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  • Afterworks: Manufactures plugins for 3DS MAX. AfterBurn simulates realistic clouds, smoke, fog and explosions. Enlight fakes radiosity rendering efficiently, exports pre-illuminated light maps, ScatterVL Pro offers numerous enhancements for volume lights.
  • 2D animation software for professional animators, including pencil test, ink and paint, compositing and special effects.
  • 3D Adventure Studio: A system to create 3D adventure games without any programming knowledge.
  • 3D Digital Motion Analysis and Motion Capture: Internet ready 3D Digital Motion Analysis and High Speed Digital Video recording for scientific, gait, biomechanics and industrial imaging
  • 3D Game Maker - Review: Review of simplified game design software. Includes screen shots.
  • 3D Game Studio 4.0: GameStudio is a toolkit for creating interactive virtual world applications - especially, but not restricted to, computer games. The toolkit contains a map editor, an actor editor, a state-of-the-art game engine, libraries of prefabricated objects, and three example games.
  • 3D animation motion capture services: Utilize a motion capture library of stock moves for cost effective animation for your next game project.
  • 3Dlabs: A leading innovator and supplier of high end performance semiconductors, software and related technologies for accelerating 3D graphics on the PC.
  • Ascension: Full line of motion trackers and sensors for virtual reality, entertainment, medical and biomechanical usage. Track humans, peripherals, & medical instruments in real time.
  • Build Your Own Net Dream (BYOND): A multi-player world building utility; allows you to create, host, and connect to text or graphical games, even web apps. Excellent for RPGs. Non-programmers can create worlds in minutes, while seasoned coders may take advantage of the powerful OO language behind the system.
  • Conitec: We're creating and producing development tools, multimedia tools and game engines for our customers.
  • Criterion Software: Subsidiary of Canon Inc. Developer and producer of 3D graphics software tools for PCs. [Makers of RenderWare.]
  • DC games: DCGames is a feature laden tool kit for creating the hottest CRPGs available.
  • Darwin: For all your software programming, graphic and web design needs.
  • Delver: Delver is a shareware single-player overhead-view tile-based computer RPG construction kit written in Java, currently in beta.
  • DiGiaCom Technologies: FST 98 Development
  • Digital Complete: Offers the following tools for sample download and for sale, 3D modeling and animation, game development, video editing, and sound creation.
  • DimensioneX Multiplayer Game Development Kit: Freeware for developing a multiplayer games and run them over any java-enabled web server.
  • Egerter Software Multimedia and Games Development Tools: Home of the Power Render 3D Engine, WordUp Graphics Toolkit 2D libraries (now opensource) and SEAL audio libraries. Everything you need to make great games!
  • Explorations RPG Development System: Explorationsv4 RPG Creates REAL-TIME Adventure games that is a mix of Diablo action and Age of Empire Strategy and Game Play!
  • Famous Technologies - Facial Animation. Software Tools for Facial Motion Capture.: Famous Technologies makes software that allows easy input of facial motion capture data onto 3D animated characters. FAMOUS has plug-ins available for Filmbox, 3D Studio MAX, Maya, LightWave and Softimage.
  • GMAX forum: GMAX resources, GMAX tutorials, .gmax file downloads, and GMAX discussion at
  • Game Editor: Create 2D games with little or no programming knowledge. Site includes documentation, downloads, screenshots and forums.
  • Game Maker: Allows you to create many types of computer games without the need to write a single line of code.
  • Games Factory Pack: Contains Map Maker 3.0 and Sprite Maker 3.5 for download.
  • Hephaestus: A computer role-playing game system with loadable adventures. Using the included compiler, you can write your own adventures in a simple yet powerful scripting language, and share them with anyone else who has Hephaestus.
  • Immersion Corporation: Immersion produces a wide range of products, including 3D Digitizing hardware, the MicroScribe-3D, and force feedback technology and hardware.
  • Impulse: Impulse, Inc. has been a leader in the 3D industry since 1986 when we introduced our first 3D rendering and animation product, Silver for the Amiga.
  • InstallShield: InstallShield Software Corporation is the leading provider of installation development tools for all Windows platforms. The company focuses on bringing entirely new software distribution technologies to independent software vendors worldwide.
  • JACL Adventure Creation Language: JACL is an interpreted programming language for creating web-based adventure games.
  • Java(TM) Media APIs Home Page: Source for Java(TM) technology.
  • JavaWorld: JavaWorld magazine - IDG's magazine for the Java community of developers, managers, and enthusiasts. Hands-on, how-to features and columns by Java experts; news; Java applets; sample code; tips.
  • Legendary Tales Engine and Editor: A text-based gaming environment which gives anyone the ability to create or enjoy independent adventure modules set in any medieval setting.
  • Lone Coyote: Offers helpful game development documents and project information.
  • Louder Than A Bomb! Software: Provides low cost tools to easily and quickly integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into applications, especially in video games.
  • MOTEK Technology in Motion: Design, creation, and marketing of real-time motion capture data solutions and products for the entertainment and commercial markets, including medical, simulation and advertising industries.
  • Macromedia: Macromedia is the source and center on the web for Shockwave, multimedia, graphics, and web authoring!
  • Mantis Motion Productions: 3D optical motion capture studio offering capture services for body, face and hands.
  • Mappy: A free utility for creating flexible 'maps' for 2D and 3D tile based games.
