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68k ARM
DOS and Windows Game Machines
Java@ PDP11 and VAX

See Also:

  • AVATAR: A disassembler/patcher/code-explorer for PA-RISC based HP-UX systems, by Allegro Consultants, Inc.
  • Application-specific Decompilers: Catalog of decompilers.
  • DASM1600: An Intellivision Disassembler by Frank Palazzolo.
  • DISA: An OS/2 disassembler for OS/2 device drivers, by Abbotsbury Software.
  • DSP5600x: A 5600x disassembler by Miloslaw Smyk.
  • FARGDIS: Fargo Disassembler for TI-92 DOS versioin, by John Grafton.
  • High Level Assembler and Toolkit (HLASM): System/390 assembler toolkit for MVS & VM & VSE (HLASM) including disassembler, by IBM.
  • IDA Pro: The multi-processor, multi-OS, interactive disassembler, by DataRescue.
  • MELPS7700 Disassembler: By H.Kashima.
  • MacNosy: Is a Mac application that disassembles the Macintosh ROM or any 68K or PowerPC codes, by Jasik Designs.
  • Misosys Disassembler: Tim Mann's TRS-80 Page includes Misosys Disassembler, aka PRO-DUCE.
  • PICE/WIN: Panasonic MN1500 Emulator Interface for Windows includes Disassembler for MN1500 by TransferTech.
  • Re39: Interactive Disassembler for Rockwell C29/C39 (C40) code by Lewin A.R.W. Edwards.
  • Reverse Engineering Compiler: Program that tries to make source coden (C) from binary, multiplatform. There are MIPS disassembler too, by Giampiero Caprino.
  • SSEM: The World's First Stored Program Computer - disassembler included.
  • SST Global-Decompilers: Decompilers for IBM midrange systems.
  • TRACE32: Microprocessor Development Tools include multi processor emulators and disassemblers.
  • The Decompilation Page: Decompilers, resources, and history.
  • The Decompilation page: This is the Wiki version of the Decompilation page (originally by Frans Faase, then Cristina Cifuentes). Feel free to keep this page up to date; anyone can edit.
  • The dcc Decompiler: It decompiles small .exe files from the (i286, DOS) platform to C programs.
  • This96: 80196 disassembler by zartoven.
  • Transputer disassembler.: By Andy Rabagliati.
  • Universal Cross Disassembler: XDASM - DOS based cross-disassembler supports numerous processor types, by Data Sync Engineering.
  • palmdeMON: A win32-based disassembler and `resource` viewer for Palm Pilot applications. Links to other Palm tools.
  • the bastard disassembler: *NIX disassembler. Written in C on Linux for x86 ELF files; intended to support multiple CPUs, OSes, and file formats. Scriptable.


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