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  • 2 Dark Park: Forum topics include general chat, games, pictures, polls, society and politics. User journals, links and propaganda.
  • AfterHours Forum: Both intelligent and irreverent discussions on a variety of subjects.
  • Alien Soup: Diverse forum community. Get help with games, chat, laugh, gripe and debate.
  • All Forums Network: Topics incluce current events, sports, humor, and technology.
  • Ambient Noize: Message board created to discuss about life, politics, religion, and other subjects generally considered taboo in polite society.
  • Browse message boards on many topics and consult over one-thousand members who are ready to answer burning questions.
  • AtForumz: General interest message boards, with a specific focus on entertainment, music, and political debate.
  • BBC Messageboards: Communicate your views nationally and locally through BBCi message boards with hundreds of topics to choose from including music, entertainment and science.
  • Banned From Life Forums: Chat about everything and nothing in particular on topics such as arts, news and computers.
  • Beerho: Message board for the peculiar. All topics open for discussion aiming to move in unexpected directions.
  • Brainboat: A mix of comedy and general chat with forums for debate, media, computers and technology.
  • BratsRBack: A variety of topics in a light hearted atmosphere. From general chit chat to web design, jokes to home and decor. Something for everyone.
  • Bubble Boards: Occupied by silly 20-somethings with general chat, the arts and Internet assistance.
  • Bunker Forums: General discussion board, with sections dedicated to video games, anime and technology.
  • Chatbites: International forum where people are invited to voice their opinions on any subject. Users may post poems and pictures, or participate in political and religous discussion.
  • Chatty Bastidges: General chat, entertainment, debate, and technical topics.
  • Coffee Shop Chatter: Friendly forum to chat, get web help, advise, tell jokes, swap stories, hobbies, and just generally have fun.
  • Cribzero: Personal public forum for any type of discussion. Includes polls and webmail.
  • DarkBlazes: General discussion forum with topics such as current affairs, entertainment, computing and games, jokes and comics, and graphics and art.
  • Digital Drivel: Includes discussion on wide range of topics such as reviews, games, or computers and technology.
  • Discuss Anything: Off-Topic message board with subforums dedicated to society, debate, news, arts or spirituality.
  • Discussion Forums US: A message board for americans to relax and share their views on various topics including news, religion, sports and entertainment.
  • Ebs:Live: Chit chat community centered around its forums, also featuring journals, gallery and arcade.
  • Eternal Allegiance: Forum including a wide range of topics such as music, sports, art, life and relationships.
  • Extra Crispy: A warm, friendly community with a diverse membership from around the world. Discuss love, sex, songwriting, performing, television, movies, literature or get advice from caring people.
  • Final Fantasy and Xenogears Online: Random chat with a close and friendly community. Includes sub-boards for anime, RPGs and gaming.
  • Fool Moon: Chat and message boards which have a stated aim of being family friendly. Topics include faith and philosophy and current affairs, and there is also a writing community.
  • Forum Garden: A general forum to discuss news, politics, arts or religion. Also includes regional forums.
  • ForumClick: Discussion forum for politics, media, conspiracy theories, editorials. Includes lighter topics such as humor and sports.
  • Forums HQ: Multi-topic forum including general chat, jokes, sports, cars, bikes, computing, graphics, music, movies and life issues.
  • Forums at General chat forum with emphasis on IT topics such as hardware, software, internet, multimedia, security, technical and general news.
  • Frappy Doo: Discussion forums covering sports, debates, pets, Bible Q&A, entertainment, teens, brain teasers, jokes, parenting, relationships, computer hardware and software, the Internet, and money matters.
  • Frost Jedi: A board for the bored, or for the curious, the artists, the debaters, and the gamers. Includes a roleplaying section.
  • - Constant Intellectual Stimulation: Eclectic individuals share their intellectually stimulating ideas, creativity, opinions, and even wit, in the unique and compelling community,, earning free dream-fulfilling rewards.
  • Gear Factory Network: General discussion and specialty forums including topics on literature, journals and computers and technology.
  • Gia's Place: General discussion at the wicked lair with topics including game threads, life, opinions, entertainment and romanace.[Membership by review.]
  • Grandma's Kitchen: Topics ranging from life, poetry, news, never ending story, and spiritual inspiration.
  • Hip Forums: Free speech forums including music, sex, politics, news, poetry, marijuana, psychedelics, gay, health, fashion, crafts, hippies, free classifieds and personals.
  • INReview: General discussion forum featuring sub-boards of recent newsworthy topics from world issues to entertainment.
  • IWeThey Forum: Over 40 sub-boards devoted to topics such as general discussion, current events, humor, jobs, religion, politics, science, money, sports, entertainment and computers and technology.
  • Interesting Nonetheless: A general discussion message board for a wide array of people. Includes areas for debate, rants, music, and technology.
  • Internet Junk Online: General chat, word games, music, television, video and literature topics. Also includes personality tests, name generators and celebrity photos.
  • General chat forum with an area for queries as well as boards for discussion of entertainment, leisure, computers and technology and a for sale board.
  • Kapland: Kapland is an anything goes discussion forum with sub topics dedicated to music, movies, fantasy/sci-fi, RPGs and other interests.
  • Legacy Nexus: Entertainment community primarily focussed on anime, comics, and video gaming.
  • Life is Annoying: Full range of topics including politics, world events, law, philosophy, religion, sex, conundrums, environment, science, technology, and conspiracies.
  • Living With Style: A general discussion forum with topics including video games, cars, anime, sex, computer and technology, personal issues, drugs.
  • MLForums: General community centered around its message board, also including a links list and an art arena.
  • Mind Collisions: Collection of boards on a variety of topics. Edgy, intelligent debates welcome.
