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  • 1914-Home: Simulation war game based on the world situation as it was in 1914. Players are responsible for a country or empire and must consider many factors to survive.
  • 4000 A.D.: A turn-based strategy game of galactic exploration and conquest. Square off against your human opponent and an AI-controlled alien enemy to see who will emerge victorious.
  • A Twilight of Empires, Lords of the Earth 13: PBeM strategy game set in Eurasia of 400 AD, from Rome to China, where you are the king. Amazingly, it is human moderated.
  • Aqualia PBEM: A multi-player strategy wargame. It takes place underwater on a technically unstable planet. The objectives of the game are simple, survive and eliminate the other players.
  • Blood Royal: A Game of Dynasties and Diplomacy: A game of dynastic inheritance, diplomatic intrigue and medieval warfare. Designed for up to sixty players, with another sixty or more positions played by the computer. Under development.
  • Bramley's Battlefields and Wargames: Including Waterloo, Napolionics and American Civil War, Delta Force, Talonsoft, and Gettysberg.
  • Civil War OnLine (CWOL): A military, economic, and political simulation of the American Civil War with both wargaming and roleplaying aspects.
  • Cold War: Control Destiny: Ever wondered how you would fare as a world leader? This is a chance to find out in a game of diplomacy and strategy.
  • Dip_GM's Diplomacy Site: A turn-based wargame with emphasis on your diplomatic skills and strategy. The game starts at the beginning of 1901, before WW1, where you are at the command of one of the big seven nations of Europe.
  • Lords of Gyrne: A strategic play-by-email fantasy game in which players strive to become Emperor by battling for dominance in a medieval fantasy world.
  • Medieval Warlords: Welcome to the Middle Ages, when mighty Kings ruled by fire and sword. The first scenario available is "Medieval Diplomacy", which is a strategic-level wargame, where players rule historical kingdoms, leading their armies of armored warriors. To stay on your throne, you will need to use well-planned tactics, clever scheming, and ruthless determination. It is completely free to play, and uses an attractive player program that is also free to download.
  • MilitariZm PBeM: Militarizm was one of the most popular play by email strategy in Russia, and now it's available in English. Rule your armies to conquer enemies. You can play both free and pay & play games.
  • NationsPBM (Play-By-e-mail): A modern day wargame including 95% of the world's nations. Play by E-mail or snail mail. Currently in production and looking for people to help shape the game.
  • Panzer Studios: Produces and distributes a variety of high-quality PBeM wargames.
  • Play by Email Emporium: This site is dedicated to supporting the play of board wargames and especially small wargames via electronic means. Utilities such as Cyberboard, Aide De Camp II, and VMAP are supported.
  • Prometheus: Strategical turn based game for 10 to 20 players via e-mail or post, C++ engine is Open Source and free for download here.
  • A private project as an adjunct to the Frontline Wargame Club and to provide scenarios of various modern wargames involving the Red/Soviet/Russian Armies.
  • Shadow Island Games: Hosts Olympia, The Age of Gods, Singularity, Food Chain and Arena games. Also links to pbem tools and other sites.
  • System War: Free browser-based game similar to risk, with message board and community.
  • The Frontline Wargame Club: A volunteer operated, opposing camp organized club which uses the Talonsoft Campaign Series of games.
  • Total Conquest PBM: A strategic-level fantasy PBM (Play by Mail) campaign game. Requires Javascript enabled to view homepage.
  • Ultimatum - The Race for Supremacy in Europe: Become the head of a European nation. Using diplomacy, economic planning and military power, compete against other players, through e-mail, for supremacy on the continent.
  • Warpol - Wargame: A turn-based game set in the real world in the not to distant future. Players take control of a real world nation and through the use of both political and military assets try to become a world super power and rule the entire globe.
  • World War IV: A strategic wargame for up to 40 players set in the near future.
  • World of Kaomaris: The Clans strive for dominance across an endless world of constant warfare, and seek to use the powers of the Tribes to their own ends.
  • Yahoo! Groups: International Federation of Nations (IFN): Message board for the game "Global Struggle", by Ron McBride.
  • donalfall's PBEM Diplomacy Site: Classic Diplomacy Game with players from across the European area - always looking for more people for next round!
  • mobster online game: Control your own mob family in Chicago in the 1930's. Expand your turf and get your neighbor before he gets you.

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