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  • Advicebox: Send anonymous email to anyone and receive private replies in your own replybox. This service also offers CC and BCC email functionality, and access through web-enabled phones.
  • Anonymous Remailer (Web and Non): Send anonymous email using the "mixmaster" method.
  • Anonymous Remailer FAQ: How to send private email.
  • Anonymous mailer with suggested templates: Free secret remailer, with suggested letters to send.
  • BiKiKii Anonymous Remailer: A free service that allows individuals to communicate confidentially in a manner that ensures their privacy under even the most adverse conditions.
  • CAEM: Free and secure email software for Macintosh, with full functionality.
  • Captain James Cook Anonymous Free Remailer: Send free anonymous email over the Captain Cook Free Remailer System.
  • FakeMailz.Com - Mail Solutions Redefined: Send free anonymous email from any fake address. It also supports scheduled delivery, opening receipt, reply box and HTML format.
  • Free service to send anonymous mails. Pay version also allows attachments.
  • FlashMail by Simple anonymous mail service based on a web form. You do not need to log in or register, but you cannot receive replies.
  • Free Anonymous Mailer: Send mails from and to any Email address to any Email address for free. Also allows headers to be edited.
  • Global Solutions anonymous emailer: Send email anonymously for free. The Offshore Mixmaster Anonymous Remailer.
  • ICMW- Mood Mail Emailer: Web page allowing to specify sender and recipient email addresses.
  • MIxmaster Development Site: This is the official site for the development of Mixmaster, the Internet's most secure anonymous remailer software.
  • This free site allows you to send free anonymous emails, faxes and SMS messages.
  • Mixmaster Anonymouse Remailer: Web (non-SSL) interface to send free email anonymously. Delayed delivery for security.
  • MuteMail: Send and receive anonymous email securely and confidentially via SSL encrypted connection using Outlook, Eudora, or Netscape. No additional software required. Pay service.
  • Neomailbox: Send and receive anonymous e-mail securely with SSL encrypted SMTP and POP. Compatible with Outlook, Eudora, and Netscape. Includes spam and virus protection, unlimited addresses. Pay service.
  • PC free anonymous email: Free anonymous email service and a couple of other tools. Send email anonymously to anyone you know without that person knowing who sent the email.
  • Privacy FAQ Directory: List of FAQ documents relating to privacy and anonimity. The alt.privacy.anon-server now FAQ documents how to use anonymous remailers, PGP, Mixmaster and how to protect your privacy and anonymity online.
  • Send and receive anonymous email with this commercial service. Also offers a variety of services besides email, such as anonymous domain registration.
  • Remailers: Information about anonymous remailers, remailers tips and FAQ.
  • Riot Anonymous Remailer: Informations about anonymous remailers, web interface to send anonymous mails and links to many others anonymous resources. English/Italiano/Espanol
  • Self Destructing Email: Send self-destructing email which also protects against printing, forwarding, mark/copy/pasting, just by adding "" to the end of the recipient email address. No software or downloads required. Works with all email and webmail programs.
  • Send mail: Simple web interface to send email. Lets you type the sender and recipient address, send text or HTML emails, and even allows an attachment.
  • Sneakemail: Disposable email addresses to communicate with businesses or in into web forms.
  • The Melontraffickers Anonymous Remailer: This is the official homepage of the "randseed" remailer. This is an anonymous remailer running Mixmaster that can be used to hide one's identity when posting to newsgroups or sending email.
  • Xandra Freedom Remailer: Send free anonymous email over the Mixmaster and Cypherpunk networks, using this anonymous remailer from Xandra.
  • Free anonymous Cypherpunk style remailer (requires PGP)
  • Anonymous email, confidential chat and secret messaging without repercussions


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