  • Nasty Forums: Indonesian based message board with a young adult membership base. Topics include food, fashion, entertainment, music, hobbies and school. [Messages in English and Indonesian.]
  • Neo Helix Forums: An interactive community for discussing a wide range of topics including debates, education subjects, comedy, recreation and media.
  • Message Board: Topics include TV, movies, science and technology, Star Wars, and video games.
  • Pathfinder: Boards related to magazines published by Time Inc.
  • Forum, private messaging and journals. Topics include general chat, relationships, local and world issues, lifestyle and technology.
  • General chat forum featuring both a serious discussion area and a section with a more laid back atmosphere.
  • Pronoblem: A public forum with topics such as art, film, music, culinary and culture.
  • Public Mouth: Originally created to reunite people from LOOT, London's free ad paper, but now open to people across the world. Messages and announcements of get-togethers in London. [Yahoo Group]
  • Purely Random: A small, community-forming site with a focus on posting fairly lengthy "random thoughts." Users can comment on existing thoughts or post their own.
  • PvP Forums: A forum where the intelligent netizen can come and talk about just about anything. Specialized in gaming, fantasy and sci-fi topics.
  • Rant N Rave Uncensored Current Events: Uncensored posts on current events and personal rants.
  • Reality Check: Eclectic mixture of message board topics including political issues, the arts, and general chat.
  • Robot Orgy: General community primarily targeted at girls in their 20s. Topics include girly stuff, pictures posting, entertainment and technology.
  • RuNaked: Laugh about life and forget the serious things for a while. Discussion includes topics such as politics, sports, humor, food, computers and technology, music, games and movies.
  • Salon Table Talk: Topics include books, work life, imagination, home and garden, music, movies, private life, the Whitehouse and writing.
  • Sanity Held Hostage: A message board where people can have fun and discuss just about anything or nothing at all.
  • Semicolon-Zero: General discussion community, focusing on entertainment and humor.
  • Stress Bank Forum: Discuss life, deposit stress, and have fun. Share passions, pain and pet peeves. Find humor, play games and laugh. Submit creative writing and art, or get help, support, and advice.
  • Stryder's Community: General chat community that offers free e-mail accounts and many sub-forums including anime, music and health and nutrition.
  • TCF: Multi-topic forum for everyone. Television, movies, sports, computers, quizzes, challenges as well as general chat. Live trivia competition every week.
  • Message boards for venting anger and annoyance about a variety of topics.
  • Talk About Network: A family of websites on a variety of topics including topics such as pets, photography, pro football, programming, recovery, religion, romance, and satellite TV.
  • The Admin Zone Forums: Online `resource` for administrators of bulletin board communities. All topics dealing with running and setting up a forum community are discussed.
  • The Bored Board: Array of topics including general chat, politics, science and technology, sports and a place to post photos.
  • The Cellar: Topics include politics, current events, technology, entertainment, Philadelphia and image of the day.
  • The City Gate Discussion Forum: Discussions on world news, politics, social issues, religion, literature, poetry, and other topics. The meeting place where thoughts, ideas, and opinions on life are shared.
  • The Club House: Discuss sports, games, and entertainment. Share information about viruses and rant to fellow members.
  • The Conversation Cafe: A general forum for intelligent discussion, hot debates, creative writing, support forums or fun and games.
  • The Discussion Forum: Compact and exciting community where one can debate, play arcade games and meet new interesting people.
  • The Exedra: Virtual exedra, where you are invited to speak your mind in an atmosphere of tolerance and respect. General chat, art, quizzes, and debates.
  • The Fellaz: An off-topic forum with chats, debates, contests, and relationship discussions.
  • The Geek Forum: General chat with sub-boards for computers and technology, politics, and celebrities.
  • The Knowledge Zone: Devoted to a variety of specific topics including IT, games, movies, MP3s, sports, and debate.
  • The Mantel - A Virtual Water Cooler: Diverse selection of topics including relationships, gardening, philosophy, fitness and technical issues.
  • The Oasis: General discussion forum with many topics including jokes, riddles, entertainment, television shows, literature news, hobbies, sports, and health issues.
  • The Poetics Forum: Community and friendly conversation with people of all ages and locales. A good-natured and positive place to share thoughts and ideas with topics such as games, hobbies and music.
  • The White Rider: Video games, Lord of the Rings, teen and school issues, family, animation, film and sports discussion.
  • The Wind: General discusssion board where all subjects are welcome.
  • Tilted Forum Project: An evolving community of thousands of mature adults. Discussion of sexuality, politics, interests, art, and photography.
  • Total Nonsense Forums: Covering computer topics, arts and entertainment and website reviews.
  • Total Twaddle: Friendly, general chat forum with member map, calendar and board statistics. Includes sub-boards for freebies, pictures and blogs.
  • Ultimate Forumboards: Discussion of a variety of topics including gaming, sports, technology and homework help. Membership not required to post.
  • VF2: A friendly forum covering many active topics, in categories such as news, entertainment or computing.
  • We Are Better Than You: A politically incorrect general discussion forum.
  • WebQuad Network Forums: Topics include gaming, music, Christianity, and teens. Board statistics, member list and search function also available.
  • Off topic message board available to everyone which includes a photo gallery, email, and private messages.
  • Wolstrup Forum: Friendly, general chat, PC/web/graphic design discussion, entertainment and animation.
  • All around community and message board including hardware and software topics, developers corner and hobby forum.
  • uSuCK.CoM Forums: Journals, general chat, health and science, entertainment, arts, literature, religion, politics, games and sports with an attitude.
  • vBulletin Community: Unofficial message board for vBulletin forum users and administrators. Discussions include source code, template modifications and events related to vBulletin software.

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