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See Also:

  • Abaco Srl: Software development tools in the form of standard OCX/Activex components, DLL library and JAVA applet to build SIT/GIS/AM/FM/CAD applications.
  • Artifact Software: Products for software development managers (Artifact Server) and for developers (CodeJack, Artifact Network) which help find, manage, and use code, and other programming resources, regardless of location.
  • Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc.: Range of off-the-shelf component software, technology licensing, custom software development services. Products: ALLText and MetaDraw controls, TList.
  • Borland Software Corp.: Makes technology used to develop, deploy, integrate software programs.
  • CNS International: Offers software development tools for desktop, n-tier and client-server environments.
  • Catalyst Development Corp.: Software tools for Internet and intranet application development; information on ActivePatch, Catalyst File Transfer, Catalyst Internet Mail, SocketTools, SocketWrench.
  • CenterPoint: Provide IntegrationSuite (platform to bring legacy C/C++ applications to the Intranet and the Internet), ApplicationSuite (modeling of business cases enables close interaction with end-users, generation of data repositories and business rules, assembly of applications from prefabricated and custom application packages), MDASuite (manufacturing data analysis and acquisition).
  • Code to Chart: An integrated visual code analyzer and source code flowchart generator. List supported languages included C, C++, C#, Java and PHP.
  • Compuware Products: Provides products, services and solutions to help IT professionals develop, integrate, customize, test and maintain business-critical applications.
  • Delta Software Technology: Provider of development tools for PC, Unix and mainframes. Software integration with Adaptive Component Frameworks, component oriented application development. Project data- and process management in distributed environments.
  • Tools: Directory of developer tools.
  • DevFilesLand: Directory of freeware and shareware products for software developers.
  • Developer Solutions International: International software reseller providing a range of components, tools and services marketed toward the professional software developer.
  • EMS HiTech: Offers products database administration; data management utilities; and Delphi/C++Builder components.
  • FMS Inc.: Provider of Microsoft Access, Visual Basic and SQL server tools. Offers a collection of resources for Microsoft Access, VB and SQL Server developers.
  • FeinSoftware: Providing development tools for Microsoft Visual Studios.
  • Free Programming Tools: Directory of free development tool for a variety of platforms.
  • FullTilt Solutions Inc: Offers product information management and web application development software and consultancy services.
  • Fundamental Objects: Offers development tools and services for windows and handheld operating systems.
  • GPP - Generic Preprocessor: A general-purpose preprocessor with customizable syntax, suitable for a wide range of preprocessing tasks. [Open source, GPL]
  • GenerExe's XPad: Allowing to visually design, program, simulate, document and compile native code for plug-in targets, including the PIC16F84, 68HC11 and PalmOs platforms.
  • Headway reView: Parses Java, J2EE, C, C++ and Ada to reverse engineer a visual representation of the composition and dependencies of an application.
  • Infrex Rule Engine: A Rule Base Engine that allows clients to separate business rules from application code. So business users can change rules on the fly without the application code having to be changed. Include Rule Editor, Rule Translator (generates C/C++/Java/C# code from the rulebase), Rule Interpreter (interprets rules in the rulebase file at run-time). [Commercial]
  • JADE: A software development technology that makes it easier and faster to create computer programs.
  • Jargon Software: Provides software tools for development and deployment of thin-client wireless and desktop PC Internet business and e-commerce applications.
  • Jungclaus Software Engineering: TWAIN toolkits, drivers, utilities and application development tools, and demo software.
  • Kinook Software: Provides a tool that enables software developers to create an automated, repeatable process for building their software.
  • Level 8: Provides Geneva AppBuilder, an enterprise-scale, repository-based, integrated application development environment that allows for design, deployment, and maintenance of high-volume, distributed J2EE applications.
  • MTW Corp.: Develops analysis tools for software engineering; lists of products, business partners; firm background.
