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  • AUSCAD CAD CAM Software: creates machine ready NC code directly from a solid model, surface model or wireframe geometry creating clearance planes, rapid approaches, calculating feeds and speeds, and estimating machine time.
  • Advanced Designs, Inc.: Die Designer 2002 software for AutoCAD, as well as related services.
  • Advanced Reasoning Technologies: AutoCAST software for casting design and analysis, that helps product and foundry engineers in predicting internal defects and improving castability.
  • Antech Micro Systems Pvt. Ltd.: Develops and markets CAD/CAM products and training in India, and also offers a newsletter and a list of CAD related jobs.
  • Applied CIM Technologies: Provides off-the-shelf and custom software for tool management, CAD, CAM, and manufacturing process control.
  • Ascon: Develops the KOMPAS-3D three-dimensional solid body modeling system for CAD/CAM/PDM on Windows.
  • Austin N.C., Inc.: Offers the G-Post generalized postprocessor software, G-Post interfaces for several CAD/CAM systems, the Intercim APT system, and the AutoPRO/2000 CAM module for AutoCAD.
  • Auto-Code CAM Software: CAM Solution that runs inside AutoCAD for NC/CNC programming directly from drawing information. Supports AutoCAD Release 14 and AutoCAD 2000.
  • BobCAD CAM Inc.: A 2-D and 3-D CAD-CAM system for programming CNC machines including milling, lathe, wire EDM and CNC routers. Supports IGES and DXF input and RS-232 communication.
  • CAD-CAM E-Manufacturing and Web Based Design: Includes news on developments in the areas of tooling, CAD, CAM, file conversions, translators, CAD viewers and software.
  • CAD/CAM and Engraving Software: Information and working demo of MillWrite Engraving and CAD/CAM software for CNC mills, lathes with live tooling, and lasers.
  • CAM-CNC/2000: CAM software for mills, lathes, wire EDMs, all 2-axis drill machines, and invariant Post-Processor.
  • CNC Solutions, Inc.: Windows-based NC programming software for CNC lathes, mills, and torches. Specialized software for tool verification back plotter and CNC CAM editor.
  • CamSoft Corporation: PC-Based CNC controls, CNC control software for upgrades, retrofits, and OEM CNC applications as well as the Advanced System 3000 Multimedia CAD/CAM for Windows.
  • DAI RevWorks: Reverse engineering software allowing to use a 3D digitizer as a real-time input device for SolidWorks.
  • Dassault Systemes, S.A.: Develops and sells software products for computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing, computer aided engineering and product data management. (Nasdaq: DASTY).
  • Delcam CAD/CAM: Delcam provides cad/cam solutions for 3D machining, toolmaking, 3D designing, modeling, mold making, inspection, reverse engineering.
  • Delft Spline Systems: use of CAD/CAM software for complex freeformed geometry
  • Delmia: A subsidiary of the Dassault Systemes Group providing software to create, monitor and control manufacturing systems [requires JavaScript].
  • ESI Group: Virtual prototyping software to determine product behaviour in crashes and other situations, as well as manufacturing simulation and optimization tools.
  • ESPRIT: CAM software, CNC machining and G-code programming milling, lathe turning, and wire EDM.
  • EZCAM Solutions: The EZ-CAM product line includes complete CAD/CAM software solutions for NC programming of Mills, Lathes, EDM and other CNC equipment.
  • Expert Mold Maker: Programming system mold making.
  • FeatureCAM by EGS: Engineering Geometry Systems Products FeatureCAM, an advanced CAM software package
  • Gibbs and Associates: Develops and sells CAM and NC programming software for the metalworking industry, including modules for 2 and 3-axis milling, solids modeling, and multi-surface machining.
  • GoCADCAM Info: A source for information on CAD/CAM, CNC and manufacturing, with news, articles, software, links, and reviews.
  • Golden Software Engineers Pty. Ltd.: GoldMesh CAM software for machining meshes and Gold/Silver Engineer alloying software.
  • HCam Technology: Provides NC post processors, NC tool path viewers, DNC systems, and a BTR tape reader replacement.
  • IMService: Software for CAD/CAM surface modelling and machining, toolpath generation, and raster to vector conversion for cutting and engraving.
  • Kentech, Inc.: Software products for milling, turning, and CNC training, as well as machine shop utilities.
  • Licom AlphaCAM: LICOM AlphaCAM is a CAD/CAM system for the Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000 platforms.
  • MachineWorks: Developer of NC simulation and verification technology.
  • MecSoft Corporation: Makers of VisualMill, a manufacturing system that works with data from many CAD systems, as well as STL and VRML files.
  • Missler Software Corporation: Makers of the TopSolid CAD software, which serves as the basis for applications for mold and die design, and CAM for mills, mill-turns, Wire EDM, and Sheet Metal.
  • Moldplus, SA: Developers of Moldplus, a supplementary program for Mastercam and CATREAD/CATWRITE a CATIA/Mastercam file translator utility.
