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  • Multiplayer game guides, news and forums.
  • Amped Gaming News: Covers all of the major esports games, leagues, player news. Genres include first person shooters and real time strategy games.
  • Artemis Project Gaming: Reviews, forums, chat, and news.
  • AssimX Network: Provides LAN games, online tournaments, and news.
  • Battle Eagle Elite Forces: Provides online cash prize tournaments featuring first person shooters like Battlefield 1942, MOHAA, and Counter-Strike.
  • Clantoolz: Customizable pre-developed clan management website hosting.
  • Crasiworld: From fantasy roleplaying and sci-fi adventure to world soccer management.
  • Cyber X Games: Provides professional multiplayer tournaments.
  • Cybercade: A company providing articles, software, and network services for multiplayer gaming.
  • Death B4 Dishonour: A UK Community site dedicated to online multiplayer gaming.
  • Desert Combat eSports: Devoted to desert combat.
  • Euro Gamers: News, boards, and links.
  • Extreme Online Gaming: Game reviews, guild links, and fan fiction.
  • ExtremeMULEing: Includes photographs, polls, and statistics.
  • FOX Gaming Community: Includes a variety of downloads and forums. Also provides CounterStrike player stats.
  • Fragism: Servers, forums, and downloads.
  • Free Online Multiplayer Games: Forum discussions and surfer ratings of games that are available for free play.
  • GameAdmins: How-to's and FAQs for running dedicated servers for games like Half-Life/Counterstrike, Quake 3, Medal of Honor, and Unreal Tournament.
  • Covers multiplayer gaming with such features as reviews, news, bots, and downloads.
  • GameQuery: GameQuery enables you to query the status of internet game servers using your browser. Most supported games are of the first person shooter variety.
  • GameSites200: MPOG: Ranked directory listings.
  • Gamecaster: Information about the emerging sport of professional computer and video gaming.
  • Gamers Modem: Talk about multiplayer/internet gaming, tips and strategies on popular games. Delphi forum.
  • Gamers Underground: A closed gaming community offering various online games in various platforms.
  • Games Galleon: Information on online multiplayer games.
  • Gaming Central: Multiplayer community that discusses existing games as well as upcoming titles.
  • Free game downloads, forums, game stats and graphs.
  • Got Frag: Professional gaming news, features, and event coverage.
  • Gurlgamer: Female online gamers.
  • Home of the Underdogs: Chart of underrated PC titles sortable by genre, mode of play, and reader ratings.
  • Mafia Gaming Syndicate: Gaming team active in many online games and leagues such as Day of Defeat, Counter-Strike, and Call of Duty.
  • Michigan Gamers: Free online multiplayer gaming community based in Michigan.
  • Mid-West Gaming League: Downloads, articles, reviews, and forums.
  • Multi Player Zone: Offers forums, bookable game servers, and peer-to-peer gaming.
  • Multiplayer Gamers: Multiplayer gamers resources site
  • Multiplayer Mods: Covers online gaming mods for many multiplayer games.
  • Multiplayer Online Games Directory: Games listing, daily news, reviews, interviews, reader submissions, and message boards.
  • Multiplayer Strategies: Strategies for most of your favorite MMORPG's such as Everquest, Asheron's Call, and Starwars Galaxies.
  • Provides multiplayer news, forums, and descriptions on various games.
  • News, reviews, and downloads.
  • Online game community featuring downloads, reviews, patches, news, and forums.
  • Capability to create and run personalized gaming leagues. Offering both ladder and tournament style leagues.
  • Neurosoft Deathmatch Tournament Generator: Program and site to organize tournaments, leagues and team deathmatches in a LAN or other network gaming event.
  • Online Beta Tester Guild: Beta testing online games for developers. Invites surfers to play and provide input in the development of games. [Requires cookies]
  • Online Multiplayer Game News: Dedicated to bringing news about multiplayer online games.
  • Online Multiplayer Gaming Network: Features the latest news in the universe of multiplayer online games.
  • Home of the multiplayer Space Ace game, as well as other online games.
  • Playsite: Offers free and premium games. Includes card games, word puzzles, billiards, chess, and Collapse.
  • Proving Grounds: Offers competitive gaming ladders for first person shooters such as Half-Life, Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament in Team, 1vs1 and 2vs2 styles.
  • Pyrostar: Online multiplayer wargame for Windows.
  • SeeMePlayMe: Compete with thousands of players online through its extensive online gaming and chat application.
  • ServerSpy: Provides webmasters with server statistics and rankings. Also provides gamer and game/map search facilities.
  • Silent Lightning: Dedicated to online gaming with news and clan info.
  • Subvector Online Gaming Network: Large online gaming network dedicated to covering popular online games including news, reviews, previews, guides, downloads and forums.
  • Tactical Gamer: Reviews, forums, articles, server status, and store.
  • The Older Gamers: A mature online gaming community.
  • The Online Gaming Network: News, reviews, articles, and games.
  • The Wadfather: Tools, downloads, forum, and tutorials.
  • Ultimate Gamers: News, downloads, and tournaments.
  • Virtual Gamerz: News, articles, reviews, and tournaments.
  • Wireplay UK: News, downloads, forums, and chat.
  • General online gaming news, information and interviews.
  • gameSlave: Online Gaming Community.: UK online gaming community that provides news and reviews for UK pc gamers.

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