  • MasterCraft: Tool suite for development teams to collaborate in heterogeneous environments.
  • MicroWay: Specialist supplier of programming tools and web development products.
  • Myriad Solutions: Provides application development and management products. Specializing in Internet and component (OO) Technologies, Process and project management, model management, change Management, and testing. Products include AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler, AllFusion Process Modeler, Process Continuum.
  • Nymec Ltd.: Nymec uses VB,SQL and COM to create n-tier web applications on the IIS 5 platform.
  • OSTnet AMS: Leverage existing software assets including components, services, patterns, and source code. Supports integration with: Visual Studio .NET and Eclipse IDEs; Clearcase, VSS and MKS SCM tools.
  • Optimal Solution Software: Provide expert system development toolkits, and report production and printing tools, data migration solutions.
  • Orbitech System Graphics: Creates tools to aid in software development and project management. Products include source code documenters and GUIs for database management.Main products: CodeMapper, CodeMapper Pro, Protivia, ASAPstart and LadyAnt
  • Pixieware: Offers Pixieware software products, tools which can transform application software running on Pick-like (D3, Universe)and other TCP/IP capable databases.
  • Polaris Technologies: Offers software products to improve use of AllFusion Harvest include Harvester reporter, HarvestFindÒ search tool, as well as PowerGen and HarPB products for PowerBuilder.
  • Recursion Software, Inc.: Development tools for software developers using Java, C++, or C#.
  • Reliable Software: Developers of Code Co-op, a server-less version control system for collaborative development. Site offers information on programming, including Windows tutorials and the online book "C++ in Action", source code, and a discussion on MFC.
  • Reverse Engineering Tools: Sizable list of over 50 tools (many freeware) with very brief descriptions and links.
  • SLOCCount: A set of tools for counting physical Source Lines of Code (SLOC) in a large number of languages of a potentially large set of programs. Also sloc2html tool to take the output of SLOCCount and turns it into HTML, and SLOC Compare to take several sloccount output files and visualizes the output see changes over time.
  • Semantic Designs: Provides automated software engineering tools in the areas of legacy migration, software measurement and analysis, custom compilers and program transformation tools.
  • Sheridan Software Systems: Develops software products for applications developers. Products include development tools, objects and components, and templates.
  • SoftArtisans: Produces business-solution products for report and data management (ExcelWriter), industrial-grade file transferring (FileUp) and Web development (ASPstudio).
  • SourceGear Corp.: Makes Internet collaboration tools SourceSurf, and SourceOffsite add-on product for Microsoft Visual Source Safe.
  • Stryon: Tools and services enabling Active Server Pages (ASP) to run on Linux and a Java-based implementation of the .NET framework.
  • Tekrat Labs: Provides open source software projects for tracking systems, cross-language portability, and Samba authentication.
  • TenFold Devoted to the community of current and future developers, investors, and customers of TenFold technology. Includes news, tips, documentation, discussions and downloads of this 4th GL.
  • The Internet Multicasting Service: Offers metadata management and suite of information management tools. Highlights timeline of organization and Internet milestones and describes current initiatives.
  • The Trusted Design Chain Company: Provider of tools to develop bug-free and zero-default products and systems while reducing their overall design and validation cycle.
  • Turbo-Locator x86: Code relocator for processors x86, NEC V25, V40, V50, Am486, AMD SC400, Embedded. using output of Turbo/Borland C++, Turbo/Borland Pascal and TASM. Software Description and Downloads.
  • UUID (GUID) Generator: Online tool produces a specific UUID for the use by the visitor, in case the visitor needs such UUID. Everytime visited another UUID is produced.
  • XIDAK, Inc.: Software development products: MAINSAIL portable programming language, Orion database tools, Ninja Java accelerator. Documentation, support, contacts.
  • toolsfactory GmbH: Offers developer tools including Doc-O-Matic, a Source Code Documentation System for C/C++ and Delphi.

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