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  • Pantrix Miniatures: Renowned female miniature painter Jennifer Haley, provides information and photographs of her showcase miniatures.
  • 'Eavy Metal Team Artists: Showcase of some older Games Workshop 'Eavy Metal team miniature figures. Compare today's standards to previous works.
  • Ancient Temple of Miniatures: Contains a selection of galleries of painted miniatures for tabletop games, including fantasy and science fiction genre figures.
  • Arjay's Land of the Diminutive: Features a selection of finely painted miniatures from a respected miniature artist, who also provides a painting service for collectors or wargamers alike.
  • Bart's Miniature Painting: Contains galleries of miniatures and terrain. Also the home of the Yahoo! Miniature Painter Group archive.
  • Blackmoor: Galleries of painted and converted miniatures from a selection of genres and games including a variety of out of production pieces.
  • Blaze's Corner of the Web: Offers help for those new to painting wargame miniatures. Experienced gamers may also find helpful information for painting their figures from the photographs and tutorials.
  • Caution - Wet Paint: Galleries and information on how to paint 28mm figures.
  • Celtos: Contains galleries and background information on the Celtos range of miniatures from I-Kore.
  • Cento Industries: Painted figure gallery and workshop. Features tutorials and how-to's as well as convention coverage.
  • Chest of Colors: Miniature artist Mahon's new 'official' website featuring galleries of miniatures, tutorials and tips on painting, information on his painting services and a great collection of links.
  • Cool Mini or Not: The largest publicly-submitted miniature picture gallery on the Internet. Also has a range of user contributed articles on painting and an active forum.
  • Curdled Milk: Features galleries of both painted, and work in progress pieces, as well as a selection of links.
  • Danny's Mini of the Week Gallery: Another artist who contributes figures towards the exclusive online 'Mini of the Week' event. Has both finished, and work in progress figure galleries.
  • Dave's Wargames and Miniatures Gallery: Images of the author's collection.
  • Discworld in Miniature: Information and pictures for 25/30mm scale figure collectors, but particularly those who collect figures of Discworld characters or use such figures in wargames.
  • Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic: Offers product reviews, articles, pictures, collections and step by step conversion and painting articles.
  • Dragon Miniatures: Official site of miniature painter Mayne Thiele, which includes a selection of galleries, and painting tips, as well as information on commissioned works and auctions.
  • Ed's Miniatures Gallery: Pictures of miniatures from historical and fictional - fantasy and science fiction - genres.
  • Electric Ocean: Contains miniature Painting news, tips, photography and Photoshop tutorials and galleries of past and current projects.
  • Electric Ocean: Painting news, updates and events, with art galleries and game information.
  • Elf's Corner: Felix Fernandez website with pictures and information on many races of miniature including trolls, minotaurs, elves, and orcs.
  • Elf's Corner. Miniatures: Showcase of the work of miniature artist Felix Castro, which includes figures from a selection of genres and game systems including fantasy pieces.
  • EllsWeb.Com: Learn how to paint with the painting and modelling guides, with hints, tips, how-to's along with many photos from the world's most famous painters.
  • Evelyn's dragons: Gallery that will specifically appeal to the collectors and painters of dragons.
  • Fantasy Miniatures: Professional painter Holger Schmidt's galleries showing his fantasy and science fiction miniatures.
  • Fantasy Miniatures: Comprehensive miniature gallery that focuses on Ral Partha and AD&D miniatures.
  • Hive Fleet Moloch: Painter of Warhammer 40000 figures.
  • Hot Lead Miniature Painting: Devoted to miniatures with basic and advanced painting topics and a gallery of award-winning miniatures.
  • Imaginate Miniatures: Learn all the techniques to painting miniatures, including basic painting and finishing to converting.
  • Jenova Project: Has to offer a selection of galleries of previously painted pieces, as well as tips and tutorials on miniature painting and a painting service.
  • Kevin Dallimore Online: Personal site of Foundry's head painter and developer of the painting style now adopted by Foundry, Kevin Dallimore. Features extensive galleries from Ancient to science-fiction, through interests such as Renaissance and Victorian-era to Dr Who and LoTR.
  • Knight Quest: A German BloodBowl feature site which includes galleries, information and a league.
  • L'Antre de Khorne - Khorne's Lair: Everything you want to know about Chaos in Warhammer Fantasy Battle including galleries, articles, tips on gaming and modelling. Editor Note: Site in French
  • Mad McGobbo's Brushworks: Online web portfolio of painted wargame miniatures.
  • McCragge Painting Studio's: Galleries of painted miniatures divided by manufacturer as well as a forum.
  • Mini Madness: Showcase of miniature figurines, with guest gallery features and links to other galleries and related sites.
  • MiniVault: Showcase site of eight time Golden Daemon winner, Thomas Schadle. Also offers articles and modelling hints and tips.
  • Miniature Domain: Step by step guides to painting and converting minatures and building houses for Warhammer and Mordheim
  • Miniature Matters: Dedicated to the hobby of miniature painting and gaming, mainly in the 25-28mm scale.
