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  • ABI- Software Development: Security software development and consulting, with a range of products including a cryptographic development kit and award winning encryption software.
  • AWAY32: Encryption with viewer and digital signature that keeps pictures, data, and text private.
  • Aliroo: Developer of enterprise information security and content assurance management solutions using encryption and digital signatures.
  • ArticSoft: Signing and encryption software for web pages, documents and files.
  • CHAOS' doors: CHAOS' doors can compress the files and folders before encrypting them, giving additional security to your information.
  • CipherPack: CipherPack compresses and enciphers files using industrial strength cryptographic techniques and then 'packs' them with the decompression and deciphering code. Use as a standalone utility or anti-piracy software.
  • Cryptomathic File2File: An easy-to-use password based file encryption solution for the Windows platform. It is free for private use.
  • Cryptosystem ME6: Windows program for the encryption and decryption of multiple files in multiple folders using a symmetric key encryption method. Product specifications, screenshots, user manual, and demo download.
  • DRM Networks, LLC: Providing solutions for online digital rights management across multi-platform networks. Allows content owners to securely package digital files for distribution, by encrypting the content with a key.
  • Ecoded provide free software for personal data protection. is the home of EC3 - the UKs most secure free encryption software.
  • Encryption Protection: Encryption Protection is advanced software for file, folder, and email encryption. Features include file shredder for complete deletion from PC and special command line controls.
  • File Locker: Software that allows users to lock access to files on their system, also offer encryption and decryption of non-binary files. [Windows]
  • Invisible Secrets: Encrypts and hides data, destroy Internet traces, shred files, make secure IP to IP password transfer and even lock any application on the computer.
  • Kfilecoder - KDE file encryption on Linux: Kfilecoder is a file encryption utility with compression ( bzip or gzip compression ). It use the PC1 algorithm with 128-bit keys. One random key per file in the archive. Source code in C++ for Linux/KDE can be download freely.
  • Kremlin Encryption Suite: Easy to use and secure encryption and file deletion with free evaluation version.
  • LexiGuard: File protection software that supports most common encryption algorithms. Can generate own keys and certificates or import them from other PKI vendors. Includes emergency key recovery facilities. [Windows]
  • Mathematical Modeling, Inc.: Dynacrypt Version 2.0 allows you to encrypt files, directories, and words, sentences or text in files or word processors at maximum encryption strength.
  • Meganet Corporation: Offering data security solutions by unbreakable encryption using Virtual Matrix Encryption, Meganet's client-focused products base for laptop, desktop, and corporate privacy including VME2000, VMEmail, Fast Encryption Software Developer Kit and VME Secure web tools.
  • Midwest Technical Associates: Strong 2048-bit FileLock encryption software for files. MailLock for strong email encryption and the free online HotLock 128-bit message encrytpion utility.
  • Miraxus Microsystems: Greatcrypt strong file encryption tool. Product specifications, screenshots, FAQs, and downloads.
  • Nscrypt: File encryption utility, integrates with Windows explorer interface. [Windows, Freeware]
  • OfficeLock: Application-Based Data Encryption.
  • OmniSecure: Produces file level protection products for web servers and file servers using our patented Virtual Private Disk Technology.
  • PowerKey: Encryption toolkit designed to protect sensitive data. Features secure deletion (Wipe) option to avoid restoration of sensitive data. Product specifications, FAQs, and downloads.
  • RS-Computer: Disk Crypt encryption "on the fly" creates a virtual disk on your system (cryptdisk). (Keyfile) and a highly secure passphrase process.
  • SecretAgent: File encryption utility, supporting cross-platform interoperability over a wide range of Windows and UNIX based systems.
  • SecureAction Research: Encryption software for Windows, encrypt files, e-mail text messages, sfx files, providing encryption from command line.
  • Smash!: Smash! is an encryption and decryption utility, with file wiping and government-approved cryptography.
  • SubRosa Utilities: Downloadable file encryption/decryption utility and secure deletion application for Windows and Macintosh.
  • The OTP Scrambler: An encryption utility based on the uncrackable one-time pad method. Its unique feature is the ability to generate large truly random keys from analog noise in the circuits of your sound card. Source included with registered copy.
  • Vigilant Corporation: Vigilant file encryption and digital signature privacy software uses X509 PKI. Software descriptions, screenshots, FAQs, demo download, pricing, and contact details.
  • Zephra: An easy-to-install, convenient-to-use solution to the challenge of securing, sharing and managing corporate information.
  • xTy Technology: File encryption software tools. Downloadable evaluation copies and product details.


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