial and environment friendly chemicals. An ISO 9002 certified company.
  • Farm Bio-Tech: Bio-fertilizers in liquid and granules to replace chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Located in India.
  • Provides American farmers agricultural chemicals.
  • Focus Formulation and Consulting: Provides formulation solutions, manufacturing support, field support and inventory disposition for agricultural chemical industry.
  • Forestry Chemical Products: We are chinese leading exporter of gum rosin,tung oil and turpentine.
  • France Appro: A specialist in international trade specifically on industrial and agricultural products, raw materials, chemical, organic and mineral fertilizers, phytosanitary products.
  • Georgia Gulf Sulfur Corporation: Manufacturer of Yellow Jacket brand sulfur.
  • Gharda Chemicals Limited: A leading manufacturer of agrochemicals like pesticides, weedicides, fungicides and intermediates, veterinary bulk drugs and high performance polymers.
  • Global Repair: Offers peat and also blends of naturally occurring mineral products, for fertiliser and soil amelioration purposes.
  • Green Plantchem Co., Ltd.: Basic manufacturer of plant growth regulator and pyridine derivative products in China.
  • Green Sol: Specialty products including plant growth regulators, adjuvants, soil amendments, and micronutrients.
  • Guangdong Liwei Chemical Co., Ltd: Produces pesticides and agricultural chemicals. Main products including cyfluthrin, cypermethrin, benzol oil, glyphosate powder, D.V.chloride acid.
  • Gujarat Stare Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.: Manufacturer of melamine, caprolactam, fertilizers, methyl ethyl ketoxime, acrylic sheets, PMMA, nylon, and nylon filament yarn.
  • H.J. Baker & Bro., Inc.: Provides products to the food, fertilizer, sulphur and food industries.
  • Hockley International UK: Manufacturer of products for agriculture, public health and veterinary purposes. Contact information and product portfolio.
  • Hollandagro: Producer of fertilizers, pesticides and trichoderma inoculants.
  • Honeywell's Specialty Materials Group: Producer of a broad range of halogenated organics and intermediates, produced for a wide variety of industries.
  • Incitec Fertilizers: Australian fertilizer suppliers offering soluble fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. Products available for domestic sale and export.
  • Independent Soil Services: British soil fertility specialists providing in-depth soil and plant analysis with recommendations to farmers and growers.
  • Interfarm UK: Supplies herbicides, fungicides and insecticides, widely used on the following crops: wheat, barley, sugar beet, potatoes, oilseeds, pulses, vegetables and grassland.
  • Kumar Krishimitra: Manufacturers of liquid biofertilizers for soil and folar application, giving company profile, product information and contact details.
  • LT Biosyn, Inc.: Manufacturer and exporter of plant growth regulators.
  • Limin Chemical Co., Ltd.: China-based manufacturer of fungicides including mancozeb, chlorothalonil, cymoxanil and propineb series.
  • Linwood Supply: Supplier of erosion control supplies, fertilizers, pesticides, organics and equipment for Northern California, Oregon and Nevada markets.
  • Luxembourg Industries: Manufactures crop protection products, industrial and fine chemicals.
  • Makhteshim-Agan: Agrochemical chemicals and generics manufacturer. Site includes information on label and off-label approvals and highlights any recent label amendments as well as developments in product uses.
  • Mebrom: Distributor of methyl mromide and amino acids for agricultural applications.
  • Mid America Crop Protection Association: An organization for crop protection professionals in the Midwest. It provides information about crop protection chemicals and career opportunities within the field.
  • NAP Stoller: Manufacturer and distributor of liquid fertilizers and micronutrients in South East Asia.
  • New Agro Base Limited Beijing: A professional agrochemical trading company with an independent manufacturer locale.
  • New Sun Biochemistry Co., Ltd.: Manufacturer of plant growth regulators.
  • Norac Concepts Inc.: Manufactures and distributes a range of crop and seed protection products for the agriculture industry.
  • Nordiko quarantine systems: Nordiko provides a safe, ozone friendly method of fumigation using methyl bromide. Nordiko's products can be used for quarantine, import, export and agriculture.
  • North Pacific Ag Products: Distributor of organic fertilizers. Includes its supplier's overview, product information, and customer survey.
  • Nufarm Agriculture USA: Manufactures and markets crop protection products including herbicides, fungicides and plant growth regulators throughout the United States.
  • Orion Crop Protection: Specializes in the manufacture, sales and marketing of crop protection products. Based in New Zealand.
  • P.T. Bingei Agung: Distributor of agrochemicals in Indonesia.
  • Peacock Foam Marker: Information on a crop marking system using chemical foam to allow a visual indication of progress of crop spraying.
