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See Also:

  • 01 Insights: Offers consulting and development for GPS applications, games design, embedded applications and real time software.
  • 1001 Software: Describes custom software and web development services.
  • 4Expand: Lists services and technologies, with company profile and sample past project overviews.
  • ABPC Ltd: Specializes in bespoke multi-user systems, with new desktops, servers, upgrades, and repairs. Provides details of services available and contact information.
  • ACE Technologies: Engineering consulting firm located in Rochester Hills, Michigan, specializing in the development of custom software applications and websites, and the support of PC hardware.
  • AEterna Technologies: Describes custom desktop, web, and embedded systems programming services.
  • ARoBS Transilvania Software: Offers details regarding specialized software services, with example software, project management details, and company profile.
  • Aalayance: US and Indian software application development company, most programming languages and platforms.
  • Accelerated Design: Develops and supports database-driven applications with expertise in transportation systems.
  • Access Softek: Custom Windows software development, including MAPI, personal finance, multimedia, and Windows CE. Also produces import and export filters.
  • Accolade Systems: Development outsourcing and project management services.
  • Ace Star: Highlights integration, testing, data warehousing, and maintenance consulting services.
  • Advanced Computer Managed Techniques: Provides software development and consulting services to small and mid-sized businesses.
  • Apex Software Solutions: Provides custom software development and testing services.
  • ApoSoft: Develops custom software and database driven web applications.
  • AppAxis Development: Software development and consulting firm specializing in Microsoft .NET, ASP, Java, and databases.
  • Application outsource development firm: Specializes in application development and business process reengineering. Provides case studies and company background and highlights services.
  • Apteryx: Specializing in the design, development and support of custom software applications. Provides services to local and international companies.
  • Art and Logic: Software development outsourcing firm. Includes contact details and client list with information on services, products and projects.
  • AstroSoft Development: Describes service offerings and provides details regarding testing and process methodologies.
  • Azurite Software: Provides software development related services. Features overview of services and company background.
  • BJM Software: Offers custom software development for business applications.
  • Baroc Technologies: Offers custom development services. Presents sample systems from past projects and describes methodologies employed.
  • Benfield Software Solutions: Developers of bespoke software solutions for small to medium size businesses.
  • Bevolex: Specializing in application and component development, e-business solutions and IT-consulting.
  • Blueberry Consultants: Custom programming and IT outsourcing services.
  • Brown Software: Custom application design, database, networking and hardware support. Also offers web design and hosting.
  • CSE Resources: Offers computer applications for businesses and government, including custom programming, GUI interfaces, web design, and child support enforcement systems.
  • California Software Laboratories: Custom software services, developing Microsoft Windows 98/NT/CE applications, Internet/intranet applications, and graphics & CAD software.
  • Camets Services Pty Ltd: Engineering firm with experience in many areas including regulatory and research aspects of acoustics, noise, vibration control, and design. Australia.
  • Carpe Diem India: Describes custom programming and web development services along with technologies employed.
  • Cassiopeia: Consulting, analysis, and project management services.
  • Citation Software: Provider of services and products related to electronic publishing technology, particularly on-demand-publishing technology and variable-data-publishing technology.
  • CoLink Technology: Designs commercial Windows application software and web sites. Lists services available and technlogies used.
  • CodeCraft Consultants: Canadian company offering application development and project management services. Creates management information systems, transaction processing systems, and line of business applications.
  • Compendium Technologies: Offers custom software development in network, database, object and web technologies.
  • CorsaSoft: Represents software companies from Russia and Romania that provide software development services.
  • DPD Software: Offers project and requirements management along with programming services.
  • DapaSoft: Offers software and web application development consultancy services, specializing in Microsoft technologies. Details services and highlights methodology, along with company background.
  • Dassault Systemes: Product Lifecycle Management software solutions using three-dimensional (3D) representation. Designs and develops industrial products by offering a 3D vision of the entire product lifecycle, from initial design to maintenance.
  • DataHouse: Offers software development, project management, system integration and implementation. Provides description of services and lists technologies employed.
  • DevRunner: Offers Internet, desktop, and database applications, and provides multimedia development services.
  • Dinwiddie Software: Custom software development firm specializing in database applications.
  • Divas Software: Specializes in design frameworks and Microsoft application development.
  • Doslinux: Design studio and software development company. Details services offered, technological skills, and company background.
  • EDCG-Informatica: Romanian developer of custom applications. Offers subcontracting and personnel services as well.
  • ETA Associates: Provides software consulting and development, specializing in e-business applications and Java technologies.
  • Epam Systems: Provides software development, e-commerce, and content services. Describes technologies and methodologies used along with press releases.
  • Everlasting Technologies: Provides custom web development, embedded solutions, and legacy systems integration services.
  • Extended Data Solutions: Custom system design, development and services for data exchange.
  • Extentia Information Technology: Offers lifecycle development services specializing in custom document management solutions.
  • Eyered Group: Transcription services, data processing, software development, and E-commerce solutions. Offers job listings and company profile along with service descriptions.
  • FutureSoft India: Offers software development lifecycle support, with project management, engineering, and testing services.
