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  • About Jewelry and Accessories: Provides facts to help consumers evaluate and purchase gemstones, jewelry, watches and related accessories.
  • American Gem Trade Association: The Natural Colored Gemstone and Cultured Pearl Source of Information and Ideas.
  • Antique Jewelry Online: Jewelry history features take readers through the popular styles during specific eras. Also includes gemstone lore and articles about materials used to make jewelry.
  • Ask Mr. Jewelry: Photos and buying advice for diamonds and other gemstones. Includes traditional birthstone and anniversary lists and articles to help consumers make gemstone selections.
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB): Provides a description of traditional jewelry metals, diamonds, and pearls, and includes advice to help consumers make decisions when buying and repairing jewelry.
  • Buy a Diamond: Diamond buying advice. Includes facts about the origins of diamonds and how the stones progress from rough to cut.
  • Diamond basics, covering the 5 C's--carat weight, color, clarity, cut and cost.
  • Charles and Colvard Created Moissanite: Facts about the company's lab created Moissanite. Includes photos of individual gemstones and finished jewelry.
  • Colored Gemstones: The International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) provides consumer buying advice and educational details about colored gemstones.
  • Costellos Australian Jewelers: Jewelry store that offers educational articles to give consumers the facts about the products they sell. Library of articles about diamonds, pearls, and opals.
  • Information to help make shoppers aware of simulated stones and of diamonds that might have received undisclosed treatments to improve their appearance.
  • Diamond Buying Guide: Details to help shoppers select and buy a diamond. Topics include diamond grades and diamond quality, and a quiz helps shoppers determine if they've mastered the information.
  • Diamond Cutters International: Educational articles to help consumers choose a diamond.
  • Diamond Engagement Rings Guide: Provides information on choosing and buying diamonds and engagement rings online or in jewelry stores. Offers email newsletter.
  • Diamond Buying tips and educational guidance for diamonds and diamond engagement rings. Includes a community forum.
  • Diamond Information and Education: Learn and discuss about diamonds & diamond Jewelry through education tutorials,articles, chat, forums and informative faq's
  • Diamond Legend: Details about famous, legendary, and celebrity diamonds, as well as diamonds mentioned in poetry.
  • Diamond Review: Diamond buying guide includes a price database, diamonds tutorial, and diamond FAQ.
  • Diamond Treatments: An explanation of the treatments commonly used to improve the appearance of a diamond. Additional links lead to more facts about diamonds.
  • Diamond - About Diamonds: Consumer's guide on buying loose gemstones, rings and engagement bands. Talk forum and quotes.
  • Diamond and Gemstone Facts and Curiosities: Facts about formation, mining, cut, treatment and care of colored gemstones and diamonds. Famous diamonds, the four C’s, birthstone and anniversary charts, gem scams, buying guide.
  • - Learning Center: Educational materials to help buyers select and care for diamonds, watches and other jewelry.
  • Emporia State University - Everything about Diamonds: A tutorial about the history and characteristics of diamond. Includes facts about diamond mining.
  • Enchanted Learning: An illustrated glossary, including terms that describe fine and costume jewelry, gemstones, and jewelry making.
  • Evaluating a Diamond: Color: Use this information to learn how diamond color is judged. Includes visuals to aid understanding. Also discusses factors that affect color perception.
  • Gem Gallery - The Photos of gemstones, each accompanied by a description of the gem's properties and where it is commonly found. Includes instructions for close-up gem photography.
  • Gemological Institute of America (GIA): A nonprofit organization that offers gemstone identification and buying advice to consumers and training to those in the jewelry trade. The GIA provides lab services to the jewelry industry.
  • Guide2jewelry: Buying tips and facts about diamonds, colored gemstones, pearls, and jewelry.
  • How Stuff Works: Moissanite Jewels: Five-part, illustrated guide that discusses the origin of natural Moissanite and explains how it is being created in the lab today.
  • Provides basic information to help familiarize buyers with the qualities they should look for when searching for a diamond.
  • Igloo Diamonds: Igloo offers details about the history of Canadian diamond mining and what's required for diamond certification in that country.
  • An explanation of the different grades of jade used in jewelry, with tips to help buyers distinguish between them.
  • Jewelers of America: A collection of advice about buying many types of fine jewelry.
  • Diamond engagement rings buying guide includes a diamonds tutorial as well as related articles and resources.
  • PriceScope: Includes numerous diamond tutorials and buying tips, a discussion forum, and a cut advisor.
  • Promise Rings: Learn their meanings, history, traditions, current practices and where to buy them.
  • Describes the 4Cs of diamonds (cut, clarity, carat and color) and some information about certification.
  • Soyouwanna Buy an Engagement Ring: Multi-page article that offers engagement ring buying advice.
  • The 4C's of Diamonds: Explains cut, clarity, carat weight and color.
  • The Center for Jewelry Studies Discussion Board: Forum where visitors can discuss the history, identification, and marketing of antique, period, and vintage jewelry.
  • The Guide to Buying Fine Jewelry Online: Provides information on how to choose, buy and care for fine jewelry, from diamonds, pearls, precious gems, semiprecious gemstones, platinum, yellow and white gold to sterling silver.
  • The House of Tibara: Facts about opal include chemical make-up, buying advice, cutting and polishing basics, and opal care. Includes photos of different types of opals.
  • The Jewelry Box Newsletter: Features tips on buying diamonds and jewelry, gemstone facts and cleaning silver.
  • World's Largest Diamonds: Photographs and historical background for some of the world's largest known diamonds.
  • A reference library covering natural gemstones and minerals, synthetic and treated gems. Also offers resources for people who would like to pursue a career in gemology.


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