  • Pestcon Systems, Inc.: Fumigation products and supplies, and commercial application services and makers of Fumitoxin Aluminum phosphide fumigant.
  • Poulenger USA, Inc.: Manufacturer of organic based biostimulants, insect control products, soil amendments and soil moisture management products.
  • Protech Formulations Limited: Contract blending and packing of liquids powders and granules for the agrochemical and horticultural industries.
  • Psyche Chemicals Co., Limited: Manufacturer and trader of agrochemicals, organic intermediates and veterinary chemicals.
  • RIOSA: Recycled fat residues from refined oil seeds, converts them to animal food and transform it into raw chemical materials, like squalene and squalane.
  • RPG Life Sciences: Manufacturer of agricultural chemicals and pharmaceuticals. India.
  • Raasi Neem Products (India) Ltd.: Eco-friendly pesticides and fertilizers in agriculture and gardens.
  • Rainbow Treecare Company: Provides fungicides, tree growth regulators and tree care service. Company profile, products and services, library and research projects.
  • Rainsavers: Wholesale distributor of super absorbent polymer used as a soil amendment in drought prone areas.
  • Rallis India: Manufacturer of agricultural products including pesticides, seeds and ferilizers. Also manufactures fine chemicals like gelatine and distributes leather chemicals.
  • Registration and Licensing Systems, Inc.: Internet-based system designed to facilitate the registration of pesticides, fertilizers, and other regulated products.
  • Representaciones Alfacircon, C.A.: Provides zirconium products for agricultural and industrial applications.
  • Riverdale Chemical Company: Manufactures and markets agrochemical products for the professional turf and industrial vegetation management industries.
  • Rocca Frutta Srl: Offers fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and acaricides. Company profile, product information.
  • Roundup: Information from Monsanto on the herbicide based on glyphosate. Includes the formulations available, their usage and action.
  • S.C. Azomures S.A.: Romanian chemical fertilizers supplier and sole national supplier of melamine and photosensitive materials.
  • Sanonda: An independent Australian manufacturer and supplier of generic agrochemicals tailor made to suit the needs of Australian Farmers and Growers.
  • Sino Agro-Chemical Industry Ltd.: Manufacturing, formulating, distributing agrochemicals in China.
  • SprayGro: Trading Division of Foliar Fertilizers Pty Ltd which manufacture a wide range of Liquid Fertilizers including Chelated Trace Elements and a complete range of NPK Foliar Fertilizers.
  • Suntton Co., Ltd.: Manufacturer of plant growth regulators and chemical intermediates.
  • Suvash Biogenics Pvt. Ltd.: Develops and produces biofertilizers and bio-repellents for agriculture and plantations. Based in India.
  • Swan Hill Chemicals: Distributor of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, plant growth regulants and adjuvants. Includes company profile, product list, and contact information.
  • The Foundation for Agronomic Research: A non-profit agricultural organization dedicated to agronomic research and education projects to improve the economic vigor and sustainability. Sponsored by Potash & Phosphate Institute.
  • The Sipcam-Oxon Group: Italian multinational company operating in the fine chemicals field and specialized in the production of chemical intermediates and agriculture plant protection products, which it both synthesizes and formulates.
  • Trace Chemicals LLC: Offers a wide array of products to aid farmers in raising healthy crops, whether it be corn, cotton, soybeans, or small grains.
  • Turf Formula: Used in seeding, sprigging, and sodding turf grass. It is a product of Agri-Gro Marketing, Inc.
  • Uniroyal Chemical: Specializes in chemicals and polymers, including rubber processing, plastics, crop protection, petroleum, petrochemical, adhesives/sealants, and paints/coatings.
  • Valent: A US manufacturer of agro-chemicals.
  • Vasumitra Bioteks: Manufacturer of ecologically sustainable agricultural products. Includes product catalogue, application details, and contact information.
  • Vicmill: Manufacturer of Natural Humate, conventional, and organic fertilizers.
  • Vitech Industries, Inc.: Soil, plant nutrition, and Bioremediation products.
  • WCIB: Dedicated to the worldwide trade of chemical, organic and mineral products as well as raw materials for agricultural purposes.
  • Westbridge Agricultural Products: Manufactures plant growth regulators, organic fertilizers, plant and turf nutrients, and odor control products.
  • Woodburn Fertilizer Inc.: Provider of premixed and custom blended fertilizer mixes. Includes profile, product information, and news.
  • Zagro Asia Ltd.: Manufacturer and distributor of healthcare products for livestock, poultry, aquatic animals and crops. Provides consultancy, product registration and scientific services.
  • Zhejiang Changxing No.1 Chemical Co., Ltd.: Manufacturer of triazine herbicides and agrochemicals.

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