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  • 602 LAN SUITE: Offers mail server, spam filtering, antivirus, web caching, access control, firewall and activity logging. [Windows]
  • Aladdin Knowledge Systems: eSafe gateway based content security providing protection against malicious software and spam/url filtering. [Windows/Linux] Also offer USB smart card for token authentication and hardware dongles for software copy protection purposes.
  • RTSP/RTP Proxy: Offers client machines within a protected network access to streaming servers outside the firewall. [Mac OS]
  • Avirt: Offers web caching and firewall. Trial downloads available. [Windows]
  • Cerbère Proxy Server: Offers connection sharing, port redirection, web caching and IP filtering. [Windows]
  • Chutney Technologies: Offers caching solutions for arbitrary application objects such as HTML/XML fragments and session objects. [Windows, Unix]
  • Cyberoam: Offers content filtering, load balancing and caching features. Firewall add-on available. Integrates with anti-virus and anti-spam software. Includes evaluation software and documentation. [Custom operating system.]
  • Dante: Circuit level proxy with firewall, supports SOCKS, msproxy and http proxy. Port redirection and bandwidth usage control available through add on modules. [Unix]
  • DeleGate: Offers caching, filtering and proxy support for most common protocols. Free downloads and reference manuals. [Windows, OS/2, Unix]
  • Domain Name Relay Daemon: DNS proxy that sits on local network and forwards DNS queries to a real DNS server, and passes responses back to the client.
  • EServ: Offers mail and news server hosting, web caching and activity logging. Trial downloads, online ordering and PDF documentation. [Windows]
  • EnterWEB: Offers text only internet/intranet access to 3270 mainframe terminals. Accessed as a VTAM/CMS application. Access control via RACF/ACF2, and audit trail available. [3270-mainframe]
  • JanaServer: Offers connection sharing, monitoring and user level access control. Also offers http, email, ftp and news server functionality. [Windows]
  • KOTETU: Offers accelerated web browsing by prefetching links for pages retrieved by the proxy. [Unix]
  • Linkbyte Software, Inc.: ComTun Pro, offers connection sharing, firewall, spam filtering and caching. [Windows]
  • NetProxy: Offers web caching, site filtering, firewall, activity logging and access control. [Windows]
  • Netscape Proxy Server: Offers web caching, content filtering, access control and activity reporting. [Unix, Windows]
  • Volera: Website acceleration and content caching systems.
  • Oops! proxy server: Open source web and ftp caching proxy. [Unix, Linux, FreeBSD]
  • Ositis Software, Inc.: Winproxy software offers web caching, firewall, antivirus, site filtering, spam protection and activity monitoring. [Windows]
  • Philtron: Filtering HTTP proxy that rewrites the HTML of the web pages that pass through it; removing unwanted/hostile content from the pages and providing enhanced user anonymity. [Written in PHP, platform independent]
  • Proxy+: Offers web caching, firewall, mail server, access control and activity logging. [Windows]
  • Qbik: Wingate offers connection sharing, caching, access control, usage monitoring and firewall services. Content filtering, anti-virus and VPN options available as extras. [Windows]
  • SolidShare: Offers basic connection sharing and firewall. [Windows]
  • Spoon Proxy: Offers connection sharing and logging. [Windows]
  • Surfer Protection Program: HTTP proxy that enhances user privacy by deleting (or faking) eight data elements, including the Cookie field and Referrer fields, from web browser responses. [Windows]
  • TcpIQ: Offers connection sharing, bandwidth throttling and realtime graphical and data analysis of proxied traffic. Supports HTTP, FTP and POP3 traffic. [Windows]
  • Tinyproxy: HTTP proxy with low system `resource` requirements. Offers http header blocking. [Unix]
  • Tircproxy: IRC proxy, access control available via standard Unix hosts file configuration. [Linux]
  • Trilent Networks: Offer email and ftp proxy tools. [Windows]
  • Vicomsoft Ltd: InterGate software offers web caching, stateful inspection firewall, content filtering and network management services. Anti spam module also available. [Mac OS, Windows]
  • WWWOFFLE: Open source caching Web proxy for offline use and low-bandwidth connections. Supports ad blocking and security filtering.
  • ezbounce: Configurable IRC proxy. Downloads and product news.
  • ftp.proxy: Offers application layer FTP service proxying to facilitate use of service through firewalls. Supports various access control options. [Unix, Linux, BSD, Windows]
  • iMimic Networking, Inc.: Offers web caching and multimedia streaming caching functionality. Also offer content filtering software. [Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD]
  • micro_proxy: HTTP/HTTPS proxy that runs from inetd, and uses less than 1kb of diskspace. [Unix]


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