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  • #1 Free Clip Art: With over 6,000 free clip art images in over 300 categories.
  • 1 Clipart for any occasion: Offers clipart for businesses, and personal use. Unlimited downloads of all images for a yearly membership fee.
  • Free and original clip art categorized in numerous categories.
  • Chinese Clip Art: Browse a collection of Chinese lucky figures, pottery patterns, paintings, and ancient figures.
  • Absolutely Free Clipart: Offers a free clipart archive organized into 32 different categories. Note: May not support some browsers.
  • Ace Desktop Online: Offers free clipart categorized into easy to navigate categories covering the alphabet to the weather.
  • All Environment and Nature Clip Art: Animated GIFs, backgrounds, borders, dingbats, fonts, icons and lines covering a variety of environment and nature topics, including animals, birds, marine life and recycling.
  • Clipart acquired from a number of different sites on the Internet. Index listing to other related clipart sites.
  • An Ice Skating Super Site: The images are organized into subject groupings of similar images.
  • Art Builders: Offers free original vector clip art grouped by categories in wmf and eps format, all images contain CMYK colors, 3D wallpapers, textures, web graphics as well as custom development.
  • Art I Need: Original collection of royalty free clipart, illustrations, webart, photos, fonts and sounds for the use by web designers, graphic artists, students and professionals in web sites, printing projects and presentations. Note: membership required.
  • Art Image Collections: Works by Rackham, Dulac, Dore, Morris, N.C. Wyeth, Beardsley, the PreRaphaelites and others in formats suitable for web publication.
  • Art-library: Collection of vector and flash clipart, sounds, fonts, and photos for designers.
  • Artist For Hire - Free Clipart Gallery: Collection of free clip art, wallpapers, screensavers, web page templates and buttons. Also links to other related graphic sites and custom graphic design services.
  • Best Clip Arts: Clip art for free categories include animated GIFs, animals, people, food, border, office, scenic, transport, wallpaper and web.
  • Best of Clipart: Archive of free clip art images and clipart links.
  • Bicycle GIFs: Free clipart and animations for bicycling theme web pages.
  • Billy Bear's Storybook Clipart: Plenty of clipart for kids purchase or download free.
  • Blaikiewell Clipart: Clipart is supplied free to use on commercial and personal web sites. Exhibit of images that include animals, Christmas, cobwebs, assorted flowers, fruit, love, and snow and ice.
  • Canadian Flag Clip Art Gallery: The largest collection of original and collected Canadian clip art on the net.
  • Cheryl's Image Gallery: Original, hand drawn clipart designed for the web and free to use on personal or commercial web pages. Gallery contains images of icons, bars, clipart, backgrounds, textures, tutorials, coloring books, cut up dolls, Paint Shop Pro Tubes, tips and numerous other graphics.
  • ChristiaNet: Free Clipart: Clipart in various categories available for download.
  • Civil War Clipart Gallery: Free graphics of Civil War scenes, uniforms, weapons, buttons, and backgrounds.
  • Classic Clips Clip Art: The fifties classic clipart, 40s 50s style clipart and resources.
  • Classroom Clipart: Contains a large 13,700 collection of photographs, clipart, and historical images designed for use for educational purposes.
  • Clip Art for Spinners: Free clip art for knitters, quilters, weavers, spinners all are fiber and textiles.
  • Resource for all types of clip art and digital imagery, thousand's of local images plus hundred's of clipart related links. One of the largest single clip-art resources on the web.
  • Clipart for holidays like Halloween and Christmas, sports like golf and football, and design elements like balls, buttons, backgrounds and arrows.
  • Clipart Castle: One of the first clipart sites on the web now includes a complete searchable archive of thousands of free clipart images.
  • Clipart XP: Free clipart in many different categories.
  • Clipart by Royalty free clipart includes categories of Christian, baby, wedding, food, flower and several others.
  • Clipart for Kids: Over 1,500 clip art images that may be displayed on family-safe personal web sites only.
  • Site provides 13,000 free clipart images, animations, bullets and buttons.
  • Clipartspage Start4all: Large page of links for clipart, the global virtual Internet site.
  • Free original clip art. Requests Welcome. Great place to find unique clipart. Look through over 230 categories including animals and celebrities.
  • Cool Archive Free Clip Art: Archive with over 1000+ free clip art images in more than 30 categories.
  • Cool Clipart and Pictures: A growing collection of original and free clipart and pictures.
  • Corporate Logoland: Free logo site with many brand names available, user submissions, a contest and forum.
  • Cowboy Clip Art: Free country and western graphics.