  • Miniature Painting and Modelling Guide: A step-by-step guide to painting miniatures, building scenery, and converting miniatures.
  • Miniature Store: Painted gallery that is focused primarily on games and miniatures from Games Workshop and Rackham - some miniatures are available for sale.
  • Miniature Web Planet: Contains miniature galleries and a varied selection of categorised links catered to painting, buying miniatures, magazines and terrain.
  • Miniature-Art: Gallery and hobby `resource` of multiple award winning modeller Bobby Wong.
  • Dedicated to the hobby of painting miniatures made of pewter, resin or other casting materials.
  • Minutiae: Official site of the Mini-A-Week project, and along with guides on painting, has galleries of conversions, original sculpts, and finished painted miniatures.
  • New Dimension Studios: Two galleries of various 25-54mm miniatures including models from Games Workshop and Rackham.
  • Nocturne: Salamanders and more in these galleries from the brush of renowned miniature artist - Dan Byers.
  • Painting 101: Miniature Soldiers: Tips on how to paint military miniatures from a painter and wargamer, Jeff Jonas.
  • Painting FAQ: An extremely detailed FAQ for painting miniatures in any scale.
  • Painting Place: Contains galleries, articles and links on a selection of miniatures from various genres.
  • Pasi's Miniature Gallery: Has a selection of galleries and scenes of miniatures along with miniature's painted for the 'Mini a Week' event.
  • Pewter Miniature Paint Shoppe: Has a selection of guides, galleries and tips to help you get started in miniature painting.
  • Ratkis: A miniature gallery for collectors of 25-30mm wargaming figures. Historical, fantasy and Warhammer.
  • Rick's Mini Painting: Instructions and tips on painting miniatures, along with various galleries of finished figures.
  • Schild en Vriend: Miniature Wargaming Club Leuven's painting techniques and terms guide.
  • Scott's Painting Tips: Scott Paul's painting page, with information and tips on the hobby of miniature painting.
  • Shiftlinglands: Details the painting and collection efforts of miniature artist, Gerrard Boom for both his terrain and figure collections.
  • Si Vous Play: Contains a collection of galleries of miniatures used for wargaming & roleplaying. Also contains galleries of custom dioramas and buildings with the same uses in mind.
  • SintriCat's Worlds in Miniature: Features a selection of exquisity painted miniatures in a variety of genres and periods alongside links and purchasing information for collectors and gamers.
  • Slapping Paint: Official site of respected miniature artist Craig Stocks. Has a selection of galleries and tips and tricks on painting 25-28mm scale figures.
  • Slave to Paint: Shows the talents of miniature artist Peter Bell in several galleries that are set to expand.
  • Small Obsessions: Respected miniature artist Mike McCuen's personal website, that showcases a wide variety of his work, his favorite tips and an insite into where he works his magic.
  • StarFleet Games Miniatures Reference: Reference material for painting miniatures, although some of the scans may be a bit hard to read.
  • TW Figurines: Several galleries of miniatures in historical, fantasy and science fiction genres, painted in the Foundry style; suitable for collectors or wargamers alike.
  • Terrainosaur: Contains galleries of terrain and miniatures and hints and tips for making many pieces of scenery.
  • The Fortified City of Karoath: Has a gallery of painted miniatures, some artwork, and several painting tips.
  • The Miniature Codex: A visual database of historical and fantasy figures to assist others in purchasing miniatures.
  • The Miniature Collecting and Painting Centre: Offers information about painting concepts, manufacturers, links, and a photo gallery.
  • The Miniature Gallery: Features miniatures in the genres of horror, science fiction and fantasy.
  • The Miniature Gallery - AD&D: Galleries of a selection of painted miniatures from the Dungeons and Dragon's range.
  • Thomas Pope's Miniatures Page: Thomas Pope's collection with information on collecting and painting miniatures.
  • Tyranids: Dedicated to the expansion and ruthless population of the known universe with Tyranids. Includes tactics and galleries for Warhammer 40k generals.
  • Vulture's Miniatures: Galleries of science fiction and fantasy miniatures along with articles on painting and constructing terrain.
  • Wargamers Tavern: Photo gallery of miniatures and dioramas in various scales, genres and periods.
  • Warmaster Painting Guide: A guide to painting Games Workshop's Warmaster armies.
  • Warpchylde: Showcase of painted miniatures including galleries of dwarves, lizardmen, eldar and skaven.
  • Galleries of single miniatures and armies in many scales and periods, along with information and tips on the hobby.
  • Yahoo! Group: Mini Painting: Group dedicated to improving skill.
  • Yahoo! Masterclass Miniature Painter Group: Contains many hints, tips, files and pictures about the world of miniature painting. Frequented by many of the top names in the hobby.
  • Yahoo! Miniature Painter Group: Group concerned with painting miniatures, offers hints and advice or you can post a question for help.
  • perso Sylvain Quirion bienvenue: Showcase of the work of miniature sculptor and artist Sylvain Quirion, including a gallery of past award winning miniatures and 'greens'.


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