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  • The Camarilla Fan Club: White Wolf's official fan club and international live-action game.
  • ASL for Vampires (In Character): Holds descriptions of American Sign Language for general terms and clan signs (with visual illustrations).
  • Akashic Brotherhood - Global Specialist Advisor's Resource Site: An old site, but with lores listed for these martial arts Mages.
  • Beauté, Humanité, Noblesse Obligé: House Armatage, a Toreador Lineage of the International Camarilla Fan Club. Page includes pictures and bios of this lineage's characters, plus an application to join. Link to the Court of San Bernardino.
  • Brujah Central: Contains information and resources for players of Brujah clan. This includes contact information, player's guide, lore and history, links and mailing lists.
  • Caitiff: The GSA page for the clanless, includes potential sires, factions, lores, rumors and other information.
  • Cam Philippines - Maynilad Dakong Takipsilim - Mage: The official Mage venue site of Camarilla Philippines' "Maynilad Dakong Takipsilim" Chapter (PH-001). This includes a timeline of the Phillipine Mage chronicle from 2002-2003.
  • Camarilla (Singapore): Official national site for Singapore
  • Camarilla Belgium: City of Antwerp: Includes photos from the 2003 Belgian International Conclave, and a South Park parody of the chapter members.
  • Camarilla Canada: The Camarilla Canada Fan Club is a National Affiliate of The Camarilla. Site includes a French-language link in addition to information on chapters, venues, and a members-only section.
  • Camarilla Ireland: Contains information on Irish LARP's, including chapters, contacts and links.
  • Camarilla North East Region: Resources include domain and chapter listings as well as news of the region.
  • Camarilla Road Trip - Melbourne to Adelaide: One woman's journal of a weekend journey for an interstate game. Includes photos of both Melbourne and Adelaide characters.
  • Camarilla Scotland: List Scottish characters and domains of the Camarilla UK.
  • Clan Assamite: Includes lores, factions, and other backgrounds, as well as game mechanics and GSA contacts.
  • Clan Gangrel Settings: Holds information for players of Clan Gangrel. This includes a player's guide and background, lore and contact information.
  • Clan Malkavian: Voice of Madness, the site for clan Malkavian within the Camarilla
  • Dark Glittering Knights: Old official site for the Las Vegas Nevada chapter, includes historical in-character stories and information.
  • East Central Region of the Camarilla: Includes an excellent list of the chapters in that region and updated listings of club events
  • GreatLakes Region Official LARP Camarilla Website: Includes global timelines and links to the official events prestige and ordeals sites. Also includes original artwork and writing.
  • House Alexis Homepage: Lineage page House Alexis, of clan Ventrue
  • - Camarilla Philippines: Includes current Phillippines rules supplement as well as in-character protocols. Includes links to two Ventrue 'secret' societies, House Al Khazari and the Order of Prometheus.
  • Links: Directory including name, reference, history, clan, and tribe links.
  • Northwest Regional Web Site: Member resources and links, regional calendar, and information on regional charity drives.
  • Official Camarilla site: Maintained scrupulously, and including links to chapters all over the world
  • Official Tzimisce Clan Webpage for the Camarilla: White Wolf's official clan page for Tzimisce in the world chronicle Larp.
  • Red Talon Home Page: Resources for this Garou tribe
  • Satyrs: The Burning Passion: Holds information for players of Satyr clan. This includes Satyr code and background, sample characters, lore, contact information and mailing lists.
  • Silent Striders: Resources and forum for this Garou tribe
  • Song of the Sands: Reno Nevada NV-004-D site includes information on the Justicars and clanheads, a Camarilla venue lexicon, and extenisve information on the Garou venue.
  • South Central Regional Site: Official site of the South Central Region, including Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arkansas
  • South East Region Homepage: Official Camarilla homepage for all the Chapters and Domains in the Southeast region of the United States
  • The Black Furies lores: Lores available to visitors
  • The Camarilla Australia: The Camarilla Australia is one of the Camarilla's international affiliates and boasts membership in chapters from Perth to Melbourne, Dandenong to Brisbane and as far a field as Singapore and New Zealand.
  • The Gates of the Rose: Contains information for players of Toreador clan. Players Handbook (TPH), e.g. background and character generation, guilds and hierarchy, contact information.
  • The House of the Four Winds: Homepage of the official chapter for Camarilla members who live too far from the closest physical chapter to attend its activities. Holds for instance news and event schedule, GSA contacts, mailing lists, reports.
  • The Kingdom of Pacifica: A `resource` for Changeling players of the western United States, including history, and names and descriptions of its kith and links to their in-character LiveJournals and other pages.
  • The Master Storyteller's Page: Provides general resources for storytellers in all seven venues, including Lores information, rules addenda, as well as contact information and links to venues/clans.
  • The Ventrue Network: Offers information and services for players of Clan Ventrue. Services include forms for applications and requests as well as free POP3-accounts, mailing lists or webspace. Information include GSA resources, character museum, backgrounds.
  • The Wraith Settings Page: Offers information for players of Wraith including character creation, background, chapters, links.
  • Tremere Global Advisory Office: Offers information and resources for players of Tremere clan. Tremere GSA Volunteer Policy, contact information and reports, links and player's guide among them.
  • US ANST Mortals of the Camarilla: In-chronicle news from the mortals perspective, as well as contacts and other necessities from the Mortals venue office.
  • United States National Coordinator Office: Offers information and resources for US coordinators including coordinator FAQ, job offerings, documents and templates, US chapter map, links and contact information.
  • United States National Storyteller's Office: Contains information and resources on storytelling including the Camarilla Storyteller's Guide, ST Toolbox with forms and templates, protocol examples and guidance, rules archive, links, and contact information.
  • Virtual Adepts page: Includes a who's who and lore.
  • Official United Kingdoms department.
  • deadRepublic :: u k . b r u j a h: UK-specific information on clan Brujah

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