  • Creative Insanity, Inc.: Clipart by Noreen Strehlow that has been used as a `resource` for teachers and students. Numerous categories to choose from.
  • Cyberbreezes: Free ocean clipart for personal use.
  • Dark Treasures: Free clip art, and animation arranged in categories includes Celtic and patriotic, fonts and images.
  • Daves Trackside Train Gifs: Computer generated train GIFs created as clipart. Several fallen flag railroads and scenes featured.
  • Debi's Clip Art: Original clip art and web bars.
  • Earth Science Clip Art: Featuring clip art and graphics from many of the domains of earth science including geology, meteorology, oceanography, and astronomy.
  • Fantasy Clipart: Links to clipart of dragons, demons, elves, Tolkien, vampires and wizards.
  • Food Clipart: Source for great clipart of food including fruit, vegetables, meals and drinks.
  • Food Pictures From Free to use pictures of fruits and vegetables.
  • Food and Holiday Clip Art : Food-related clip art and backgrounds in GIF and PNG format.
  • Free Chinese Symbols Collection: Clipart symbols in GIF format for web design, art design, tattoo sample and educational reference.
  • Free Christian Clipart: Find free Christian wallpapers and clipart.
  • Free Clip Art: Totally free clipart that has been collected and categorized in an easy to find manner. Search function available.
  • Free Clip All original art in 15 categories to choose from. Each image has 3 sizes, in color, and detail.
  • Free Corvette Clip Art: Images are indexed by year, model and image size, most year Corvettes are represented.
  • Free Southwest Clip Art: Southwestern images including rock art, cowboys, chiles and other foods, cactus, and animals.
  • Free Wedding Clipart: Clipart arranged in categories.
  • Freeze Clip Art: Thousands of original, full-color photo and illustration clip art images available for free or by subscription.
  • GICK Image Chump Database: A gallerie of images for the purpose of demonstrating chumping style.
  • Grandmother's Trunk: Clip art collection of foods and drinks, airplanes, signs, helicopter, trains, hot air balloons, with wallpaper and backgrounds.
  • Graphic Alphabets by Johan: Free graphical alphabets for personal use only.
  • Graphic Empire: Clipart, photos, Animations, and web images. Unregistered users can view thumbnails of the images. Registered users can download.
  • Graphic Maps: Quality maps and cartographic images for a personal web site or other projects. Custom maps available also.
  • Graphics Factory: Offers commercial clipart and web-ready graphics. Membership required.
  • Graphics by Email: Free graphics by email include many subjects of which animations, holidays, fantasy, transportation, and web graphics are a few.
  • Hassle Free Clip Art: Clip art site offering free web graphics without the hassle of pop up ads, banners, sign up forms, or other obtrusive advertising.
  • Heidi's Holiday Graphics: Links to holiday clip art.
  • Honda Goldwing Cliparts: Offers 613 images of clipart of the Honda Goldwing motorcycle.
  • Image Export: Offers free clipart, with thousands of images, buttons, backgrounds, animated GIFs, and patriotic images.
  • Inki's Clipart: Clipart site offers great original clipart for free use on personal pages.
  • Internet Clipart: Professional quality graphics for website building in 21 categories and still growing. The clipart is theme specific, with categories for real estate, fishing, golfing, sports, medical, law, finance, and other subject matter.
  • J D Graphics: Graphics and animated GIFs of Star Trek Voyage, Friends, the Simpsons, and South Park, for use on personal web sites.
  • J's Magic Free Easter Graphics: Clipart of baskets, ducks n' chicks, dividers and titling, eggs, religious, bunnies animated, and bunnies inanimate.
  • JAC Clipart Archive: Free 3D gray icons, web graphics, clipart and animated GIFs categorized in categories for easy download.
  • Jacci's Original Free Graphics Original web graphics plus several for print. Organized by theme food, space, holidays, alphabets, and others, free for personal or commercial use see terms of usage.
  • Juelie's State Flower Garden of Gifs: Within this garden, find all the State flowers.
  • Jumpers Portholes: Site displaying ships crests, RN badges, ships, flags and pennants. Link to family history pages.
  • Kenneth Jones University Clipart: Free collection of high resolution Yale University and Marshall University clipart. The files are large, uncompressed JPGs that support quality scaling to smaller sizes.
  • Lisa Jos Castle: GIFs of fairies, unicorns, dragons, angels, castles, Native American, Holidays, and ocean fantasy.
  • Love's Clip Art Site: Various clipart and GIFS files for download.
  • Magic Clip Art: Collection of magic-related clip art that includes images of playing cards as well as animated clip art.
