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See Also:

  • AT&T Research Labs: Our Next-Generation TTS converts machine-readable English text into audible speech. We also collaborate on Visual TTS, the synchronization of an animated face with synthesized speech.
  • Auspice, Inc.: A TLX overview. Solutions to the many varied aspects of communications service provision.
  • Boldon James: Developers of innovative communications software, specializing in secure messaging, directories and legacy systems integration.
  • CTI: Screen Pop your client record card via incoming CLI information from your TAPI compliant phone system or modem.
  • CTI Communications: Manufacturer of computer software specifically oriented toward secure TCP/IP or 3780 BSC electronic mailboxing store-and-forward file transfer applications.
  • Caller ID for Computers: Sells software to act as a caller ID system for telephone calls. Includes details and contacts.
  • ComForte GmbH: TANDEM terminal based application access
  • Counterpoint Systems Foundry: Suppliers of IrDA infrared software for the PC, PDA, digital cameras, and cellular telephones.
  • CypherCalc - the Cryptographer's Calculator: a full-featured, programmable calculator designed for multi precision integer arithmetic. You can use CypherCalc to perform "big number" math operations such as exponentiation, modular multiplication, and Montgomery products.
  • Edith: Monitor designed to handle file transfer, multiple protocols, simultaneous multiple transfers, and multiple networks.
  • Ericom Software: Ericom is the developer of the PowerTerm series of terminal emulation products. These products guaranty reliable pc-to-host connectivity and support a full line of emulation types, including IBM (TN3270E, 3270, 3278), Digital (VT520, VT420,VT320,VT220), Wyse and General Data.
  • FacetCorp: FacetTerm for UNIX productivity and FacetWin for terminal emulation and Windows to UNIX connectivity. FacetWin provides file and print services, terminal emulation, modem pool services, and PC Backup using the CIFS protocol rather than NFS.
  • Farabi Technology Middle East: Develops desktop connectivity solutions for mainframe and midrange- computer markets. A software provider in Web-enabling corporate hosts over the Internet, intranet and extranets.
  • FreeComms: Free sms,fax,mobile phone ringtones, mobile phone and general comms software.
  • Giant Technologies UK: MELIA - Microsoft Exchange License Import Agent - allows administrators to control their corporate e-mail systems.
  • Guangzhou Qiao Hua Electrical Co., Ltd: Specialising in manufacturing quality private line interphone,two way intercom doorbell,wired doorbell, controlled doorbell, indoor and outdoor antenna and lantern.
  • ICOM Informatics: Telecommunication software publisher enabling micro-computers to communicate with IBM, Bull, Dec/Unix mainframes. ICOM Informatics offers a complete range of toolsand products for accessing IBM mainframe data via a corporate network, intranet, extranet or the Internet.ICOM Informatics provides Web and PC-to-mainframe software solutions that meet the requirements of corporate network users.
  • IdentaFone Caller ID Software: Features audio announcements, blocking, and notification by pager and email.
  • Interactive Intelligence: Software communications solutions to enterprises, contact centers, and other organizations. Products designed for SIP-enabled IP telephony and IP PBX as well as traditional TDM solutions.
  • Interactive Sales Solutions, Inc.: Provides interactive voice response (IVR) data collection systems and services tailored to the sales, merchandising, and survey industries.
  • LAN Messenger: Instant LAN messaging for the office - communications and management applications and software.
  • Lark series 10: provides the UMS(Unified Messaging System) service which is capable of transmitting and receiving various messages coming from traditional voice message or other media, as E-mail or FAX. Subscribers check E-mail in the form of voice or FAX by passing a password via dial tone (DTMF). Lark series 10 supports TTS(Text-To-Speech), TTF(Text-To-FAX), ASR(Automatic Speech Recognition), LDAP, and VPIM(Voice Profile for Internet Mail). Home page in Korean, follow links for English.
  • Metropolis Technologies, Inc.: Call Accounting software for hotels and businesses running Windows 95/98/NT.
  • Microcall: Call Accounting and Telemanagement software for business telephone systems.
