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See Also:

  • Altair32: An open source Altair emulator for Windows.
  • CP/M: An open source CP/M-80 ver2.2 emulator for MacOS.
  • Chip-8 Emulator: A freeware Chip-8 emulator for DOS.
  • Desktop Cyber: An open source CDC (Control Data Corporation) Cyber 6x00, 7x or 17x type mainframe emulator for Windows or Unix.
  • Emu28: An open source HP18C/28C emulator for Windows.
  • Emu51: An open source 8051 emulator for Linux and Windows.
  • Emula3: Contains emulators for many different computers and calculators/PDAs for many different platforms. [English/Italian]
  • Emuviews: Great emulation page maintained by JoseQ, maker of the famous Rumor Mill, many downloads, great layout - some hosted sites.
  • Evenson Consulting Services' SWTPc 6800/6809 Emulator: Windows 9x/NT GUI emulation of SWTPc 6800 and 6809 systems. A Simulated Machine Environment (SME) emulation plus .dsk file downloads.
  • Flexemu: An open source EurocomII/V7 emulator for Linux and Windows.
  • FunnyMu: A freeware Creativision, Funvision, and Whizzard emulator for Linux/SDL.
  • HiRISC Simulator: A freeware emulator for Windows of a system designed specifically for the Applied Systems Programming course at the University of Akron.
  • James the Animal Tamer's Emulators: Freeware APF, Aquarius, Exidy Sorcerer, Interact Family Computer, MC-10, NEC PC-6001A, Panasonic Personal Computer, and TRS-80 emulators for Windows.
  • Japanese Computer Emulation Centre: A site dedicated to the emulation of Japanese Machines including X68000, PC6001, PC88, PC98, MSX 1/2/R, Sharp MZ, Sharp X1, Fujitsu FM7, and Fujitsu FM Towns.
  • KCemu: An open source emulator of the KC85 homecomputer series for Linux and Windows.
  • Project8080: Covers the development of a Heathkit H8 emulator on Macintosh.
  • SC/MP Elektor emulator: Freeware SC/MP Elektor CPU emulator for Win32 coded in VB6. Also featuring technical information.
  • SIMH: An open source collection of emulators for Windows of historical computers, including GRI-909, HP 2116/2100/21MX, IBM 1401/1620/1130/System 3, PDP-1/4/7-11/15/VAX. Also provides software kits, system photographs, and technical papers.
  • SPRINT: A freeware Sprinter emulator for Linux/i386 and Windows.
  • Solace: An open source Sol-20 emulator for Windows.
  • Virtutech Simics: A commercial Alpha, PowerPC, SPARC, x86 and x86-64 emulator.
  • Z80 Emulation and Education: A informational site, with a java applet that emulates the operation of a Z80 computer.
  • cinc: An open source Bell Labs cardiac emulator for Linux and Windows/Cygwin.
  • mic1: A Java-based simulator which implements the Mic-1 microarchitecture described in Chapter 4 of Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Structured Computer Organization, Fourth Edition. [Open source, GPL]
  • st20emu: A freeware ST20 emulator for DOS.
  • vmips: An open source MIPS R3000 emulator for Unix.

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