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  • Arthur, James - Teamonkey's Domain: Development diary and examples of games programming, OpenGL rendering and physical simulations.
  • Ashton, Paul: CV. Programming (AMOS, BlizBasic). Tic Tac Toe and Tetris game for AMOS with sources. Amiga, Nintendo, Sega, Spectrum game screenshots and some game downloads. Photos.
  • Chowdry, Arnab - Programming tutorials geared mainly towards game programming, and discussion forums. Research interests (biophysics). Writing.
  • Code Warrior: For amateur programmers who are interested in learning a language, or honing their skills.
  • Da Krazed Programmer: Programming in BASIC (3D).
  • Dan's Productions: Games and other programs developed by author using DIV games studio.
  • Dimond Software: Dedicated to personal programming projects with a forum based community that holds debates and creates sprite comics. Site provide game resources such as sprites and sound effects, and programming tutorials.
  • Edorul'S Web Pages: SDLMappy library which permits to use 2D maps created by Mappy (a 2D tiles based maps editor created by Robin Burrows). The Mappy program compiled for Linux. SDLSprite library, it permits to easily handle sprites. Soon, a library named LFGPhysics. It will permit to use physics for a moving vehicle (acceleration, brake, turn, grip...). A section about game programming on GameBoy (but only in french).
  • Etomic Software: Game previews and programming links.
  • Fana: Offers free web design, OpenGL and HTML tutorials and free games. Music favorites.
  • Frazier, Ron: Apparition - 3D first person shooter engine in develpement. Also photos, photography blog.
  • Giner, Oscar: Games and libraries made by author, most of them making use of the Allegro library. There's also some source code from unfinished projects.
  • Greggman: Game Design, Business and Programming: Articles and opinions on Game Design by someone in the business for 17 years.
  • Hartl, Andreas - Runicsoft: Programming and game programming related articles, tutorials, free source, download of self written programs.
  • Heywood, Rik: Collection of articles that discuss various aspects of developing software and games. Book reviewes.
  • Imnes: Game Programmer's Homepage: Imnes' homepage. Information, tutorials, and links relating to games and game programming and development.
  • Jenkins, Josh - Inertia: About, CV. C/C++ Visual Basic game programming articles. OO game programming tutorial. OpenGL and natural language projects. Games with C++ sources.
  • Kazemi, Vahid: Author's game downloads. Win32 tutorials in persian language. Links.
  • Kovachev, Asen Kovachev - haimana: Bio, pictures, music. Phisically based modeling resoreces. Demos.
  • MCFR4G'Z: Games, game programming and development, Also Dragonball Z and other game sections. Flash movies/games.
  • Marghidanu, Mircea - Nervus 3D Game Programming: Resume. Graphics and game related downloads (some with sources). Links.
  • Martin Otten's Quake Programming Site: Tools for Quake 3 Arena with VC++ source code available. The Argus source includes the Quake DM3 format.
  • MeeZ Programming Resources: OpenGL game FALLEN (new 3d stylistic Tetris Clone). BreakoutX is a 3d rendition of the Breakout game. Examples of creating OpenGL and console applications using C#.
  • Michael Morrison: Author of technical books relating to game programming and other topics. Free games and example source code available for download.
  • Mitkin, Stepan: BSP and portal demos with sources. Probba: a portal-BSP engine. Rigid body dynamics simulator. 3D graphics programming links.
  • Momor Prods: Emmanuel Icart is a developer and publisher of several freeware games for Windows and game design software.
  • NFG (New Future Games): Games and utilities with source code (C++). Game programming related links.
  • Ng, Kevin - Videogame Programming Site: Contains demos and code for those wishing to learn more about programming video games and realtime 3D. Also contains Kevin Ng's CV.
  • Nimrand's Library: Information on programming and projects author have finished or working on, with a focus on game development.
  • Olson, Elliott: Personal biography. Resume. Photo and screenshot gallery. Tools for game programmers.
  • Pedersen, Anders Bo - | FirstBreed |: Profile, portfolio and download sections, all related to computer science and game development.
  • Penttinen, Jani: Personal web page of 3D game programmer.
  • Perez, Elbert - MechaGhost DeFenSe Network: A online resume, personal page, and game design page. Artworks, poetry.
  • Programming of magic games: Pages Sergey Anisimov for games development on BC ++ VESA.
  • Psychic Parrot: Home of Jeff's Platform Game Engine. Macromedia Director open source code.
  • Reidonius' Programming Lair: devoted to the C++ and Windows ventures and projects of Reid Howard.
  • Renewed, Tidus: An abundant collection of original creations using various media. Particularly focusing on drawing and animation. Also programming and games, including source code.
  • Rosendal, Alexander - A Gameprogrammer's Journey: Creating games using Delphi. Includes tutorials, projects and links to other resources.
  • Scibilia, Gabriele: About, contact information and skills. Resume. Portfolio and artworks. C/C++ graphics related sources. Documents.
  • Sink, Keith - DX Games: Site is dedicated to DirectX, Arcade Games, and TrueSpace. Tools, demos and games with sources. How-To sections. Homepage author's book "DirectX 8 and Visual Basic Development" with table of content and related sources.
  • Solosnake: Homemade application downloads, details on how to edit levels in Red Stroms Rogue Spear, some open source code in C++.
  • Steven's Home Page: Games information and source code.
  • Strawn, Devon - Devon Strawn's Art of Code: Notes on computational geometry, graphics algorithms, and mathematics of graphics and game programming. Some of art and textures too.
  • Sznober, Terry: Game programming and graphics programming projects (DOS, Java, OpenGL, Direct3D based). Online resume and downloadable samples and screenshots.
  • Wagner, Max: Projects, demos, source code, and tutorials demonstrating techniques and algorithms used in real-time physics-based games and simulations. Polemic, perspectives, links, and an all around good time for those seeking enlightment through code.
  • Wei, Wang Chen: Introduction. JavaScript games downloads. Author's Windows and DOS programs. Music composed by author.
  • Westberg, Niklas: Archive of author's OpenGL demos and games. Lip sync thesis and demo.
  • Westberg, Niklas: Archive of author's spare time programming projects (mostly graphics and games related) and video game lip sync thesis and demo movie.
  • Yves Debilloez: Chess, computer chess, programming, algorithms, AI, and connect 4. Free download of source code and games.
  • óas, Tim: GameMaker related resouces, examples, downloads, links. Tankz game (freeware).


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