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  • Discover Games: Resource for inventors to show products to game retailers, game manufacturers and licensers. Marketing, networking, promotion, FAQ, and links.
  • 3M Games: The makers of "Post-it" notes. Includes a brief history and links.
  • After 8 Games: Australian based company that produces, markets, and distributes board games.
  • Amherst Lodge Board Games: Board games direct from leading international inventor William Maclean. Free trial versions of games, plus a collection of free games and puzzles.
  • Artmundi Design Studios: Custom designed backgammon and board games.
  • Avalon Hill: Makers of over 200 strategy board games since 1958.
  • Benz Games: Makers of board and card games. Titles include Challenge of Monthu, Peblo, and Future Tycoon. Located in Australia.
  • BoneGames: Free non-computer games. Download, print, and play.
  • Carrom Company: Official website. Current product catalog, and company information.
  • Championship Rodeo Game Company: Manufacturers of the family board game featured in the movie Thunder in Paradise II.
  • Chatham Hill Games: A developer and publisher of educational and historical board games.
  • Clash of Arms Games: English-language publisher of Tilsit Editions.
  • Columbia Games: Award-winning wooden block board games, historical card games, and fantasy role-playing products.
  • Conquering Hollywood: The movie board game about "making it" in Hollywood.
  • Darn Fun Games: Producing board and card games.
  • Davis Toys: Manufactures and distributes Easy Street, Entrepreneur, Jackpot, Pinnacle and The Rainbow Game. These games are based on the principles of business, financial and personal success.
  • Days of Wonder: American publisher of board and card games. Possibility for game owners to play their games online.
  • Decision Games: Publisher of wargames in both board and computer format, and three wargaming magazines.
  • Descartes Editeur: Publisher of French-language simulation and role-playing games in the world.
  • Doris and Frank Games: Doris Matthäus and Frank Nestel, founders of a board and card game company based in southern Germany.
  • Drumond Park: Creators of Articulate and Enigma. Offers game information and online play.
  • E.C.S. Games: Three-dimensional board games, from simple fun to sophisticated strategy.
  • Endless Games: A variety of board games for all the family.
  • Enginuity: Board and card games for the entire family. Winner of a Mensa Select award for Doubles Wild, one of the five best new games of 1999.
  • Fat Messiah Games: Maker of fantasy science fiction board games, since 1992.
  • Fiendish Board Games: Manufacturers of board games in the German style. Hosts a directory of magazines running games by post.
  • Forrest-Pruzan Creative: Inventors and designers of games and toys. Specializes in concepting and testing social entertainment products.
  • Fragminder Games: Fragminder is a publishing company, specialized in games with an educational value. Their first product is Fragmind, a single user puzzle game.
  • Fragor Games: Scottish publisher of games including Leapfrog.
  • Gameopoly: Publisher of specialty board games including The Polar Express Game. Also features Monopoly variations with animal, college, and city themes.
  • Games For All Reasons: Distributes generational board games such as Finish Line and Paired Up. Offers game information and ordering.
  • Games Play UK: A `resource` for games developers looking to expand into new markets.
  • Gamewright: Award-winning educational games that entertain, inform, and endure.
  • Genesis Design: Information about their games Euromille and Crash Masters.
  • Get Together Games: A selection of games from Hasbro.
  • Gibsons Games: Traditional board games, jigsaw puzzles and playing cards, made in London.
  • Gigamic: Publishers of abstract board games.
  • Great American Puzzle Factory: Developers of board games and puzzles.
  • HAE: Independent game designers, with a range of board games.
  • Hangman Games: A small game company dedicated to board games which are challenging, social, have lively graphics, and are, above all else, fun. Each game is individually numbered and produced in a limited run of 1,000.
  • Hans im Glück: German company producing several different titles.
  • Hasbro: A worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of toys, games, interactive software, puzzles and infant products.
  • House of Slack Games: Group of part time game creators. Includes how to play, rules, history, and purchasing details.
  • Interformic Games: Publishers of board games and supplements. Divide and conquer with "GRO: Battle for the Petri Dish", or discover "One World Dominion", an expansion for RISK.
  • Joli Quentin Kansil: Games created by Joli Quentin Kansil for his company, Xanadu Leisure.
  • Jolly Games: Produces board and card games designed by Tom Jolly, co-designer of DiskWars, creator of Wiz-War, Drakon, Knots, GOOTMU, and Programmer's Nightmare.
  • Jolly Roger Games: Design and production of games like Knights of the Dinner Table, Maul of America, and Swashbuckler.
