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  • The VIM (Vi IMproved) Home Page: Perhaps the most popular vi clone. First reference point for VIM information: versions, documentation, and development.
  • Adrian's VIM Page: Brief description of advantages of using VIM text editor. Included are links to other reference pages, latest syntax files I maintain for VIM, and VIM tips and tricks.
  • An Introduction to Display Editing with Vi: An excellent paper written by the author of vi, Bill Joy
  • BSD ex/vi 3.7 ported to modern Unix systems: The original vi source code, with a few necessary modernizations.
  • BVI - Binary Visual editor: The bvi editor is a display-oriented editor for binary files, based on the vi text editor.
  • Cream: Cream is an easy-to-use configuration of the powerful, free, and famous Vim text editor for both Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux.
  • Dominique Vim Resources: Syntax files and Vim tool for Internet Explorer.
  • Dr Chip's Vim Page: Contains C and VimL code which helps editing with the ViM editor, including hints generation, text alignment, color schemes, network read/write, and spell checking.
  • Emacs for Vi users: Basic equivalent emacs editor commands and operations for users of the vi editor.
  • Intellisense for Vim: This site provides intellisense (Code Insight, Autocompletion) features for Vim.
  • Lemmy - vi clone for Win95 & NT: A vi clone which is nicely integrated with Windows. Created by James Iuliano and owned now by Software Online, Lemmy is a US$20 shareware editor.
  • LinuxLinks - Editors - Vi: Interesting tips about Vi on the web [in Czech]
  • Mastering the VI Editor: A getting started guide for vi users.
  • Nvi: The Berkeley Vi (NVI) editor Home Page.
  • Parth's VIM Page: Vim syntax files for Itanium (IA-64) processor assemblers.
  • T-Ref: VIm-reference formatted to be put onto a T-Shirt.
  • TVO: The Vim Outliner: TVO turns Vim into a full-featured text outliner. It has a menu, key mappings and a toolbar that mimic Microsoft Word's outline support. Included are scripts that produce HTML, Perl POD, and RTF.
  • The Cult of vi: A page of vi advocacy, links to other vi sites and an HTML version of Maarten Litmaath's very complete vi reference.
  • The Elvis Text Editor Homepage: The homepage of a popular vi clone available on many operating systems.
  • The VI Lover's Page: Mostly links plus brief info. Good overview covering: history, versions of vi, manuals, FAQs and other sites of interest.
  • The ViPowered!: Logo to use on web sites that are written and maintained with Vi.
  • The Vim commands cheat sheet: A list of the most often used keys and commands in Vim. The cheat sheet covers tasks such as inserting and deleting text, searching and replacing, and editing blocks of text.
  • The vi/ex Editor Tutorial: Advanced tutorial for the vi/ex editor written by Walter A. Zintz first published in Unix World magazine.
  • VI Tutorial: A good vi tutorial and user guide aimed at engineering students.
  • VIM Development: Like some of the world's best software, vim has its own development community.
  • Vi Editor FAQ: Information, tips, and tricks for learning and using vi.
  • Vi Quick Reference: Nicely formatted for printing single page quick reference sheet for common vi commands.
  • Vim 5.6 Reference Guide: Guide for Vim available in PDF format.
  • Vim Cookbook: It contains short recipes for doing many simple and not so simple things in Vim. You should already know the basics of Vim, although each command is explained in detail.
  • Vim and LaTeX: Environment for editing LaTeX in Vim. Huge set of menus and shortcuts. Improved syntax, compiler and ftplugin files.Recognition of \usepackage commands.
  • Vim as XML Editor: If Vim is your main text editor, and if you do a lot of XML editing, then this mini howto might help you to make that even more fun.
  • Vim macro page - homepage of Jos Van Riswick: Lots of vim macros
  • Vim on OpenVMS: Vim on OpenVMS - executables for Alpha and VAX environment.
  • WinVI: Information on WinVI, including the changelog.
  • WinVi: Free Notepad replacement highly compatible with the Vi editor issued under the GPL license.
  • ncr's vim page: Vim scripts and tips.
  • vi Reference: An expanded version of Maarten Litmaath's vi Reference. More ex commands and more examples.
  • vim online: Resources, tips and news for the Vim community.

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