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  • Adopt a Canadian: Little figures reminiscent of South Park characters. Requires registration and log in.
  • Adopt a Moon at Alluvus' Page: Moons which express different moods, plus adoption certificates and `resource` links.
  • Adopt a Snow Buddy: Offers different themes, each on a transparent background.
  • Adopt a Tribble: Soft, cuddly little animals from the StarTrek universe that make a pleasing sound when stroked.
  • Amanda's Page Guardians: Individual human figures, each representing a different theme. Includes detailed statistics, a database of adoptive parents, and tutorials.
  • Bonnie Claire's Inchworm Orphanage: Animated inchworms, each accompanied by their own verse. Includes accessories, certificates, a nursery, puzzles and games.
  • Butterflies and Smilies: Animated butterflies and smiling faces. Includes linking banners.
  • CCworks: Custom made dolls and guys. Sets include animated, mini, artists, fairies and couples.
  • Crater Creature Adoption: Aliens which hatch from eggs in various poses and colours. Includes a story.
  • Easter Egg Adoptions: Decorated eggs created with holiday clipart.
  • Ginkgo's Cyber Pet Adoption Agency: Offers cat, mice, faeries, butterflies and sorceresses.
  • HoneyBrook Graphics: Every day adoptions including ghoulish girlfriends, pocket angels and race car drivers, plus holiday specific images.
  • Horses of Havilah: Offers mares, stallions, and foals. Includes help for choosing horse names.
  • Kuntrysue Adoptions: Includes cyber kittens, girl and boy dolls, musical angels and fantasy elephants.
  • Ladyhipoo's Cyberpetz: Unicorns, pegasi, fairies, ballerinas, hippos, dragons and dinosaurs.
  • Lilika's Cyber Adoptions: Animals and fantasy creatures, including cats, butterflies, teddy bears and dragons. May not work in Netscape.
  • Lissy's Cyber-Pet Adoption Agency: Animated clipart including dogs, reptiles, rodents, dragons, and fantasy creatures.
  • LouBee's Cyber Orphanage: Pastel coloured bees and animated babies. Includes an adoption certificate.
  • Online Stork Eggs: Eggs which develop through baby, tennage and adult stages, available through AOL's Instant Messenger.
  • Penny Angel Adoptions: Itty bitties, halloweenies and American patriotic characters.
  • Pix Adoptions: Tiny creatures, a few pixels tall, including merpeople, skipping girls, and a goldfish with accessories.
  • Q's Pets: Dogs, cats and horses available. variety of ways to adopt them, including virtual reality and SIMs.
  • Rainbow Guardian School: Humanoid guardians arranged by category, including holidays and seasons.
  • StarryAngel Cyber Cloud Adoptions: Original multicoloured clouds, stars, butterflies and kitties.
  • The Cyber Flower: Regular log in required to take care of living flowers judged on health and height. Includes forums and messaging services.
  • The Kingdom of Mystia: Various creatures, plants and objects available through an explorable castle and grounds.
  • The Unicorn Friendship Center: Offers animated equines including unicorns, sky ponies, rocking horses, and families, each with an individual adoption certificate.
  • Web Neko: Provides the code to place on your web page an interactive cat who moves and follows your mouse. Also includes a cat herding game.
  • Yakchat's Adoptions: Original images including teddy bears, angels, watchers, fairies, pixies, goddesses, maidens and sprites.
  • eCritters: Offers various animals, plus virtual money to buy supplies. Requires registration and log-in.


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