  • Kadon Enterprises: Creators and producers of over 80 abstract strategy games and geometric puzzles since 1980.
  • Kalivas Games: Chess, checkers, backgammon, and maze sets that are portable, with boards silk-screened on canvas.
  • Krimsus Krimskrams-Kiste: German publisher of board and card games. Includes English translations of rules.
  • Laughing Gravy Games: Board games that provide a stimulating, interesting and fun mental work out.
  • Provides game descriptions and site news.
  • Locust Games: Publisher of strategy and family board and card games. The games are produced in small editions of 50 to 200 copies.
  • Lolo: Develops and publishes a range of board games.
  • London Game Company Ltd: Quality manufacturers and designers of board games in the UK.
  • Lost Horizons: A catalog of family games.
  • MacGregor Historic Games: Reproductions of historic board, dice, and card games
  • Mesomorph Games: Hand-crafted board games including Chesstique and the Piecepack game system.
  • Microgame Co-op: An internet location for people who wish to design, produce and publish their own desktop publishing microgames.
  • Multi-Man Publishing: Official developer and publisher of ASL, Bitter Woods, Up Front and other classic Avalon Hill titles.
  • Operational Studies Group Games: Publishes Napoleonic Wars board games.
  • Opoly Enterprises: Creates religion themed monopoly style games.
  • Playroom Entertainment: Develops, designs, manufactures and markets games, puzzles, and brainteasers for the toy, game, educational and gift industries.
  • Puzzle Depot: A privately-owned company specializing in puzzle software and internet marketing services for board game, novelty and other puzzle-related distributors.
  • R&R Games: Makers of fun family and adult board games, including Riddles & Riches, SOLD! and Overthrone.
  • Ragnar Brothers Games: Information, reviews and chat about the games the Ragnar Brothers have been recently playing.
  • RandomLine, Inc.: Developers of the Squiggles game series. Includes news and purchasing information.
  • Reel Genius: A movie trivia board game.
  • ReinerSpiel: Listing of games written by Reiner Knizia. Includes rules and publisher data.
  • Reveal Entertainment: Manufacturing and marketing company for family, party and educational games and products.
  • Rio Grande Games: Publisher of strategic family board and card games. Games such as Tikal, Carcassonne, Lost Cities, Lord of the Rings: the Search, and Bohnanza.
  • Sagacity Games: Australian publisher of the strategy board game Sunda to Sahul.
  • Salamander Games: A developer of board and card games in the fantasy, sci-fi and family genres.
  • Sierra Madre Games: Makers of historical and conflict-simulation games.
  • Simulations Workshop: A company dedicated to desktop publishing small board and card games, with topics not covered by mainstream game developers.
  • Spy Alley Partners: A game company located in Maple Grove, Minnesota.
  • Stage Coach Games: An independent, family-run business designing and manufacturing board games in the traditional style.
  • Stalefish Labs: A toy and game company devoted to dreaming and tinkering with new ways to have fun in a modern world. Situated in Nashville.
  • Stock Rush, Inc.: An independent publisher of a Stock Market board game that includes all the basic principles of trading used in the real world.
  • Street Smart Kids: Features The Guardians Safety Game, a board game which helps parents talk to their children about safety issues and prepares children to react correctly in potentially dangerous situations.
  • TDC Games: Creators of board games in several categories.
  • TLI Games: They has been developing and manufacturing games since 1991. Their motto is that people learn best when they're having fun.
  • Table Tactics: Creator of add-ons for popular Milton Bradley games.
  • Tailgate Racing: Includes a statement of purpose and product information.
  • Tubefun: A board game based upon London underground stations and its activities. Sells only to retailers.
  • Uberplay Entertainment: Designer of New England, Wild Life, and High Society. Includes company and contact information.
  • University Games: America's fastest-growing board game company develops products that encourage social interaction while providing fun, entertainment, and education.
  • Vera Learning Start: Develops, designs and publishes educational board games for children three to six years old, that enable easy acquisition of numeracy and literacy skills.
  • Winning Moves: A maker of classic card games, children's fun and learning games, and popular adult party games.
  • Winsome Games: Manufacturer of railroad and other board games.
  • Wunderland: Offers news archive, online games, and e-books. Titles include Fluxx, Icehouse, Aquarius, Nanofictionary, Chrononauts, Lost Identities, Cosmic Coasters, Are You a Werewolf?, and Proton.
  • daVinci Games: Board and card games publisher in Italy. Free games available for download.
  • oktabo games: Produces board games that focus on the 3Cs of gaming: creative thinking, communication and competition/cooperation.

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