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  • Educational web site with links to articles, reference materials, conversion tables, and a word search engine for _A Modern Herbal_ by Mrs. M. Grieve, pub. 1931. Online surveys and petitions.
  • Herbs and Aromas: Herbs and medicinal plants; properties and uses. Description on how to prepare home made herbal remedies, capsules, perfumes, flavored oils and cosmetics.
  • Agnus Castus to Yucca schidigera: Folk-lore of herbs and other plant products. Includes comprehensive list of herbs with their uses and hazards.
  •'s Guide to Chinese and Other Herbs: Includes a encyclopedia of common and botanical names photos, history of uses, scientific reports, descriptions of conditions/symptoms for which the herb has clinically demonstrated effects and descriptions of its actions, as well as the safety of each.
  • Allexperts Herbs: Volunteer experts answer your detailed one-on-one questions about the uses of herbs for free.
  • Alternative Beauty: Herb resources and reference for herbal cosmetics, herbal remedies, recipes, herb magic, legend and lore.
  • Alternative Nature Enterprises: Extensive site with a good range of articles about alternative medicine, herbs, herbal remedies, a gallery of photographs and links to other herbal sites.
  • BC Herb Growers Association: Promote, facilitate and enhance herb growing, networking opportunities with fellow herb growers, and access to current market information, workshops and conferences.
  • Botanical Dermatology Database: An electronic re-incarnation of Botanical Dermatology by John Mitchell and Arthur Rook.
  • Bouquet Garni Herbs and Herbalism: Informative site on herbs and herbalism in South Africa, covering both medicinal and culinary uses.
  • Cowhage (Poonaikalli): Botanical name: Mucuna Pruriens. Mentioned in ancient East Indian medical texts as a powerful herb.
  • Culpeper's Herbal Online: Full text of Culpeper's Complete Herbal (1653 edition). Includes breakdown by individual herb, directions for making remedies and catalog of simples.
  • Directory of Herbs: A list of herbs and plants and their magical properties.
  • Dried Herbs Online: Information on herbal medicines with links, papers, herbals, community areas and original work.
  • Earth Bow: Information about alternative medicine featuring herbs and herbal healing, and other natural cures.
  • Eat To Heal: Searchable databases containg more than 500 whole foods and herbs that have scientifically-proven healing power against 30 degenerative health problems including aging, cancers, and heart diseases.
  • Elchai's Herbal Remedies and Lore: Regularly updated with articles on herbs, health issues, recipes, and ceremonies.
  • Elixir: Information about herbs with articles and online assessments. Forum for practitioners. Provides directory of licensed TCM herbalists (California only).
  • Ellagic acid cancer research: Summary of clinical studies and cancer research on ellagic acid
  • Essiac Information Site: All aspects of essiac information covered, including controversial issues, scams, marketer ethics, product prices and recipes.
  • Evening Primrose A guide to the natural health benefits of evening primrose oil.
  • Green Leaf Politics: Educational and hands-on information on herbal medicine and traditional medicines of Europe and Latin America, with political and personal insights aimed towards the sustainability of the planet.
  • Healing Herbs: An interactive community offering herbal information, chat, discussion groups, events, herb photos.
  • Herb Net: Collection of resources for herbalists, including a calendar of events.
  • Herb Wisdom: All about herbs and their vast array of applications from culinary, medicine and magic. Certified Herbologist gives advice.
  • Herb and Drug Interactions: Herbals In Your Life: A list of herbs along with drugs that should not be taken with each and reasons for the caution. List includes Echinacea, Ephedra, Garlic, Ginkgo, Ginseng, Kava Kava, Saw Palmetto and Valerian.
  • HerbNET: A list of herbal educational links.
  • Herbal Hall: Home of The Professional Herbalists Discussion List and Online Herbal Library. Ad-free and non-commercial, site provide sources for approved herb/health products.
  • Herbal Healing for Women: Crones, green witches, and goddesses gather to share woman's wisdom and herbal remedies for menstruation, natural childbirth, menopause and cancer prevention. Includes a forum and a virtual moonlodge.
  • Herbal Information Bible: Non-profit site informing the public on the proper usage of herbs, learn how to choose proper herbs, create recipes, from teas to body creams.
  • Herbal Legacy: Offering herb information sponsored by Christopher Publications. Includes recipes, ailments, formulas, programs and literature.
  • Herbal Musings: Site includes herbal news, a library of herbal articles and a bookstore.
  • Herbal Remedies: Simple guide on how to use some of the most readily available medicinal herbs.
  • HerbalDave's Notebook: Collection of articles on herbs and herbalism. Site available for sale as a CDROM and online access to some areas is restricted.
  • Herbals In Your Life: Shopping for Supplements: Ohio State University Extension fact sheet providing basic information and guidelines.
  • Herbs For Health: Weekly features and extras, product and book reviews, free newsletter, chat and bulletin board from
  • Herbs Herbals: Good information on individual herbs and index to ailments. Useful and informative.
  • Herbs Startpage: Large collection of links to herb sites. Part of
  • Herbs and Alternative Remedies: Resources on herbs used for menopause, infertility, fatigue and other conditions.
