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Avalon Fantasy

  • Abydos: Made from scratch in Delphi, screenshots are available on the homepage. Medieval based, newbie friendly.
  • Alternate Universe MUD: Alternate Universe is a free online multiplayer game, inspired by science-fiction, and entirely custom-written in Java. Includes codewars extension.
  • Angalon: A medieval theme. Features sections on theme, players, beginner's guide, message board and immortals.
  • Banished Lands: A custom code base mud with multiclassing, color, and clans.
  • Banished Lands: Sections on online help, players, areas, rules and policy, clans and brethren.
  • Beyond the Shadow: Sections on history, classes, kingdoms, staff and changes.
  • British Legends: A port of the Compuserve incarnation of the original Multi-User Dungeon, written by Richard Bartle and Roy Trubshaw. Offers detailed assistance to new players, FAQs and a brief history.
  • Dawn of the Ages: A player kill MUD. Written in Java for a new, stable codebase.
  • DestinyForge: Gaming Engine running Realtime and Turn based Fantasy Wargames.
  • Forest Edge Building Manual: Information on building rooms, mobiles, objects, shops and pets.
  • LegendMUD: Features a variety of historical contexts, including ancient Ireland, Homer, Queen Elizabeth, Dante's Inferno, goldrush Melbourne, and Kipling's India. Supports a variety of styles of play.
  • MUDII: MUD2 is the latest incarnation of the very first MUD (Essex MUD/MUD1/British Legends.)
  • Materia Magica: Features forums, online status indicators, and references.
  • Monster: A multiplayer adventure game for VMS.
  • SocketMud: Bareboned MUD codebase written in C, and is available for download.
  • Symelion: Science fiction roleplaying via web-based chatrooms.
  • The Land of Drogon: A multi-user reality in the style of a traditional adventure like Zork or Colossal Cave.
  • The World of Shadowgate: Written using Standard MUDLIB much like C++.
  • UrMud: Set in ancient history featuring a self-growing ecology, advanced combat system, houses and clans.
  • Ursha Null 7: A science fiction mud. Features sections on game play and technical information.


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