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  • A* Pathfinding for Beginners: Introduction to the A* path finding algorithm.
  • AAAI page on Video Games, Toys, Robotic Pets & Entertainment: AI Topics provides basic, understandable information and helpful resources concerning artificial intelligence, with an emphasis on material available online.
  • ASCII Robot Soccer: Unix soccer-like testbed. Source code (C++ with curses and termcap), executable, and screenshots.
  • Amit's Thoughts on Path-Finding: Online paper about path-finding, including the A* algorithm and a greedy algorithm. Implementation notes, precalculation, map representations, heuristics, applications.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Computer Games: Companion site for the book "Artificial Intelligence for Computer Games: An Introduction." Includes bibliography, chapter guide, errata, and relevant links.
  • CGF-AI Links to Game AI and Tactical AI Resources: A number of annotated links referring to tactical AI (for games, military simulations, or academic applications) and general game AI.
  • Chinook: Checkers program written by Jonathan Schaeffer et al.; play online. Publications, endgame database statistics, game records.
  • Command Forces Simulation (CFOR): Battlefield command and control testbed and knowledge base. Publications, source code, documentation.
  • Dynamic Stochastic Control - A New Approach To Game Tree Searching: Robin Upton's Ph.D. Thesis uses this branch of Probability Theory to generalise conspiracy numbers, developing the search method known as PCN*, conspiracy probabilities.
  • Excalibur: Our goal is to develop a generic architecture for autonomously operating agents, like computer-guided characters/mobiles/items, within a complex computer-game environment.
  • GAMES Research Group: The GAMES research `group` produces high-performance, real-time programs for strategic game-playing. We have branched out into commercial games and applications of our research to industrial problems.
  • GIB Research: Bridge program written by Matthew Ginsberg. Results, publications, library of deals with double-dummy tricks for each trump suit.
  • GRIDWARS: The GRID WARS Challenge is a parallel programming challenge where developers submit battle programs that fight for control of parallel processors.
  • Game AI: Publications, predictions, source code, and quotes having to do with AI and artificial life in games; mostly commercial video games, some board and card games.
  • Game Artificial Intelligence Articles and Research: This site contains a comprehesive database of Artificial Intelligence articles specific to games that appeared in game programming books, magazines, conferences, or on the Internet.
  • Game Semantics or Linear Logic?: A discussion of how linear logic relates to computability logic, - the game-sematically introduced logic of computational resources and interactive computation.
  • -- Artificial Intelligence: is the leading `resource` for game developers, featuring daily news updates, over 1500 featured articles and tutorials, dozens of game development jobs, and the most active game development forums anywhere!
  • Goal Seeker -- Solving the 15 Puzzle: A JAVA framework that implements heuristic goal-seeking algorithms. Using this framework will allow developers to focus on a specific domain of interest, while leaving many of the AI concepts and goal-searching concepts to be implemented by the framework.
  • Hannibal and Brutus: Othello programs written by Louis Geoffroy and Martin Piotte. Descriptions, results.
  • Home Page of the International Computer Games Association (IGDA): Information from the ICGA organization, contents of the ICGA Journal and information on game programming in Chess, Checkers, Bridge, Go, and many other games.
  • IGDA - Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group: IGDA has set up the AI Interface Standards Committee to develop AI interface standards for computer games. The initiative is a joint effort of game AI developers, middleware representatives, academics and other relevant experts.
  • John Laird's Artificial Intelligence & Computer Games Research: Information about some research on Computer Games and Artificial Intelligence in academia.
  • Kynogon, an Artificial Intelligence expert for the video game industry: Kynogon develops advanced AI solutions for the interactive entertainment industry and takes into account the uniqueness of each game. Costs are reduced, deadlines achieved and time-to-market respected.
  • Logistello: Othello program written by Michael Buro. Publications, game records.
  • Machine Learning in Games: Review of research and implementations in Backgammon, Othello, soccer, and other games.
  • RoboCup: The Robot World Cup: Aims to develop a team of fully autonomous humanoid robots that can win against the human world soccer champion team.
  • SimBionic - rapid development of intelligent behaviors: SimBionic is an intelligent agent toolkit that lets you create behaviors within games and simulations quickly and easily, without programming, using its graphical user interface.
  • Steering Behaviors: Description of techniques to autonomously steer vehicles through a predefined virtual world. Simple behaviors (e.g. obstacle avoidance) can be combined to create more complex behaviors.
  • Steering Behaviors For Autonomous Characters: Description of simple techniques for controlling goal-directed motion of simulated characters around their world, for applications in games and animation. Includes Java demos and related links.
  • The Game AI Page: Building Artificial Intelligence into Games


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