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  • Advanced Horizons: Article called SCSI Explained includes: why it came about, bus width and speed, types and other benefits of SCSI.
  • All About SCSI: What is SCSI? An article by DataPro.
  • Common SCSI Bus Connectors: Visual guide to SCSI connectors, from the STA.
  • Expanding the SCSI Bus: SCSI interface is projected by most industry analysts to maintain its hold on the mass storage market through the year 2005. Reprinted article from Computer Technology Review.
  • IDE Vs. SCSI: Article detailing the differences by David Risley.
  • IP-Over-SCSI: The purpose of IP Over SCSI is to connect two or more computers with SCSI interfaces using the IP protocol.
  • Let's Talk About SCSI: SCSI basics including features, history, differentiators and applications.
  • Linux: High performance SCSI and RAID: What is SCSI?
  • On-Line Extraction of SCSI Disk Drive Parameters: This report describes a suite of general-purpose techniques and algorithms for acquiring the necessary data from SCSI disks via the ANSI-standard interface. (choose a download format)
  • Reference Charts: Tables with: SCSI bus width/maximum data rates, maximum bus length with device addressing, cable lengths meters/feet and SCSI technologies comparison of maximums. From SCSI
  • SCSI: From Wolfgang Schulte's SCSI information guide.
  • SCSI Common Codes and Values: Informative summaries for several of the more commonly used codes and coded values are included as annex information in the SCSI Primary Commands - 2 (SPC-2) draft standard.
  • SCSI Positioning Paper: SCSI is seen as the total solution and will maintain its position as the I/O technology of choice for future enterprise computing, Internet computing and desktop applications, interesting article from the STA.
  • SCSI Supplier List: Supplier list at the STA of STA members and non-members.
  • SCSI Takes On USB At High-End: Facing public challenges from other I/O technologies, the STA released its technology road map at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference in Los Angeles Thursday. Article from CMP's TechWeb by Mark Hachman.
  • SCSI Termination Tutorial: Written to help users understand common field issues that one might run into when connecting a SCSI drive (or drives) to various kinds of SCSI buses, whether cable or backplane.
  • SCSI Terms and Terminology: STA-endorsed terms and terminology for SCSI parallel interface technology.
  • SCSI-3 Standards Architecture: Chart reflects the currently approved SCSI-3 project family. All projects are in T10, except Fibre Channel is in T11 and 1394 is in IEEE.
  • STA - The SCSI Trade Association: Small Computer System Interface, an official industry standard for 12 years. Helps educate OEM's, resellers and IT professionals about SCSI, one of the industry's most widely adopted I/O interfaces. Also helps shape the future of SCSI to ensure performance and compatibility.
  • T10 Home Page: The technical committee of the National Committee on Information Technology Standards. NCITS is accredited by, and operates under rules that are approved by, the American National Standards Institute.
  • The Linux SCSI (sg) Generic HOWTO: Describes the SCSI Generic driver (sg) found in the Linux 2.4 production series of kernels, focusing on the the interface and characteristics of the driver for application writers.
  • WWW Virtual Library for SCSI: Information on SCSI bus interface, standards, manufacturers and distributors, technical information, books and test equipment, a part of the Virtual Libraries system.
  • Webopedia - SCSI Information: An online encyclopedia and search engine dedicated to computer technology.
  • What is SCSI? from Storage Search: Written by Performance Technologies.
  • iSCSI: Internet SCSI. New Internet Protocol (IP)-based storage networking standard for linking data storage facilities, developed by the IETF. Definition from Whatis.


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