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See Also:

  • AIM Online: Information on what wargamingis, it's history in miniatures, table-top and video games, a photo gallery, and game reviews.
  • Ancient Armies Homepage: Scale 1/72 miniatures. Pictures of dioramas and detail for ancient period. News and set index, suggestions for books and videos. Blackboard to post requests.
  • Assegai Wargames: Public forum for wargamers and miniature figurine collectors.
  • Bartertown: Information center for persons wishing to trade or purchase used miniatures.
  • Bartertown UK: Free forum for selling and buying of wargames miniatures and rulesets.
  • Crazy Bear and Ragged Staff: Miniature figures and rules for a variety of periods and places.
  • Danny O'Hara's Weird Wars: Information on obscure wars, lesser known aspects of larger historical conflicts, and fantasy wargaming from the chairman of the Cornwall Miniature Wargames Association.
  • Dungeon Crawlers: Community-supported repository of miniature wargaming information. Featuring how-to's on painting and terrain, user galleries, message boards, and advice from experienced gamers and modellers.
  • Ed's Hobby Hovel: Home to a selection of articles, and hints and tips on wargaming in several genres, as well as galleries of, and hints and tips on, painting scale figures.
  • GW Gateway: Directory of Games Workshop related websites. Also includes forums, painting and modelling tips, and classifieds.
  • GWIndex: The searchable database of images and articles from Games Workshop publications.
  • Gabbi Games: Articles and new rules for a variety of games.
  • Gale Force 9: Covers everything from miniature wargaming including tactics and strategy, to painting and collecting. Covers many of the popular gaming suppliments and rule systems.
  • George's Miniature Figures: Dedicated to identifying old fantasy miniatures for collectors or wargamers alike.
  • Ghillie's Games: A place for creating, designing, and playing miniature war games.
  • Hive World Terra: A collection of downloads, the Rollcall army builder, articles, and an encyclopedia of Games Workshop's Universes.
  • Jarek Gnoll's Chainmail Pages: Provides information and advice on the Chainmail miniatures game, as well as links to other related sites.
  • Larry Leadhead: Satirical view on miniature wargaming in this popular comic strip.
  • Librarium Online: Has forums, advice and hints on buying and painting miniatures and user-submitted galleries. Portal with topical message boards, galleries and links, as well as downloads, reviews and stories set in the Games Workshop worlds.
  • Luke Ueda-Sarson's Wargaming Pages: Information on rules, reviews, battle reports, and research on multiple rule sets.
  • Machine Spirit: Dedicated to Games Workshop's Inquisitor and Warhammer 40,000 games and includes forums and rules updates for both.
  • Miniature Review: Independent reviews of miniatures grouped by historical period. Also provides categorised manufacturers directory.
  • Miniature Trading: Coordinates trading of collectible miniatures. Automatic match of figures and notification of new miniatures for trade.
  • Miniature Wargaming: Games resources, including rules, paper miniatures, and tips and advice.
  • Montesol's Army Banners and Craft Resources: A comprehensive site of army banners for Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40k, or any tabletop army game.
  • Robert Presents Minifigs: Discussion board on miniatures for a variety of different genres and games.
  • Shellshock Combat System: A free combat system based on mechanised combat ranging from historical, through present to future and science fiction.
  • The 41st Millenium: A public forum for a variety of Science Fiction games including Warhammer 40,000, Inquisitor, and BFG.
  • The Foundry (Fan Site): Fan-based reviews and information on the products of manufacturer Wargames Foundry.
  • The Guild of Assassins: The Borders Wargames Group: Plays Warhammer Fantasy, 40k, Gothic, Mordheim, and Blood Bowl. Contains galleries, forums, and rules for each.
  • The Vault: Contains rules, articles, and galleries from all of the Games Workshop product range.
  • The Wargames Directory: Comprehensive directory of wargames traders, wargaming and military history links, rules, noticeboard, forum, gallery, articles and reviews.
  • The Warp Network: War gaming resources, top sites, search engine, player database, news, and contests. Warhammer, Battletech, Axis & Allies, they are all there.
  • Tulsa Area Wargame Confederation: Dedicated to historical wargaming in the Tulsa area.
  • WargAiming: Discussion, photos, background stories, guides and links.
  • Wargamer HQ: Community site with tutorials, battle reports, competitons, forums, internal e-mail for members, chat rooms and galleries.
  • Wargaming Page of Richard Lee: Wargaming site for distribution and support of free wargames rules written by Richard Lee. Included are ancient naval and skirmish rules. Scenarios for these and other rules are also included.
  • Warlord!: Includes rules downloads, covering historical and non-historical periods.
  • Yahoo! Groups: Warhammer 40K Japan: Discussions for clubs in the region.

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