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  • AbsoluteCRM: Scripting tool allowing you to connect to a database and send email from HTML forms.
  • Active FoxPro Pages - FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Active FoxPro Pages (AFP) - a script language based on Microsoft Visual FoxPro 7.0 or higher to develop dynamic Web applications.
  • Aptilis: A simple scripting language, especially developed for the Web. The syntax is close to BASIC. [Open source, BSD-like licence]
  • BOA Scripting Engine: Tag-based server-side scripting language licensed under the GNU GPL. Includes documentation and downloads.
  • C++ Server Pages: An engine similar to ASP and JSP. However, instead of Java, Javascript or VBscript, it uses C++. By Micronovae Ltd.
  • Free scripts with source code and reviews.
  • A web site includes articles and code samples and free applications on ASP, ASP.NET, JSP/Servlets.
  • Dynamic Page Languages: The article discusses server side scripting under the Apache web server.
  • Escapade Scripting Engine: Tag-based, server-side scripting for MySQL database access, HTML output, and application development. Linux & Windows O/S support.
  • H2O: A programming language for building web-based applications and products.
  • Icon Interactive Group Freeware: PHP, PERL and ASP freeware scripts.
  • Internet.Com - ScriptSearch: A searchable collection of server-side scripting source code.
  • Introduction to Server-Side Processing: Investigates Perl, CGI and Server Side Includes for server-side processing. By Selena Sol / WDVL.
  • MacASP: CGI scripting language for Macintosh web servers available for free download. Includes examples, message board, and documentation.
  • Moto: Server-side programming web programming language that can be interpreted or compiled and intended for use with Apache. Includes news, features overview, free download, and documentation.
  • N Technology: Information on the server scripting tool N+.
  • Netorque: A server-side object-based HTML embedded scripting language. Supports regular expressions; has embedded database support and special short queries translated to SQL.
  • Server Side Tutorials: Open source server side tutorials written by geeks all around the world. Tutorials cover topics from beginner to advanced in PHP, Perl, Python.
  • PSX Server Scripting: Windows server side scripting language. Capable of building large web applications. Supports ODBC, authentication, session/cookie management, C++ plugin API.
  • has a set of open-source, web-based, business-oriented applications, based on the LAMP platform (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP and Perl). The goal is to integrate PHP and Perl, so you can have the best of both worlds.
  • RACE (Riverwatcher Active Content Environment): A server-side scripting engine with database support MySQL, Postgresql, and ODBC compliant servers. By Riverwatcher, Inc.
  • Shorthand Scripting Language: Cross-platform web scripting language. Includes tutorials, downloads, online manual, and examples.
  • Templet: An overview of Templet, a text processing programming language especially useful as a server-side scripting language for generating HTML.
  • TheScripts.Com - Server Side Scripting: TheScripts.Com offers an up-to-date compilation of FAQs, review articles, and how-to's on server-side scripting for popular scripting languages such as MIVA, Cold Fusion, ASP, JSP and PHP.
  • WebDNA Developers Network: In an effort to expand the knowledgebase and promote greater usage of the WebDNA language.
  • WebL: A scripting language for automating tasks on the World-Wide Web. It is an imperative, interpreted language that has built-in support for common web protocols like HTTP and FTP, and popular data types like HTML and XML.
  • dbPager: Generatos HTML reports from databases and text files. By OCTAVA, Inc.
  • iPerForm: A template based server-side scripting language for Windows NT. It supports ODBC, SMTP, POP3, LDAP, and Extension APIs.
  • ppC++: HTML-preprocessed C/C++ language which is adapted especially for active web pages programming. This preprocessor lets write server-side programs in C++ inside HTML code.
  • Server Side Scripting Tutorials: Articles and tutorials on HTML, ASP, JavaScript, PHP. Newsletters, books, website guides.

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