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  • A list of open-source HTTP proxies written in Python: The function of this page is to make this searching and comparison process easier for Python programmers.
  • ASPN Python Modules: ActiveState Open Source Programming tools for Perl Python XML xslt scripting with free trials. Quality development tools for programmers systems administrators database administrators network administrators and webmasters
  • ASPy - Active Server Python: A server-side HTML embedded scripting language, written in Java and JPython (tested on Apache-Jserv). It is useful for generating dynamic web pages, and rapid prototyping of web applications.
  • ASV for Python: A platform independent Python module to input, manipulate and output 'simple' database storage file formats such as CSV (Comma Seperated Value) and TSV (Tab Separated Value). Site also includes examples for using the module.
  • Albatross: A toolkit for stateful web applications. [Open Source, BSD-like; commercially supported]
  • Aquarium Website Framework: Aquarium is a Web site framework written in Python. Its goal is to allow Web engineers to develop Web applications quickly. To this end, it provides necessary toolkits, session management, and, most importantly, a convenient modular approach to Web application design.
  • CDDB audio CD track info access: This package allows retrieving CDDB audio CD track info access through Python. In essence, it's a combination of three modules to access the CDDB online database. The included C extension module enables it to fetch track lengths under many popular Operating Systems with easy portability.
  • CGI Link Checker: Written in Python which checks the validity of links on a HTML page on the web. It can be used online and offline. [Open source, public domain]
  • CSV importer for Python and wxPython: CSV file importer/exporter with heuristics for determining file format + optional wxPython dialog.
  • CSV module for Python: Documentation for the CSV module developed by Dave Cole. It provides a fast CSV reading module for Python, including a link to downloading the latest version.
  • Castalian: Allows Python code to be embedded in HTML pages, and also provides an approximation to the Active Server Page object model.
  • CherryPy: build standalone web applications in a lightweight manner. CherryPy is a Python-based tool for developing dynamic web sites. It uses many powerful concepts together, which makes it unique in its approach to web site development. It runs on any platform that Python runs on and it is available under the GPL license. Free for non-commercial use.
  • ComfyEdit: Script for web-based editing of static HTML files.
  • Edna - A Python-Driven MP3 Server: Edna allows you to access your MP3 collection from any networked computer. This software streams your MP3s via HTTP to any MP3 player that supports playing off a remote connection (e.g. Winamp, FreeAmp, Sonique, XMMS). Coded in Python, the server itself is quite a small script.
  • FastCGI wrapper: Use Robin Dunn's from a multi-threaded Python program. [Open Source, BSD-like]
  • GD wrapper module: This module is a python wrapper for the GD library (version 1.8.3 and up) It is distributed for free under a BSD-style license.
  • Gary Strangman's Python Modules: Contains several general and one specialized python modules that were generated for the purpose of being useful to other python users. The modules here mainly protain to statistical analysis and input/output handling.
  • Jon's Python modules: Simple yet powerful multi-threaded object-oriented CGI/FastCGI/mod_python/html-templating modules for Python. [Open Source, MIT license]
  • Karrigell: A fully Python based webserver. Use pages written in a mixture of Python and HTML while being platform independant. [Open source, GPL]
  • Naja: Download manager HTTP, FTP, Website grabber, newsreader, FTP client, WebDAV Client (Windows, Linux, MacOS X)[Freeware]
  • Nathan Gray's Python Modules: Many useful python modules can be found on this page. Examples include the author's pythonstartup file for interactive Python sessions, and deep reload to reload a whole project instead of each file individually.
  • PMZ - Poor Man's Zope: A wrapper for HTML embedded Python.
  • PyApache Recommended Python Modules: This site includes modules that to interface with server databases and image libraries through the use of Python.
  • PyWX: Python for AOLserver: PyWX is a plug-in for the open source Web server AOLserver that embeds a Python interpreter within the AOLserver process. This allows AOLserver to execute Python scripts in response to HTTP requests in a variety of ways.
  • Python Web Frameworks Overview: Discusses the various frameworks available for building web applications in Python.
  • Python Web Modules: A suite of simple and easy to use Python components for writing data driven websites. Included are SQL database drivers, templating tools and error, form and session handling modules. Full documentation, examples and a beginner's guide are available.
  • Quixote: A framework for developing Web applications in Python. [Open Source, Python license]
  • Ramu's Python Modules: This page includes two modules: one for simplifying CGI Programming easier with Python, and the other for Generating Dynamic Documents from Templates for Python.
  • Rob Hooft's Python Modules: The modules presented on this page are those that the author felt were most generally applicable to python users, out of those that he contributed for the Bruker Nonius KappaCCD.
  • Simple Python Server Page (SPSP): A simple server-side scripting facility which is similar to ASP/JSP/PHP, and which uses Python as the scripting language. sPSP allows you to easily create dynamic content and implement Web-applications.
  • SkunkWeb Python Web Application Server: An open source, easily extensible, high performance application server, written in Python.
  • Spyce: Server Python Pages is an Apache module that supports simple and efficient Python-based dynamic HTML scripting. [Open Source, OSI-approved]
  • The form module: An (incompatible) alternative to the CGI module from the standard Python distribution. [Open Source, GPL]
  • WMS: WiLM's MP3 Server: A lean streaming MP3 server written in Python. [Open source, GPL]
  • WebWare for Python: A suite of software components for developing object-oriented, web-based applications. [Open Source, Python license]
  • Welman: The web external link manager makes evident the external links embedded in the pages of a web site by inserting of a marker image just after the link text. The program can also check the status of each external link and set two different markers selected by the user: one for ok status and one for broken status. [Freeware]
  • mxBase package extensions for Python: The mx Extensions for Python are a collection of professional quality Python software tools which enhance Python's usability in many important areas such as ODBC database connectivity, fast text processing, date/time processing and web site programming.
  • xmlSiteMaker: XML/XSLT based tool for offline HTML site generation, written in Python.


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