  • Monumental Computer Applications, Inc.: Monu-Cad Windows CAD system for the design and manufacture of cemetery memorials using the stencil sandblast process.
  • NC Graphics, Ltd.: Developers of the CAD and CAM programs Toolmaker and Machining Strategist, for use in the mould, die, and toolmaking industries.
  • NFR Partners, Inc.: NFR Partners creates software for CNC related applications.
  • Nicam: Intellipost, for unix & Windows and full fuction alternative to Compact 2.
  • Olmsted Engineering Co: ACU.CARV software for cutting 3D swept surfaces using 2D curve data. Runs within either AutoCAD or CADKEY.
  • OneCNC: Hybrid CAD/CAM systems for machining 3D surfaces and solids, 2.5 axis milling, turning, wire edm, profiling, nesting, NC verification & DNC communications.
  • Open Mind Technologies AG: Produces the HyperMILL integrated CAM solution for several CAD systems, the HyperFORM 2D/3D stand-alone CAM system for tool and mold making, and the HyperFACT NC programming system.
  • Pathtrace Engineering: CADCAM Software. EdgeCAM CAD/CAM Software is a programming system for milling, turning, and mold and die processes. Integrates with Inventor, Mechanical Desktop, ProE, SolidWorks, SolidEdge and other Parasolid based CAD software.
  • Pcam: Wire EDM CAM programming software and support.
  • Progressive Software Corporation: Offers Excalibur, 3D Nurbs based CAD/CAM system for mechanical designers and NC programmers.
  • Quickstep: CNC software to control 3 axis stepper motors with a PC. User can view and edit dxf and G code files. Controls mills, drills, and other stepper motor-based devices. Shareware for MS Windows.
  • R&B Mold & Die Design Solutions: Developers of the MoldWorks, SplitWorks, MoldCreator, and MoldBase software tools for mold and die design with several CAD systems.
  • R. Janecke and Partners: CADVICE is a set of utilities for the analysis, change, correction, healing, and visualization of CAD/CAM data on the base of IGES and STEP.
  • Rapid Output Online: PC-based software which produces safe, efficient and customizable G-code for CNC Mills, Lathes and Wire EDM machines.
  • Robo Systems International, Inc.: The RoboCAD family of products, which includes drawing, drafting, solid modeling, and numerical control applications.
  • STA GmbH: NC simulation software for multi-axis milling, turning, and wire cutting.
  • Servocon Limited: Provides the AdvaNum CNC system, the AdvaProg NC program editor, and the AdvaSim software for simulation, modeling and analysis of dynamic systems.
  • Sescoi: Manufacturing software for mold, tool, and die processes: WorkNC automatic 3d shop floor programming CAM software; WorkPLAN enterprise `resource` planning manufacturing management software for custom manufacturers.
  • ShopCAM: CAM software for mills, lathes, wire EDMs, and 2-axis machines.
  • SimTech S.A.R.L: Supplies software for product and process design such as stamping, flanging, hydroforming, that performs structural analysis as well as design optimization.
  • Softech, Inc.: Software products for CAD/CAM, tool design, tool path programming, mechanical design, and design data management.
  • Software Magic, Inc.: Offers Intellipost, a postprocessing tool for unix and Windows, the parametric programming system Nicam, and Flexcam, a Windows CAD/CAM software for milling and turning.
  • SolidCAM: CAD/CAM System for 2.5D milling, 3D milling, turning and wire EDM, with a standalone modeller, or integrated in common CAD systems.
  • SolutionWare Corporation: Developers of the MazaCAM and Geopath software for G-Code and Mazatrol programming and translation.
  • Sprut Technology, Inc.: CAD/CAM software developer, offers SprutCAM and NCTuner solutions for 2-4 axis machining.
  • SurfCAM: Surface and solid modeling and NC machining. Used by the designer, manufacturer, machinist and programmer for part design and multi-axis machining.
  • TCAM Development, Inc.: Developers of the TwinCAD 2D design software and several tools for CAM and NC programming.
  • Teksoft: Windows-based CAM software solutions for mill, lathe, wire EDM and fabrication NC programming.
  • Toolchips: Software to cut prototypes from data provided by any 3D CAD program that supports the STL-format.
  • Tools4CAM: An online shop for CAM professionals to research, try and buy CAM related products and services.
  • Trimeta Software: Windows based real time CNC control supports ISO programming and the HPGL format.
  • Varimetrix Corporation: Makers of the VX CAD/CAM software for drafting, modelling, manufacturing process management, and sheet metal and mold design.
  • Vero International Software: PC-based VISI series CAM software for the mould industry, including solid modeling and machining.
  • Vision Numeric: Type3 software for engraving and sculpting of fonts and graphic logos with CNC or laser cut machines [requires flash].
  • Weber Systems: Developers of UNIX/NT CAD/CAM products that automate the programming of CNC machine tools.
  • Mastercam `resource` featuring discussion forums, product information, updates, productivity tools, C-Hooks, post processors, learning resources, and promotional items.

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