  • Meta Motion - Motion Capture Hardware and Software Mocap Tools: Worldwide distribution and sales of motion capture tools: Gypsy Motion Capture System, Kaydara Filmbox and Famous faces motion capture software, data gloves and face trackers - mocap.
  • MultiGen Inc: MultiGen Inc. develops and markets realtime 3D authoring software
  • O.H.R.RPG.C.E.: Official Hamster Republic RPG Construction Engine: An easy to use all-in-one editor for creating your own Role Playing Games. (DOS/Windows, VGA graphics)
  • Oak Technology: Oak Technology, Inc. designs, develops and markets high-performance semiconductors (and related software solutions) to original equipment manufacturers worldwide who serve the optical storage, consumer electronics and digital office equipment markets.
  • Official Verge Engine: The most powerful RPG creation system available. Verge 2 supports 16 bit color, high resolutions, FLC/AVI playback, MOD/S3M/XM module music playback, .WAV playback, MIDI, HUGE maps, animated characters, and is fully expandable using the VergeC scripting language.
  • Okino Computer Graphics: Okino Computer Graphics develops and markets a broad range of 3d rendering, visualization, 3d data translation/conversion and toolkit software: the NuGraf Rendering System, the PolyTrans 3D Data Translator/Converter, and the NuGraf Developer's 3D Toolkit/Library
  • Open tUME (the Universal Map Editor): A Versatile 2D map editor.
  • PPTactical Engine: GPL licensed 2D engine suitable for real-time tactics/strategy games.
  • Peak Performance Technologies, Inc., Motion Analysis, Motion Capture and Biomechanics Solutions Provider: Peak Performance offers Peak Motus, a Video and Optical Motion Analysis System used in biomechanics, research and animation applications.
  • Polhemus: A leading manufacturer of electromagnetic 3D measurement systems used for motion tracking and 3D digitization. Offers a full range of products.
  • Puppet Works: 3D animation tools and Motion Capture devices
  • Quazal: Supplies cross-platform networking tools for creating multiplayer online games and contains evaluation versions of the tools for download, resources, and technical support.
  • Quest Markup Language [QLM]: Program for developing choose your own adventures with images, sounds, flags using an XML syntax.
  • RAD Game Tools: RAD Game Tools is the developer and publisher of Smacker and the Miles Sound System.
  • RPGToolkit: A program for the creation of your own RPG's. The software is free to download.
  • Radon Labs Homepage: German Game Developer offering the Free Portable Game Engine NEBULA with TCL-Interface, Supporting D3D, OpenGl, Windows, Linux
  • Reality Factory: Offers an open source 3D game engine for download. It is built on the genesis3d graphics engine.
  • Replica Systems: ReplicaNet is an API that enables games to become network capable.
  • Role Maker: A computer role playing game authoring system. Create your own scenarios, worlds and rules. A computer science masters degree project still under development.
  • SOFTIMAGE: Softimage is a leading developer of high-end software for all areas of professional visual content production, including tools for 3D and 2D animation, and for creating, editing and finishing video programs.
  • Scrolling Game Development Kit: Contains a 2D game engine for Win9x and DirectX, screenshots, and games for download as freeware.
  • Sphere RPG Engine: A console-style RPG engine that allows others to create an RPG similar Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, or Phantasy Star.
  • SpriTec Software: SpriTec Software: 2D art animation and game engine 'solutions'.
  • Stagecast Creator: Create your own interactive games, stories, and worlds. Visual programming language makes it easy for anyone to learn.
  • Super Ghetto Monkey: Game Creation System, Pie in the Sky, 3D Games, Doom, Duke, Wolfenstein, GCS games, Super Ghetto Monkey
  • Telekinesys Research Limited: Game dynamics Toolkits for physical simulation in 3D game and internet environments. Suppliers of The Havok Engine for PC and PlayStation 2.
  • The Cycon Online Gaming (COG) Engine: An Open Source project aimed at simplifying the creation of online video games. Currently, games have a text-based interface, with photo-realistic graphics and a clickable compass for movement.
  • The Games Factory Help Site: This is the perfect helper for people wanting to use the games factory, the Games Creator from Click and Create.
  • The Lost Realm of Anoria: An open source software engine designed to allow creation of a diverse variety of online worlds, ranging from online multiplayer fantasy rpg to online museums.
  • Tile Studio: A development utility for graphics of tile-based games. It contains a bitmap editor for creating tiles and sprites and a map editor for designing level maps.
  • Totally Hip Software Inc.: Developers of WebPainter and Sizzler
  • Vector Graphics: Real-time 3D modeling experts! We create custom artwork (environments, characters, animations) for games, VR simulations, VRML, architecture.
  • White Tigers of the Shogunate: Resource page for the OHRRPGCE construction engine. Demo game :EDO, a feudal japanese rpg- A medival japanese youth with the wit and humor of a modern teenager.
  • X-IST - Realtime Technologies: Develops realtime motion capture hard- and software for character animation.
  • Yagga portal: Yagga Portal. A door on an environment to write multi-player strategy game servers. Only turn based games are covered. It has its own miniOO language. It is free, written in Java and requires JDK 1.2. by Walter Gamba and Marco Becchio.
  • gmax: Discreet's game development and level editor based on the world's best selling 3D modeling, animation and rendering platfrom, 3ds max.


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