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  • Clan Links: Recruiting list, player search, and downloads.
  • -= The DirtyDozen Squadron =- Fighter Ace 3.6: Dirtydozen Squadron of jaleco games Fighter Ace. Join us and fly over 100 WW2 fighter, bomber and transport aircraft against 100's of online enemy. Check us out to see what it's all about.
  • =T.G.U= Clan, Tactical Ops Poland: Stronka Klanu =T.G.U= / Home Page of =T.G.U= Clan / Tactical Ops Poland
  • Ars Quantus Militis: Participates in PlanetSide, Jumpgate, Battlefield 1942 and Neocron.
  • BLACK Freelancer Clan Home: The home of the BLACK Freelancer Clan.
  • BOD Clan: A Dutch Tactical Ops Clan.
  • Bah Jen Task Force: Plays Klingon Academy, Elite Force, SFC, Armada, Alien Vs. Predator, and Half-Life. [Requires Flash]
  • Battery Clan Tfc Singapore: Battery Clan Singapore , Tfc Clan
  • Bloodwinter Clan: Plays multiple games across various genres.
  • C-LAN: Clan for multiplayer games via a console.
  • Chaotic Soldiers: Welcome to the home of the Chaotic Soldiers, an online gaming guild that has been around since 97. Asheron's Call, Tactical ops, Counter Strike
  • Clan 30+: Plays Team Fortress, Quake III Fortress, Counter-Strike, Urban Terror, NASCAR Racing, Ghost Recon, and Battlefield: 1942.
  • Clan ANCMF: Team that hacks games to win. Plays Counter-Strike, Half Life, Unreal Tournament, and Quake III.
  • Clan DN: Includes a forum, live server statistics, members list, screenshots, and a chat room.
  • Clan Lorings: Clan playing Diablo, Starcraft and Warcraft. Site contains news, member's area, message boards, rules, calendar, downloads and links.
  • Clan RA2K: A Clan for CS and D2 Gamers.
  • Clan Silent Knights: Plays Starcraft, Broodwar, Warcraft, Diablo, and Counterstrike. Includes a member list, news, rules, and a forum.
  • Clan Vortex: Features Team Fortress Classic, Counter-Strike, StarCraft, and Day of Defeat clans.
  • Offers hosting solutions for online gaming clans.
  • - european multiplayer servers: We provide gaming servers for clans, teams and guilds and also provide hints and tips for the community to help them game online.
  • D-Day Warriors: Plays Half Life, Tiberian Sun, Day of Defeat, and Diablo 2.
  • Da Joint - Multi game clan: Plays C&C Generals, Warcraft III, C&C Renegade, C&C Red Alert II (Yuri's Revenge), Diablo II LoD, Tiberian Sun (Firestorm), and Unreal Tournament (and UT2003).
  • Death Squad Battle Clan: Plays Diablo II, Red Alert 2 and Unreal Tournament. Forums, add-ons, and news.
  • Death Squadron Gaming Group: Death Squadron is a gaming `group` for PC and Xbox live games. We play F-22 Lightning 3, Total Annihilation and Halo.
  • Death to All: Features Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament clans.
  • Divine Intervention: A multigame clan based in Australia.
  • Doom Troopers: Plays Tribes and Unreal Tournament.
  • Draft Masters Racing team: Team DMR's home on the web where you can download our cars and trucks for nascar 2003 racing season from papyrus.
  • Dragonwolves: Participates in Dark Age of Camelot, Tribes 2 and PlanetSide.
  • Elite Army Squadron: Online gaming clan that supports several games.
  • European Elite Force Clan: Plays C&C Renegade, Delta Force: Blackhawk Down, Halo, NFS: Underground, America's Army, GTA: Vice City.
  • Extra Terrestrial Intelligence: Plays Battlefield: 1942, Tribes 2, and Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast.
  • FSE Portal: Plays Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Warcraft III, and Counter-Strike. Site includes MP3s, game news, and a link to their IRC network.