  • GigaSoft Development: Customized toolbar and plug-in development for Internet Explorer and Windows platforms. Details on software products and services are provided. Located in Grayslake, Illinois.
  • Gnomedia: Specializes in object oriented software solutions. Describes web, graphics, and software design services and includes WTL technical resources.
  • Hamsaveni Software: Offers custom software development services and products. Features product overviews, development expertise and methodology, and company profile.
  • Hutchinson Software: Based in Australia. Highlights services and clientele.
  • IP Devel: Application development services, including embedded systems, data mining, and transactional middleware.
  • Ignite Software: Focuses primarily on knowledge management of data and migration. Services include e-commerce, security, custom software development, web-enabled databases, and related services.
  • InVision Technologies: Brief overview of custom application and web development services.
  • Infinity Professional Solutions: Offers project management, systems development, and consulting services.
  • InfoAspects: Offers custom mobile and embedded systems programming with GIS and web development services.
  • Innovative Thinkers: Provides project management and programming services for wireless, e-commerce, and application development projects.
  • Intact: Solutions provider specializing in web and database application development.
  • InterAxiom Corporation: Consulting firm offering software development and systems integration specializing in database applications and internet technology.
  • Interscope: Offers customized security and software installation tools for 32 bit Windows platforms along with systems integration and web development services.
  • Inva Systems: Offers bespoke imaging and web programming.
  • JAM Engineering: Custom application hardware and software development.
  • JFL Peripheral Solutions: Specializes in custom document management and imaging software development. Describes services, products, and technologies used.
  • JS Studios: Specializes in refactoring existing software applications.
  • KGS Tech: Focuses on enterprise management solutions with software development services. Lists service types and technical skillset with brief process methodology and team description.
  • Kanda Software: Provides custom software application development as well as information integration and publishing solutions for the web.
  • Kendall International: Provides project management, application development, and web design. Features software products overview and service descriptions.
  • Kensas: Offers database, internet, office integration and project management services. Contact and company details provided.
  • Kiev Software: Offers database, embedded system, and application development services. Details technologies employed and lists reference projects.
  • King Computer Services: Offers web and custom applications development. Provides brief tutorials on COBOL and UNIX, with complete listing of skills available.
  • Knowledge Architects Web (India) Pvt Ltd.: Software development company focussing on web, ecommerce, client/server and bespoke application development services using Microsoft server and development tools.
  • Leventis Enterprises, Inc.: Custom software development company that designs, develops, implements, manages, and maintains custom client/server applications, databases, and database-driven web applications.
  • Lexel Infotec: Offers middleware, firmware, and web application development.
  • LogicLibrary: Provider of software and web services that help enterprises develop better software applications and integrate them faster.
  • MFL Net Services: Custom insurance software and web portal development.
  • Megarun: Offers business consulting, project management, outsourcing, and software development services.
  • Mesh Technologies: Lists technologies and capabilities in enterprise, web, and desktop application development services.
  • Miraplacid: Software Engineering company providing custom software, database-driven web sites and shareware products. Provide cost-effective solutions to complex e-business tasks.
  • Mort Bay Consulting: Offers software architecting, designing, developing and project management.
  • Nelson Technology Associates: Describes web application development, database system design, automation, and integration services.
  • Nerra Tech: Technology consulting company providing web design, software development, and infrastructure solutions. Includes a portfolio and job opportunities.
  • Newport Software: Provides custom software development consulting services to our clients specialize in the development of system software.
  • October65 Software Systems: Offers bespoke software systems, network infrastructure design, and web development.
  • Optimum Software Development: Outsourced software development specializing in .NET and embedded communications and control applications.
  • Orbital Technologies: Offers file conversion, application porting, and custom software development. Features process overview, clientele portfolio, and company synopsis.
  • Organic Bit Software: Specializes Windows development using C++.
  • PWI Inc: Provides specialized software technologies and advanced solutions in IT security, enterprise messaging, analytics and custom software development.
  • Pacific Crest Technology: Application development and technology migration services. Reviews custom systems development methodology and processes employed.
  • Password Technologies: Highlights consulting and development services. Specializes in Java technologies.
  • Pipistrel Software: UK company describes programming and consultancy service, including examples of solutions available.
  • Pliable Products: Custom software and Web design including imaging, database, communication, and Internet programming using C, C++, Visual Basic, and Java.
  • Polynomial Neural Network: Specializes in custom software design, development and consulting.
  • Port Jump Development Group: Provides custom Windows programming, database design, and Web development services.
  • Pran Infotech: Provides custom software development in network, database, object and web technologies.
  • Productivity Through Software: Software development in Java and C++. Also provides training, consulting, and application testing services.
  • ProtoLink, Inc.: Develops custom web and software applications and integrates client-server, database, and Human-Machine Interface hardware.
  • Pyxis Software: Offers database, desktop, and web application programming services, network design, and system hardware configuration and repair.
  • Rainbow Solutions: California based custom software development and consulting services.
  • Recognos: Business analysis, marketing, and software design consulting services.
  • RevMedia, Inc.: Describes processes, tools, and methodologies employed, along with service offerings.