  • Modem Diagnostics for Win95/98/3.1 Dos: Shareware distribution point for Modem Doctor modem diagnostics and many hard-to-find items related to modems and serial ports including configuration and troubleshooting
  • MultiSource Software Solutions: Work faster more efficiently, use the power and versatility of DataCom 2000 integrated & interactive contact manager, Fax & PIM, 19 key modules.
  • NetSupport Inc.: Home of the remote control software, NetSupport Manager. Runs on Dos. Win3x, Win95/98, WinNT 4.0/5.0, OS/2, Alpha. Also runs over LAN, WAN and Internet.
  • Note: Network collaboration and conference system for Apple Macintosh computers on an AppleTalk network.
  • OFTP : The Odette file transfer: This web site provides general information about Odette's communications work
  • OUI, the Offline Usenet Interface: Full featured e-mail and news reader in one program. Superior threading of all messages, kill files, selective downloading by key words, and multi-part downloading.
  • P&G Associates: Develops software for business communications and databases. Message Director Systems provide Fax, Telex, Email & Comtext software for Banking, Shipping and Oil companies.
  • PCS On-line Remote Control Software: The home of NetSupport Manager Remote Control software. Remote Control from within a Web Browser, Full Audio VoiP support, Multimedia, Software Distribution, and Hardware and Software Inventory. Free Download.
  • Pacific Amtel Communications: Amtel, Data Mate Hardware Systems, and Pigeon Software intra-office call announcing solutions.
  • Painter Engineering, Inc.: PEI provides a range of software services for developing and testing networking and data communications software for x.25 and tcp/ip.
  • Persoft, Inc.: Persoft develops software that provides connectivity, offering two product lines designed to help control total cost of ownership. SmarTerm provides PC-to-host connectivity with advanced customization, productivity, and management tools; Persona provides Web-to-host connectivity with high-level data security options, simplified access, and centralized administration
  • Praya: Provides one window for all messages, protocols included are DICT, IRC, gale, Maildir, a timer, and Yahoo! Pager.
  • ROI: Communications software for the AS/400, and offers "ROI Sockets" as a means for legacy programmers to use TCP/IP sockets without communications programming. Using conventional data queues, any AS/400 language can now send and receive though sockets. All configurations of sockets are supported, including TCP, UDP, client, and server. Talk to NT, AIX, UNIX, Linux, Weenix, and OS/2. Combine that with 24x7 support and 38 included protocols for the best sockets solution.
  • Remote Control Software Locator: Find Remote Control Software vendors around the globe
  • SDD Systems: AS400 & NT call accounting software and hospitality industry telemanagement systems
  • SHF Computers LTD: Software consulting, development and testing for communications, real-time and other systems in various development environments.
  • SHiFT Interactive Communications: Specializes in the development of high-bandwidth audio-visual interactive software applications for hard drive, CD-ROM and touchscreen based kiosks/SSTs.
  • SSi: Service Strategies, Inc.: Email and messaging software that support the IBM AS400 and a variety of Internet and LAN based standards. AS400 email software products range from basic green screen email to a comprehensive suite of email integration products.
  • Saanlo Mobile Phone Book Manager: Connects GSM compatible mobile telephones to PCs and manages a phonebook, save phone numbers on the PC or import them on a new mobile, and compose SMS.
  • Satmaster Satellite: Satellite link budget, antenna aiming and solar outage software.
  • SeeTech: A coroprate web site for SeeTech a software house based in Plymouth, England. We produce products and services for the mobile data market place.
  • Serengeti Systems Incorporated: Serengeti manufactures PC-Host connectivity and communications products. Products include: 3270Link - PC-Host 3270 Emulation (New!) 3770Link = 3770 SNA/RJE Emulation 3780Link - 3780/2780 RJE Emulation BSCLIB - Bisync Developer's Toolkit BatchFile - Async File Transfer (Available Soon).
  • Sewell Development Corporation: We develop and sell FastLynx, the award-winning file transfer program. FastLynx 3.0, for Windows 95/98 and NT, is now available.
  • SmartUnit: Real-time on-site call accounting and telephone billing system. Microsoft NT Server, SQL Server base. Design for medium to large organization, such as university, hospital and government agency.
