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  • ASPSeek: Indexes as many as a few million URLs and searches for words and phrases. Uses wildcards and Boolean operators. SWSoft released ASPSeek under the GNU GPL.
  • ALISE: A compact index server optimized for speed and ease of setup. Commercial product for Windows NT.
  • ASTAware SearchKey PRO: Indexing, search and retrieval of data residing on Internet and intranet servers, with support for multiple file formats and european languages. Together with ASTAware SearchDisc, offers a comprehensive solution for simultaneous online and CD searching.
  • Atrise Everyfind: Design a search engine for your web site, intranet, CD, DVD or any portable documentation.
  • CNIDR Isearch: Free software for searching large amounts of text.
  • CNSearch Pro: Indexes .mp3, .html, .doc, .rtf, .xls, .txt. Provides full-text indexing, highlighted quotations in search results, accumulates statistics.
  • CareerCast: Develops web-based job and resume search software for career, newspaper and employer sites.
  • Cenozoa: Provides search and recommendation engine services to e-commerce companies who want to offer the use of these tools on their existing websites.
  • Datalink linkSearch search engine software: linkSearch is search engine software capable of indexing pdf-, office-, html- and flash-documents. Handles dynamic and static sites, intranets, local nets and is very easy to deploy.
  • Dieselpoint, Inc.: Search software in 100% Java (J2EE) with parametric, natural language and full-text search capabilities.
  • Emerge: NCSA Information Technologies' effort to build a new search infrastructure that addresses issues of scale and heterogeneity.
  • F3DSearch: Software to make topic-specific searches by creating and maintaining a hybrid search engine-directory with a link-indexer.
  • Fast: Search and personalization software optimised for multimedia.
  • Findmaan: A search engine developed on MySQL and PHP, and distributed under the GPL.
  • Fluid Dynamics Search Engine: Written in Perl. Online-manageable with a web browser.
  • Google Search Solutions: Hosted search options and a search hardware product.
  • HITS web search: Jon Kleinberg's method of searching the Web. Links to the Cornell researcher's extensive online publications list.
  • Harvest: Free GPL-licensed distributed search system to collect files of many different formats and make the information searchable using a web interface
  • Hosted Site Search: FusionBot search engine, a remotely hosted search service.
  • IB 2.0 WebCat: IB 2.0 is the commercial "big brother" of the public Isearch package.
  • IBM Intelligent Miner: Identifies and extracts business intelligence from your data assets.
  • InTEXT WebSearch: Windows/Unix server search engine, includes natural-language querying and document summarization.
  • Infoglide Software: Similarity Search Engine finds similarities and relationships between data in databases.
  • Inktomi Search Engine: Service provides searching in hosted clusters for specific domains and web sites.
  • Innerprise: Scalable search engine software for corporate web sites and intranets.
  • Java Search Engine: Search engine written in Java supports XML, XSLT and EJB.
  • Kscripts Web Site Indexer Search: Perl script indexes and allows Boolean searching. Suitable for indexing up to approximately 4,000 pages.
  • LinkSearch: Search engine that makes use of hypertext links and paths to provide rankings. Open source project under the GPL.
  • Macurious Spider Search Engine: A tool to build search engines on web sites.
  • Managing Gigabytes: Book about indexing techniques and a software package that implements the algorithms.
  • Mercator Web Crawler: Extensible web crawler was rolled into AltaVista Enterprise Search.
  • Mnogosearch indexer/search: A free search spider, indexer and search front end for large-scale web sites. Databases supported include MySQL, Oracle8, MSSQL and PGSQL. Can also index newsgroups and remote sites.
  • Mondosoft Site Search and Behavior Tracking: Site search and reporting for web environments. Provides hosted site search software for both web sites and intranets.
  • Namazu: a Full-Text Search Engine: Namazu is a full-text search system. Not only does it work as a small or medium scale web search engine, but also as a personal search system for email or other files.
  • Open Objects Software: Open Objects Software is the UK integrator for Inktomi Search Software.
  • Panoptic: Enterprise Search Engine: Enterprise search engine with advanced text and metadata capabilities.
  • Perlfect Search: Free web site indexer and search engine suite. Includes automatic installation tool, meta tag searching, paginated results, relevance ranking and keyword weighting.
  • Portal Juice: Provides backend search engine services to micro and vertical niche market portals.
  • Provides audio and Internet-based locator software services for banks, restaurants, retail outlets, and manufacturers.
  • S.L.I. Systems Learning Search System: A scalable search that learns from your users and adapts, provides search suggestions, and extensive reporting.
  • SWISH++: Unix-based file indexing and searching engine based on SWISH-E. SWISH++ is a complete rewrite developed to circumvent difficulties with the SWISH-E package.
  • SWISH-E: Search engine for Unix and Windows NT that handles meta tags. Free and open-source under the GNU public license.
  • Search Engine: Perl-based software that allows visitors to search your site.
  • Simiax: Provides tools to build and maintain portals.
  • Suntek Chinese Search Engine: Chinese and English search engine for web sites and intranets. Available for embedding on CDs. Chinese-enabled content management system supports full text and field search in addition to workflow and publication management.
  • TeraText Database System: Text management product for storing, indexing, retrieving and delivering documents or XML records (stored natively).
  • The Clever Project: Incorporates several algorithms that make use of hyperlink structure for discovering information on the Web.
  • The mp3Spider: This program searches SMB/CIFS shares of all available machines in the given domain recursively, for files ending with .mp3. The program is based on Norbert's jCifs client.
  • Thunderstone: Provides SQL-based relational full-text retrieval, dynamic publishing, object management, and web-indexing software.
  • TxSearch: Database indexing and searching. Integrates with IIS and Apache and supports ASP and PHP.
  • Ultra Search: Provides uniform search-and-locate capabilities over multiple repositories, multiple Oracle databases, IMAP mail servers, HTML documents on a web server, or files on disk.
  • Verticrawl: An Internet search engine and bot that craws web sites and intranets for multiple-format indexing.
  • Vicinity: Commercial service allows you to provide maps and directions.
  • VirTime Everywhere Search: Search software for sites and software help systems. Runs locally.
  • Voltix: A J2EE-based enterprise search solution. It can search through both structured and unstructured content including relational databases.
  • WebGlimpse: Finds information in a related web of pages. Collects and indexes pages based on traversal of links or subdirectories. Create a context-sensitive search by category by linking to relevant pages.
  • Webinator: Web walking and indexing package to create a retrieval interface to collections of HTML documents. Free for up to 2,000 pages.
  • YourAmigo: Search engine that uses a server-based agent to seek all URLs on a site, including dynamic pages from databases. Includes an function to keep searches current.
  • Zoom Search Engine: Free search engine software for your web site or intranet, with documentation and no advertising or dependency on external sites.
  • dtSearch: High-volume text search works with many file types. Features include hit highlighting, natural language, fuzzy, phonic, Boolean, proximity, field, numeric range.
  • focuseek searchbox: High performance, multi platform full-text search engine, spiders web or intranet sites, or indexes data you feed to it. Easily scriptable via a SOAP/REST API. Also supports a variety of input formats.
  • freeWAIS-sf FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] with answers for freeWAIS, a text retrieval system.
  • ht://Dig: A complete indexing and searching system for a small domain or intranet. Source code provided under the GPL.
  • whatUseek intraSearch: Remotely hosted search engine. Customizable colors and graphics. Free service. Displays advertising in search results.


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