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  • ACM Special Interest Group for Operating Systems: Tutorial for writing an operating system and links to `group` members' projects.
  • Ace Operating System Project: An open source operating system for X86 architecture. It also contains documents, specifications explaning various hardware.
  • Bona Fide OS Development: OS development information and tutorials. Links.
  • Bootstrap Tutorial: How to write a bootstrapper.
  • CS 3210 Design of Operating Systems: A course in operating systems with a focus on the design and construction of a modern OS kernel.
  • Cottontail OS Development Library: Old non-updated mirror online library covering a plethora of OS development topics. Datasheets, tutorials, reference manuals and hardware programming information.
  • DBLP Bibliography: Operating Systems: Links to many operating systems journals on the web.
  • DXOS: Developed by Richard Hayden, also containing information on low-level systems and operating system programming, forums.
  • Groovyweb: Operating system programming: An open source os written in Turbo C (for DOS/ windows) and nasm (Windows/Dos/Linux) as well as two exclusive tutorials on how to write an operating system.
  • Home Page of LA Sewell: Bootsi - a simple program (Windows) write a bootsector to a floppy disk; - a floppy disk image for use with Bochs a PC emulator, contains a bootsector written by John Fine which loads a program called LOADER.BIN (also on the image), and also contains the original source code and documentation for said bootsector.
  • Inter-Process Communication Tutorial: Interactive tutorial about message passing, semaphores, and monitors.
  • Introduction to Operating Systems and Systems Programming: Course details and material.
  • JOSH - Operating Systems Development Tutorial: Tutorial on operating system development leading to the development of a real mode single tasking operating system developed in assembler.
  • KernelCode: News and reviews of kernels.
  • Resources for programmers new to kernel hacking. Example code, FAQs, utilities for debugging modules.
  • LusitanOS: Open source operating system, planned to be an OS entirely made by Portuguese people and built mainly as a way of self-learning and research on operating systems development. [Open source]
  • OSDEV Community: A web portal dedicated to operating system development, attracting programmers into an advanced development environment.
  • Operating System Index: A list of educational and experimental operating systems aiming to help developers who are looking for code examples.
  • Operating System Lecture Notes: Notes on operating system theory, source code of describing actual construction of operating system in C programming language. Also OS construction related links to books, notes, tutorials, and news groups.
  • Operating Systems and System Software: Contains sources of a minimal kernel, a new CPU scheduler for Linux, multithreading in Linux, systems software in DOS and collection of good reference material for OS lovers.
  • The OSKit Project: An open source set of libraries that can be used as building blocks for an operating system for x86. Includes documentation and publications.
  • The Operating System Developers Homepage: Index of operating systems and links to resources for programmers.
  • The Operating Systems Resource Center: Extensive information about booting, file systems, memory, architecture, and interfacing with other devices.
  • Therx OS Development Library: A site containing archived documents relating to the programming of Operating Systems.
  • Tony Macs Programming Pages: Focuses on x86 programming and includes links to other good sites, including MenuetOS. Collection of OS screenshots.
  • Triada: Ukrainiann Operating System. OS sources, toolkit downloads. OS development related articles.
  • Triple Fault Club: Information on writing your own operating system, protected mode, and small independent OS projects with freely-available source code.
  • Tuomo Kortesmaa: Notes and example code for basic operating systems concepts, threads, sockets, and device drivers.
  • Virtual Memory Tutorial: Extensive discussion of virtual memory.
  • WJS Home Page: Memory allocation and multitasking algorithms. Programming Interrupts for DOS (docs and examples). Devices programming (PIC, PIT, FDC, IDE, KEYBOARD) source code and links. Utilities.
  • Write Your Own Operating System [FAQ]: The Hobbyist guide to writing your own operating system from the ground up, Question and Answer style on everything from PMode to filesystems to GCC and doing it in C++.
  • Xosdev OS Development Central: Directory of OS development related resources.
  • Yet Another Object Oriented Operating System: A project of developing new object oriented operating system.

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