  • Fang Clan: Playing Diablo 2 and Warhammer 40k.
  • Frontline Dirty Dozen: Plays Return to Castle Wolfenstein, IL2 Sturmovik, and America's Army.
  • Golden Triad: Participates in EVE Online, America's Army, PlanetSide and Neverwinter Nights.
  • GuildPortal: Provides hosting and a directory for guilds. Registration required.
  • Hell Hounds: Plays Diablo and Age of Kings.
  • Hell's Elite Legions: Plays multiple games. Discussion forums. [Requires Flash]
  • Incredible Teamaction eSport Gaming Portal: News, forums, articles, community, downloads, and interviews with top players.
  • Insomniax: Includes news, forums and downloads.
  • Join Forces Trio Clan Home Page: We are a clan that plays Rainbow Six, Diablo, and Age Of Empires 2. We also have a game reviews section.
  • Knights of Invictus: Plays Battlefield 1942, PlanetSide, Call of Duty, Star Wars Galaxies, and Unreal Tournament 2003.
  • KoH: Home of useast clan Knights of Honor
  • League of Extraordinary Gamers [LxG]: A real damage clan playing Soldier of Fortune Series, Final Fantasy XI, and Call of Duty. Site contains server information, forums, tactics, downloads, screen shots, and player statistics.
  • Legacy of Blood: Plays Starcraft and Counter-Strike.
  • Legion of Angels: A guild playing Diablo, Diablo 2, Lord of Destruction, StarCraft, Brood War, WarCraft, Dungeon Siege, Half-Life, Counter-Strike, and NeverWinter Nights. Site offers news, recruitment information, charter, rules, and discussion forums
  • LnC Online Gaming Network: Plays Counter Strike, Quake 3 Arena, Starcraft, Unreal Tournament. Site contains screen shots, member listings, stats, server information, recruitment, tournaments, sprays, and maps.
  • MSC Clan: Play Diablo 2, Starcraft, and Shadowbane.
  • Medusa PC gaming Clan: Medusa is a PC gaming clan formed by LtJoebob, Darkcobra and Glyptic. MDS plays various PC games online such as America's Army, Unreal Tournament 2004 and Farcry.
  • Monster Gamer: Online multiplayer gaming clan. Site contains news, message boards, application information, members area and statistical information.
  • Nightmare Elite Clan home: We have expanded from Science & Industry (a Half Life mod) to all online multiplayer teamplay based games.
  • North American T!G: Plays Battlefield 1942, Operation Flashpoint, IGI-2, Spearhead, and Black Hawk Down. Site contains member list and rankings, screen shots, downloads, and humor.
  • NotSoSerious - Swedish Enemy Territory clan: [NSS]NotSoSerious, a Swedish Enemy Territory Clan, was founded in august 2003. The ambition was, and is still, not to be so serious and one of our devises is -It's only a game.
  • Offcial Clan FoE Website: The Official Website to the Gaming Clan Forces of Evil (FoE)!
  • Old Man's Clan Headquarters: Clan of Older (or suppozed Mature) players playing a wide variety of online game styles as a team. Battlefield 1942, Desert Combat, Generals, Eve-Online, and Nascar are some we play.
  • Omega Knight Virtual Squadron: Portuguese based IL2 Forgoten Battles Virtual Squadron. Site areas: Aircraft Skins, links to flying and designing community, Chat room and discussion board.
  • Overdosed: Clan playing Starcraft, Brood War, Diablo II, Warcraft III, Warcraft III and Counter-Strike. Site offers, recruitment information, news, frequently asked questions, roster and information on tournaments.
  • Pendragon Knights: Multigame clan.
  • Purple Dragons: Plays Dark Age of Camelot and Shadowbane.
  • Rabidd Saint's Clan: Plays Half-Life, Unreal Tournament, and Heretic II.