  • Smith Micro Software, Inc.: Designs, develops and sells software products which enable data, fax and voice communication.
  • SoftLIST - Personal Information Manager: Maintain and publish company directories for 20 to 50,000 employees with this explosive software. Create publication quality phonebooks with our powerful report features. SoftList, is also your daily desktop tool that finds contacts by name, function or any criteria within seconds with its advanced ISB (interactive search box).
  • SoftLink: Develops file transfer technology and solutions for distributed heterogeneous environments, operating across UNIX, Windows NT, Windows 95, and OpenVMS platforms.
  • Sort Code and Account Number Validation Systems: Designed for AS/400 (iSeries) mid range systems, offering both an application interface (API) and stand alone.
  • SpartaCom: Internet Sharing Software, MPNT (Modem Pooling for Windows NT/2000), MPWS (for WinFrame Server), MPTS (for Terminal Server), ACCTROL (Accounting and Control Software), SAPS (Asychronous Port Sharing) and Cryptogram (Data Encryption Software).
  • SpeedLane: Designed to increase you Internet surfing speed -- not a shareware product.
  • Step 9 Software Corporation: Provider of operational support systems (OSS) and web-enabled, pre-integrated carrier, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for emerging telecommunications carriers.
  • Sunny Beach Technology, Inc.: Makers of Personal Receptionist, interactive voice telephony software for voice modems or telephony cards. The software uses touch tone and speech recognition and text-to-speech generation to interact with callers.
  • Synergy Software Technologies, Inc.: Synergy internet messaging systems and TCP/IP network middleware in ActiveX and WinSock formats.
  • System Development Company of NH: Developer of IntelliDESK, a PC-based intelligent attendant console. IntelliDESK provides Directory, Messaging, Paging, On-Call, Emergency Procedures, and Faxing.
  • TAL Technologies: Software company specializing in serial data acquisition, instrument control, communications and bar code software products. Products include Serial I/O driver, Serial communications software and TCP/IP communications software.
  • TBT/400: A communications platform providing for all transfers directly from IBM AS/400 hosts.
  • TEDAS: German VoIP solution provider
  • TGL Microsystems: Develops terminal emulator applications for the Win32 platform. Com 7.0 is currently offered for download, also offer client/server database consulting and programming.
  • Talking Technologies: Software for voice recognition and text-to-speech. Information about this software and its uses at home or at work, and includes sections on microphones, technical support, dyslexia, disability, along with free downloads.
  • TeleManagement Technologies, Inc.: Provides web enabled Call Accounting Software (WinCall) and Telecom Bill Tracking software (WinBill) to control your complete telecommunications operation.
  • Telelogic: Offers software development solutions for the communications industry. The comprehensive tool solution, Telelogic Tau, comprises products for analysis, design and testing of event-driven, real-time applications. Supported by a range of related services, divided into four main groups: Development Management, Prototyping, Training and Implementation Services.
  • Telemikro Telecomunicações Avançadas: Brazilian provider of communications products and services. Site in Portuguese and some English.
  • TriVium Systems: Offers an assortment of first-rate PC-based call accounting solutions. Download a free trial.
  • USDM: Universal RS232 data protocol analyzer is a Windows PC based RS232 serial data protocol analysis software application designed for technicians and engineers. Designed to display and record high speed serial data using the PC serial port(s).
  • Ultimate!: Call Accounting Software - Computer Telephony & Telecommunications Software - Ultimate Software Products specializes in the development of software to unite the power of a PC to your Telephone system.
  • VyPRESS Research Homepage: Software for direct instant messaging and chatting in LAN (instead WinPopup), intranet and Internet. Powerful and easy to use.
  • WRQ Reflection Software: WRQ Reflection provides web-enabled host access solutions that connect people inside and outside the enterprise to IBM, HP, UNIX, Digital and X systems.
  • Wireless Applications Corp.: Telecommunications software and engineering consulting.
  • Wisconsin Wireless Communications: Crytycal Services Management is a provider of software and service solutions for proactive secured remote monitoring and maintenance of voice, data and network products.
  • eWeek: Messaging and Collaboration: Articles on RSS, blogs, e-mail, and other interactive software.

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