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Red Alert Series@ Red Baron Series@
Resident Evil Series@ Re-Volt Series@
Real Pool Series@ Real War Series@
Rebel Assault Series@ Ridge Racer Series@
Risk Series@ Rogue Squadron Series@
RollerCoaster Tycoon Series@ Road Rash Series@
Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter Series@ R-Type Series@
Rage of Mages Series@ Raiden Series@
Railroad Tycoon Series@ Rainbow Six Series@
Rampage Series@ Ratchet & Clank Series@
Rayman Series@ Racer Series@

Redhawk@ Redneck Rampage@
Red Devils Over Arnhem@ Red Faction@
Red Moon@ RedCard Soccer 2003@
Reel Fishing@ Reign of Chaos@
Reign of Fire@ Reign of Heroes@
Rematch@ Rendezvous with Rama@
Renegade - Command & Conquer@ Renegade - Jak II@
Rent-A-Hero - The Graphical Adventure@ Rent-A-Hero - The Roleplaying Game@
Republic - The Revolution@ Requiem - Avenging Angel@
Restaurant Empire@ Return of the King, The@
Return of Werdna, The@ Return to Castle Wolfenstein@
Return to Zork@ Retarded Creatures and Caverns@
Revelation@ Revenge of the Enchantress..., The@
Revenant@ Reversi@
Revolution, The@ Rez@
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing@ Reah - Face the Unknown@
Realms of the Haunting@ Realms of EverQuest@
Realm, The@ RealTimeBattle@
Rebellion@ Rebel Strike@
Recoil@ Rhem@
Rhapsody@ Riddle of the Sphinx@
Ridge Racer DS@ Riding Star@
Rings of the Magi@ Ring - The Legend of the Nibelungen@
Rise of the Akkadian@ Rise of the Elves@
Rise of the Ku'tan@ Rise of the Sinistrals@
Rise of the Triad - Dark War@ Rise of Chaos, The@
Rise of Nations@ Rise of Rome, The@
Rise of Sin Tzu@ Rising Sun - Medal of Honor@
Rites of War@ Riven@
River World@ Rogue Leader@
Rogue Spear@ Rogue Wars@
Rogue's Quest@ Rogue@
Rollaway@ Rollcage@
Rome - Total War@ Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII@
Roma Victor@ Ronaldo V-Football@
Royal Quest@ Roadsters Trophy@
Roadsters@ Road to Rome, The@
Road Challenge@ Road Champs BXS Stunt Biking@
Roberta Williams Anthology, The@ Robin Hood - The Legend of Sherwood@
Robotron 64@ Robot Battle@
Robot Odyssey@ RoboSport@
RoboWar@ Rocket - Robot on Wheels@
Rocket Ranger@ Rocky@
Rugrats Scavenger Hunt@ Rugby 2004@
Ruiner Pinball@ Ruins of Kunark, The@
Ruins of Myth Drannor@ Rummy@
RummyTile@ Rumble Racing@
Runestone@ Runes of Zendos, The@
Rune - Roleplaying@ Rune@
RuneScape@ Run Like Hell@
Rush 2@ Rustin Parr@
Rubies of Eventide@ Rygar - The Legendary Adventure@
RARS@ RBI Baseball@
RC Revenge Pro@ RC Stunt Copter@
RPG Maker@ RTX Red Rock@
Rage Wars@ Rage, The@
Ragnarok Online@ Ragnarok@
Rallisport Challenge@ Rally Championship 2000@
Rally Trophy@ Rameses@
Rama@ Ranma ½ - Battle Renaissance@
Raptor - Call of the Shadows@ Rasterscan@
Rat Attack@ Raven Shield@
Raycrisis@ Razor Freestyle Scooter@
Racer@ Racing Evoluzione@

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