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  • The Cold Project: A `group` of programmers involved in developing in ColdC. ColdC is an object-oriented database language designed for setting up persistent online servers, such as MUDs.
  • 16K MUD Competition Results: Results of a competition to write the best possible MUD server in under 16 kilobytes.
  • Bluemud: Based on Varium project. Features documentation, research and project details.
  • CGMUD: Graphical MUD system ported from AmigaMUD. Has a graphical MUD client written in Java and an efficient server written in C. CGMUD is not derived from any other MUD and has no licensing restrictions.
  • CoolMUD Server: CoolMUD is an object-oriented, disk-based MUD server originally written by the creator of MOO. It has support for distributed processing. This version features some bug fixes in the server and improved in-database code.
  • DUMB MUD: The 'Diabolically Uncrashable MUD Builder' project aims to provide a server that is first and foremost stable and reliable. The DUMB language is a dialect of Lisp.
  • EmberMUD: Flexible open-source MUD engine, capable of supporting almost any role-playing setting.
  • FTP.GAME.ORG Mud Archive: A directory of MUD server sources and other related files available for FTP, organized by server type.
  • MUD Server FTP Archive: Repository of MUD servers containing many old servers of historical interest, as well as new ones.
  • KoalaMUD: Koala is a highly-distributed IP6/IP4 MUD server. It allows for very large game worlds to be distributed between multiple machines in a manner transparent to players.
  • Majik 3D: A project to create a 3D online role-playing environment set in a medieval fantasy world. The server uses proprietary technologies provided by Taika Technologies.
  • Momoko: An open source, modular, extensible platform for building multi-user environment. Momoko transparantly distributes objects over multiple servers and supports several scripting languages. Written in Java.
  • Mud Server Developer's Page: Information and links related to mud server development. Aims to maintain a comprehensive list of mud ports for Windows.
  • Muq: Ambitious distributed MUD server with a long list of features. One of the main aims of the project is to construct non-proprietary online communities based on free software.
  • New MUD Code-bases: Catalog of new and original MUD servers for different platforms and programming languages. Includes short descriptions and links to the project web pages and their authors.
  • The AIME Project: An open-source MUD engine, designed to provide as much flexibility as possible to the designer creating the online world.
  • The Grendel Project: A MUD server for Win32 written in Delphi 5. Features include multi-threaded design, copy-over procedure and IPv6 support.
  • The MUD32 Project: Notes on a Windows based Mud server.
  • Valhalla Mud Engine: MUD engine by the original writers of the DIKU MUD server. Unlike DIKU, VME is available under a business license that allows commercial exploitation.
  • []: FAQ #4/4: Servers at a glance: Detailed information about mud server types.


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