  • RosTec: Contract software development and mentoring consulting services.
  • Roserox: Develops software components and provides outsource programming services for developers and MIS departments in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Southeast Asia.
  • Roxana E-services: Specializes in windows application programming, web development and design services.
  • Russian Resource: Services include Windows and UNIX programming, internet applications, and dynamic web site development.
  • Saboo iTech: Specializes in electronic data exchange. Describes GIS, networking, and web design services and lists clients.
  • Sansui Software: Developers of multi-seat publishing systems, editorial workflow systems, bespoke, Adobe plugins, Quark Xtensions, IBM Lotus Domino applications, and plugins and XTensions to ERP for shipping agencies.
  • Seagrass Software Limited: Providing software development and consultancy services for web and network based databases.
  • Seavus Group: Development outsourcing and project management services.
  • Sente Limited: A software development company specializing in custom application design and development using Delphi and C++ under Windows operating systems.
  • Sereno Sistemas: Describes applications available and lists clients.
  • SilverLion: Consultants providing project management, architecture, and application development.
  • Smartdata Enterprises: Provides 3D modeling, application development, database consulting, and web design services.
  • SoftDev: Software development and outsourcing. Describes projects and expertise, along with partnership details, testimonials, pricing patterns, and sales information.
  • SoftWise Development: Offers software conception and custom development, and graphic design services.
  • Softonomy: Providers of component-based software development services. Offers company background, solutions list, and client profile.
  • Software Development Europe: Offers software design, development, and testing, as well as project management for various OS's and applications. Based in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.
  • Software and Embedded Systems: Software, firmware, and web development for instrument manufacturers.
  • Spartan Labs: Providing embedded software, real-time operating systems, telecommunications protocols, and distributed object development.
  • Stellar Systems: Provides software solutions to businesses and professions.
  • Subsume Technologies, Inc.: Providing object-oriented analysis, design, and programming services.
  • Successful Software Consulting Services: Custom programming in Visual Basic, SQL Server, Access, and Crystal Reports
  • SurgeWorks: Describes contract programming, usability engineering, recruiting, and training services. Features company news, lists clientele, and describes team.
  • Swagman Systems Design Inc: Specializes in developing desktop and browser-based custom software applications for business.
  • Synergy DTI: Offers custom and brandable software applications.
  • TC Health Administration: Develops niche market software for the health industry. Core products are Docpay and Casemix Manager.
  • TERA Technologies: Offers enterprise applications development, operating system and device driver programming, and mobile applications. Features sample projects and overviews of services.
  • Tako Technologies: Offers overview of services and community forum.
  • Tathya: Offers custom internet and applications development along with data mining services.
  • TechMentor, Inc.: Specializing in software and ATE test program development. Also offers training services.
  • Teknokraaft: Specializes in bespoke software and offers web development and IT training services.
  • Telaterra Software: Software development outsourcing services, focusing on Web applications, localization and internationalization, and engineering automation. Features tips, service descriptions, and ISO standards list.
  • TenChiMon: Offers encrypted image database applications and customizations.
  • Thuridion: A software development company offering research and analysis, project management, development, implementation and quality assurance services for MS Windows and web applications.
  • Timestar Developments: UK-based company specializing in the rapid design and development of custom software and electronic hardware.
  • Tonec.: Provides custom programming and design services. Highlights skills and offers downloadable sample applications.
  • Trumphurst Ltd.: UK company specializing in PC and Unix consultancy and programming.
  • UniStar Systems: Provides custom programming for Unix systems. Experienced in client/server, communications, and real-time data acquisition.
  • VGL Softech Ltd.: Provides software development, consultancy and maintenance services.
  • Vazkor Technologies: Offers customized business software development and web site design.
  • Versa Systems: Offers project management, architecture, and development consulting services. Features information about industries served, methodologies used, and company background.
  • Vicisoft Technologies: Focuses on document management and web development. Describes areas of service and provides general skills overview.
  • Visual Solutions, Inc.: Specializes in active server pages, application server solutions, data and object modeling, database development, wireless applications and related programming services.
  • Web Systems Ltd.: Develops enterprise and wireless applications, web sites, graphics, and multimedia.
  • Websym Technologies: Offers training, distributed systems, and web development services.
  • Witzend Software: Custom programming services for Widows and the Web. Specialists in Windows, Visual C++, MFC, COM, ATL, ActiveX controls, XML, and Intel assembly language.
  • XIM, Inc.: Specializes in software design, development, and testing outsourcing. Highlights special clients, engineering team skills, and services.
  • Xirrux Integration: Provides network systems integration, design and consulting.
  • Xtreme Software SRL: Describes consultancy and development services with descriprions of platforms and languages used.
  • ZimmermanTech: Specializes in creating voice, telephony, database, and Internet applications.
  • Zircon Software: Specialises in the design, production, and support of bespoke software solutions. Features overview of services, and press releases.
  • e-Zest Solutions Pvt. Ltd.: Software and Internet services, solutions and products, expertise in technologies including EJB, Java, XML, WAP, Bluetooth.

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