  • Maryann Sterling's Art: Assortment of art, fractals, scenery, photos, clipart, wallpaper and panoramas by the web mistress.
  • Masonic Clip Art: Collection of Masonic clip art.
  • Miss Pita's Originals-Holidays: Original holiday graphics for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Mardi Gras, Easter, Valentine's, Birthdays, New Year. Includes snow globes, animations, bordered and tiled backgrounds.
  • Monsterama Free Clipart Collection: EPS files for high-quality printing.
  • Mousepad Designs by vikimouse: Country graphics, clipart, desktop themes, and web sets for basket collectors.
  • Muchofun's Free Clip Art: Providing free and original clip art and photos.
  • National Clip Art Gallery of Canada: A collection of Canadian clipart.
  • Noetic Art: Original clipart organized in categories. In addition, three fonts in both Windows TrueType and Adobe Type 1 formats.
  • Original Country Clipart by Lisa: Download graphics and clipart for personal or business web pages, crafts, and desktop publishing.
  • Owls and Angels Gallery: Collection of clipart and pictures of owl and angel, welcome signs, animations, message board, and chat room. Submission accepted from submitters.
  • Peace: Free peace symbol clip art for personal use.
  • Pegasus2u'sWings4u: Fantasy GIFs collected from the Internet featuring Pegasus, dragons, fairies, unicorns, angels, mermaids, mythical and forest creature GIFs with bars, buttons, graphics and animations and clipart.
  • Radio Art: Includes free Amateur Radio Clip art including a mapped gif DX radio and a Java Banner Radio
  • Railroad Clipart Page: Railroad related clipart available for webpages or presentations.
  • Real Estate Clip Art: For realtors and others needing real estate specific graphics.
  • Real Estate Clipart: Images designed specifically for Real Estate related websites, plus over 2,000 more high-quality web graphics for members.
  • Robmyers: Collection of computer art released as open content in zip format.
  • Royalty-Free Clip Art Collection for Foreign and Second Language: Features a collection of bitmap line-drawings for use by instructors.
  • SLS Medical Clip Art: Free clip art for web sites, brochures, business cards, and appointment cards.
  • Links to educational related images including clipart, icons, web graphics, and pictures.
  • Scottish Clipart: A small collection of Scottish clipart.
  • Sports Collection of links found on the Internet to clipart, graphics and pictures including baseball, basketball, football, and soccer.
  • Teachnet: Clip art in GIF format and other education resources for teachers; free with link and attribution.
  • Telephone Art: A collection of telephone art with over 4000 phone graphics, clipart, payphones pictures cell phone photos and telecom images of all kinds.
  • The Clip Art Palace: Graphic enthusiasts exchanging ideas and offering clipart, web graphics collected from the Internet and categorized, Paint Shop Pro tutorials, and a chat room.
  • The ShockZone: Free web graphics, clipart, and animations.
  • The Woolwine-Moen Group: Map collection and free cartographic images for Internet web pages and business applications. Specializes in custom maps and images.
  • Toon Art: Original free toon style clipart, Gif animations and desktop wallpaper.
  • Tracy's Graphics: Selection of clipart and animation, categories include cats, cartoons, dogs, valentines, birds, butterflies, and St Patricks Day.
  • UVic's Language Teaching Clipart Library: Language-teaching GIF clipart for use in low-level language courses. Images arranged in a drop down menu or search by keywords.
  • Unique Art: Collection of multi color decorative fonts and circular designs.
  • University of Florida UF Free Gator Graphics: Wallpaper, cartoons, and clipart for Gator fans.
  • Useless Clip Art: Site with clip art arranged in categories.
  • Valentine Flower Clipart: Over 300 floral creations of clipart, lines, icons, and animation free for downloading.
  • Web-Clipart.Com: Free clipart images arranged in 12 categories.
  • WebstarWest: Free clipart and portfolio by Brigitte Haag, features flower decorated frames, fairies with flowers, blossoms, flower arrangements, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Pennsylvania Dutch.
  • Webweavers Clipart Collection: High quality images, animated and still graphics are available.
  • Wedding Clipart: Professional-quality, vector-based clipart, stock images, and templates to create wedding invitations, programs, announcements, photo albums and other love-related materials. Membership is required.
  • Weidemyr Clipart: Original, sorted, free graphics for the Internet and offset.
  • iBAND: Hundreds of free original clip art images and photos.
  • iBrowse: Web graphics and clipart collection arranged in categories of animations, arrows, backgrounds, bars, bullets, buttons, and icons. Preview the images with a background color tester.
  • - FREE Holiday Clipart: Free holiday themed clipart to decorate websites, create cards or any other personal/non-profit project.

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