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  • Adventurer's Post: A play-by-post site with a tabletop feel. Features several different styles of play; V:tM, EverQuest, free-form, as well as other selections.
  • Assassin's RPG Forum: Assorted forums ranging in topics; from cheat codes to support, and role-playing to strategies. Multi-genre gaming and information. [InvisionFree Hosted]
  • BrainWar: Arranged forums for general discussion, gaming and information about BrainWar. Games include; EmpireQuest and Planetia.
  • Crimson Fade: Site devoted to various genres of role-playing and interests. [InvisionFree Hosted]
  • Digital-United: Series of forums for role-playing different types and genres and discussion on various topics.
  • Dragon Forums: Forums for general discussion, creation and playing of games.
  • DreamLyrics: Community for organized message gaming, live chat and regular live events covering a wide range of genres.
  • Elric's Tavern: Discussion of fantasy literature and various roleplaying games.
  • Free-form, text based, role-playing over a range of forums covering several topics and genres.
  • Freelance Detective Agency: Choose from a police officer, criminal, or a member of the Freelance Detective Agency. Begin solving forum-based murder mysteries set in the 1920s.
  • Head On A Stick: Home of many different types of role-playing experiences and settings; Real Life, Wasteland, Heroes?, and others. There are also general discussion forums and creative writing areas.
  • Hobbies Page: Discussion of various genres and themes on structured forums. [InvisionFree Hosted]
  • Interactive Writers Association: Cooperative story-telling experience done by posting short stories on the gaming forums.
  • Kurai Ken: Set in Japan. Players can be humans or demons. Rules and character biographies. [Proboards Hosted]
  • Lair of the Drake: Collection of role-playing forums supporting multiple genres and rule systems. [Proboards Hosted]
  • MafiaRPG: A world of organized crime. For the action role-player; streets, families, weapons and money. Based on the Mafia.
  • Mission: Top Secret: Information on character applications and development, gaming forums, introduction, and rules.
  • NeoNamek: Dedicated to the role-playing arts and promoting role-playing games. Structured forums are used to allow for discussion, meeting and gaming with new people.
  • Never World: Create a world, start an adventure, find other people to role-play with. [Proboards Hosted]
  • New World Conquest: Based on Anime and Video Games. Learn fighting techniques, combat others in the Tournament and enjoy the role-playing experience. [EZboard Hosted]
  • Origami Forums: Privately run board for free-form, multi-genre role-play and miscellaneous discussion.
  • PhobiaVerse Online RPG: An Industrial Espionage game based on the comic book universe depicted in the Phobia Studios comic books, and run by the creators themselves. [Proboards Hosted]
  • Politics Canada: Free, political simulation, born from Politics UK. Create a character and play a part in shaping a country through lawmaking, debates and the press. [InvisionFree Hosted]
  • RPG Chat: A free, web-based chatroom server for role-players, complete with a dice roller, as well as public and private gaming forums.
  • RoboPlanet RPGs: Collection of free games, featuring futuristic, medieval, sci-fi, and others.
  • SRW Tactics: The Tactics world is a highly sophisticated world. The more players that provide input and enjoy the game, the more variety and breadth the world will provide. Players can choose to be whatever they want; they can be the peacekeepers or the destroyers.
  • Suicide Jack and the Mardi Gras Gang: Set four-hundred years into the future in a world where crime has risen sharply and being part of the gang is one of the few ways to survive. [MSN Group]
  • The Chosen Journey Empire: Geared toward character creation with the use of statistics unique to each player. Character to character conflict, as well as challenging 'The Journey.' [EZboard Hosted]
  • The Cobra's Lair: A community for creating and role-playing in custom universes, and discussion of other games on the forums. [Proboards Hosted]
  • The Darkness Within: Here players will find the ongoing trials of three different casts set in one alternate reality. The cast of Resident Evil, Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer await. [Yahoo! Group]
  • The Green Tavern: Discussion forums for Forgotten Realms, Cyberpunk, Villians & Vigilantes, Video Games, and general role-playing.
  • Times of War: Where players can take on the role of spies, diplomats, generals, or even emperors. Uses D&D rules for indivudual combat. [Proboards Hosted]


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