  • RavenLoft Online Gaming Clan: We are an online clan that plays Skylords, Kings of Chaos, and Nuke Zone. Our clan has a vampire theme.
  • Ronin: Plays multiple games in multiple genres.
  • Roughneck Squadron: Partipates in Operation Flashpoint, Freespace, Freespace 2, Freelancer, Earth & Beyond, PlanetSide and Natural Selection.
  • Southern Cross: Australian based guild playing Anarchy Online, Diablo II, and Star Wars Galaxies.
  • A clan that focuses primarily on online shooters.
  • Sustained Fire: Plays European Wars.
  • TFS-493 Grim Reapers: Online clan.
  • TNT Shaker Club: Plays Descent 2 and Tribes.
  • Tallon's Claw: Plays Quake 3 Arena, Centurions, Counter-Strike, and Starcraft.
  • Clan for Medal of Honor Allied Assault and Battlefield 1942.
  • Team BattleZone: BattleZone and Tribes guild featuring downloads, member roster, and membership details. [Requires Flash]
  • The C4 Group: Plays Quake, Unreal Tournament, Half-Life, and Diablo 2. [Requires cookies]
  • The Commie Killers: Plays Half-Life, Unreal Tournament, Tribes, and Rogue Spear.
  • The Drunken Posse: Plays Unreal Tournament, Tribes 2, Operation Flashpoint Rogue Spear, and Ghost Recon.
  • The Elder Gods: Multigaming international team since 2001.
  • The HellBringers ThB: Features message boards, rank system, and guild application.
  • The International Stocky Federation: Jamaican gaming `group` offers matching services and tournaments. [Requires Flash]
  • The Kings: Plays Starcraft, Age of Empires, and Diablo 2. [Requires Flash]
  • The Lone Wolves: Diverse gaming clan.
  • The Men of War clan site: clan MOW is a clan that plays several different titles including Battlefield 1942, Counter Strike, Halo, Secom 2, and Star Craft.
  • The Order of the Phoenix: General online gaming clan.
  • The Silent Order: A clan that plays free multiplayer online games.
  • The WasteLands: Plays the Jedi Knight series as well as Call of Duty. Roster, game servers, upcoming matches, rules, recruitment information, forums, and photo gallery.
  • Tribe of Judah: Christian-based multi-game Clan. Includes charter, roster, image gallery, enlistment form.
  • United States Virtual Navy: Plays Rogue Spear, F/A-18, and Fighters Anthology.
  • Vanguard Legion: Plays Starcraft, Diablo 2, Half-Life, and Quake.
  • Ventrilo Virtual Skippers Club: Online yacht racing orgainization utilizing the Ventrilo voice communication system.
  • WeComeToPlay: Devoted to helping guilds.
  • Winter Killers Clan Web Ring: A ring of multiplayer clans.
  • Wolf's Dragoons: Plays multiplayer Battletech 3025 and Dark Age of Camelot. Features member roster, archives, screenshots, message boards, and join details.
  • WolfStuff: Resources for Enemy-territory, RtCW and sources of utilities for clan leaders and clan websites. There are patches, mods, maps, news and reviews.
  • X Clan Syndicate: Plays Battle Zone, Counter-Strike, and Dark Reign.
  • XPD8 Headquarters: A gaming review site by gamers, for gamers. We have cheats, hints, industry news, reviews and a quake 2 and counter strike clan.
  • [HSR] Halo Clan: The Halo [HSR] (home star runner). Most of the HomeStarRunner team has been playing Halo since about the spring of 2002.
  • We provide hosting and web design for clan and guild sites.
  • {DnD} Multi Gaming Clan: {DnD} Multi Gaming Clan. RavenShield, Athena Sword, Battlefield 1942, Empire: Dawn Of The Modern World plus other games. All your PC tweaks, mods and maps to download for free.
  • {Wtf} Clan Website: Discussion website about the newest PC game to rants and raves about anything on our minds.

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