  • Herbs, Vitamins, and Naturals: A library of information about common herbs and holistic medicinal information. Focusing on the use of natural products and herbal supplements.
  • Herbtalk Discussion: A free email discussion `group` with information about herb safety, remedies, and recipes.
  • - Herbs: Covers more than 2000 herbs from around the world including Chinese and Oriental herbs, safety data and other detailed information.
  • Home Made Medicine: Free information on herbal healing, home remedies, a complete guide listed by illness. Learn how to treat common conditions without drugs.
  • Inner Self Magazine: A "dictionary" of herbs with their source, their content and their use. In alphabetical order from alfalfa to yucca.
  • Islam and Alternative Medicine: Articles about natural medicine including the use of herbs .
  • Juniper and Sage: Informative site for the budding herbalist. Includes information on preparing and using herbs for medicinal and culinary purposes, organic growing and wildcrafting.
  • Kitchen Doctor: Ingrid Naiman's practical guidance for the use of foods, herbs, and spices in the treatment of common health problems.
  • Kohler's Medicinal Plants: Illustrations of medicinal plants.
  • Laurie Lacey's Wild World of Plants: Traditional plant/tree medicines; Native medicines; herbal; nature therapy; folk medicine, and of interest to naturalists and those who enjoy outdoor activities.
  • Linda's Herbal Remedies: Information on how to make your own remedies, salves, extracts and capsules using pure ingredients.
  • Medical Herbalism: An online journal for the clinical practitioner.
  • Medicines and Foods from the Wild: Information about wild medicinal and edible plants in the northeastern United States.
  • National Institute of Medical Herbalists: Founded in 1864, NIMH is the oldest body of professional practising herbalists in the western world. Information and frequently asked questions about herbs.
  • Natural Facts: Information on a variety of nutrients and herbs.
  • Nature's Apothecary: Informative site on holistic health.
  • Information on the Neem Tree of Indian and its healing abilities.
  • Padma 28 And Tibetan Herbal Formulation: Discusses clinical and research study about Padma 28, a tibetan herbal formulation.
  • Pat's Herbal Recipes: Recipes for ear ache, MS, Alzheimer's, cough syrup, arthritis and bladder infections.
  • Pharmaceuticals for Medicine Without Borders: Research done on valuable botanical pharmaceutical information for cures for many of the world's diseases. Entirely free information offered to empower individuals who may suffer from these diseases.
  • Pioneer Thinking: A guide to what can be helpful. Offers a compiled A-Z database of herbs and ailments.
  • Sea Buckthorn: History and applications of medicinal herb traditionally used to restore, revitalize, maintain the skin and promote healing of sores, burns and other injuries of skin and mucous.
  • Sego's Herb Farm: Produces and sells organic ginseng, goldenseal, ginkgo, and echinacea angustifolia and sells compost tea, shade cloth for ginseng, and mycorrhizal applications. Includes information about the herbs and contact details.
  • Shirley's Wellness Cafe: Educational web site with links to articles, reference materials: healing with flowers, grass, herbs, and other natural remedies.
  • Silver Sage: The Outrageous Herb Lady: Information about herbs for ceremonial and ritual uses, herbs for women's health, herbal lore, some herbal history and recipes, both for food and for health products.
  • An article about neem leaves, the bitter boon of mankind.
  • Southwest School of Botanical Medicine: Medicinal plant photographs, illustrations, maps, abstracts, constituents, monographs, major papers and folios by genus and species.
  • Suite 101: Offers articles regarding herbs and their historical uses.
  • Suite 101: Herbalism: Articles, discussions and links on the uses of herbs from fact to folklore, medicinal to magical. Also includes suggestions for seasonal home remedies, crafts, tricks and tips.
  • Susun Weed: Natural alternatives for women with health concerns. Information about Susun Weed, herbalist and author of women's health books. Herbal education at the Wise Woman Center.
  • The Herb Coach: An e-zine containing herbal and natural health news.
  • The Herb Index: An online guide for herbs and supplements, includes scientific names and contra-indications.
  • The Herb Society of America: Society history and purpose, membership information, projects, programs, publications, calendar, conferences and scholarships. Includes herb profiles, seed exchange forum and plant collection information.
  • The Herb Woman: Directory of links for consumers and healthcare professionals to research information on dietary supplements and natural products.
  • The Herbal Encyclopedia: Alphabetical listing of healing herbs, with articles about safety, storage, remedies, recipes and special uses. Includes glossary.
  • The Herbal Nexus: Herbs, their uses, folklore, medical information, photos, and a bookstore.
  • The Tillery: A preparation guide for herbal medicines and information on the propagation, cultivation and wildcrafting of botanicals.
  • Trickstar in the Herb Garden: Medicinal and edible plants-reviving the Old Ways of being with the Earth. Non-commercial site includes information on herbs, glossary, monographs, properties and phytochemicals, and email newsletter.
  • eFeatherstone: Guidelines to pain relief using alternative remedies for skin disorders including eczema, arthritis. Drug free therapy with herbs and emu oil.
  • Seven Boston-area herbalists discuss their approaches to correcting imbalances in the body's energy, using herbs and muscle testing.

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