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  • Sheep's Creek Farm Lamb Recipes: A selection of recipes, including variety cuts and sausages, and representative of many countries. Also offers photos on a sheep ranch.
  • 1918 Boston Cooking-School: The lamb and mutton recipe section from the pages of this old Fannie Merritt Farmer Cook Book. Other recipes from the book are also available.
  • Absolutely Cooking: Lamb Recipes: A collection of recipes that include salad, stew and main dishes. A printer friendly version of each recipe is available.
  • All About Food: A selection of recipes for grilled lamb, plus recipes for preparing home made barbecue sauces, marinades, and rubs.
  • American Lamb: Cooking techniques, advice on cuts and carving, glossary, meal ideas, and recipe search.
  • Arielle's Recipe Archives: Offering recipes from various countries and cuisines. A history of food recipes, a recipe exchange and a reader's feedback forum.
  • Badami Gosht: A recipe utilizing cubed lamb, almonds, coconut milk, yogurt, and spices, from the Cooking with BJ archives.
  • Barrah Kabab: A boneless lamb recipe prepared in Indian herbs.
  • Beekman Wine Lamb: A list of recipes that include suggestions with each one for which wine would be the best accompaniment. Also provided are links to restaurant and wine reviews.
  • Carb-Lite Lamb Menu: A selection of low carbohydrate lamb recipes, all with nutritional information included. Also offers other low carbohydrate recipe information.
  • Case's Agworld Lamb: Offers recipes for various cuts and methods of cooking that include roasts, chops, steaks, soups, stews, ethnic, and grill. Each recipe includes preparation time required.
  • Cedar Springs Lamb: A list of favorite recipes for preparing lamb dishes, and detailed instructions on different methods of lamb cookery.
  • Chinese Cuisine: Both lamb and mutton recipes from's Chinese recipe file. Links to other food and recipe sites are provided.
  • Coffee Kebab: A recipe for preparing boneless lamb in a coffee based marinade, from the Roast and Post Coffee Co.
  • Cuisine Ideas - Lamb: A listing of recipes covering grilled, fried and roasted. Also offers a section on food tips and serving ideas
  • Mutton Tarts: Utilizes minced mutton and cellophane noodles. These tarts, fried in vegetable oil, are a Chinese dish.
  • Dakota Lamb Growers Cooperative: Recipes with pictures, for lamb dishes. Also provides nutrition facts, information on lamb cuts, and preparation techniques.
  • Food Down Under: Recipes for both lamb and mutton on an international list. Convert any recipe for number of servings preferred, and choose versions suitable for printing if desired.
  • Foodcomm International Lamb: Several recipes for preparing lamb, including recipes for dressings used, and a photograph of each prepared dish.
  • Gravy Master Lamb: Recipes for preparing lamb that utilizes their product as one of the ingredients, and recipe links for other types of meats.
  • Ground Lamb Sekuwa: A Nepali recipe for skewered lamb sausages cooked over a grill, from the Nepal Home Page.
  • Horizon Meats New Zealand: A lamb cuisine recipe book covering main dishes, barbecue, salads, and stews. There is a plain text printer friendly version of each recipe.
  • Hug's Homehearth: Offers recipes for baked chops, broiled lamb, garlic roasted lamb, and hot pot. Also offers a recipe search and a complete index for many other recipes.
  • India Express: Recipes for Keema Potli and Gosht Biryani.
  • James Beard's Cookbooks: Epicurious Hall of Fame: Recipes for the cooking of lamb on the barbecue are offered.
  • Lamb: Basic guide to roasting and cooking lamb, with a collection of recipes for various cuts.
  • Lamb Collection: A variety of recipes from the collection of Micaela Pantke. Each recipe names the source from which it was received.
  • Lamb Gyros: Ground lamb patties in pita pocket bread, served with a cucumber yogurt sauce. A recipe for the sauce is included.
  • Lamb Roasted with Coffee: A traditional Swedish recipe. Using coffee cuts the fatty quality of the meat and produces the gravy.
  • A variety of different recipes and information. A recipe search by cut or type, and a discussion on proper wine accompaniment for various lamb dishes.
  • Lancashire Hot Pot: A regional British lamb and potato casserole suggesting the use of all organic ingredients. Links for other organic information is also provided.
  • Leg of Lamb Collection: A variety of ways for preparing a leg of lamb, from the recipe collection of Micaela Pantke. Source for each recipe is included.
  • Luscious Lamb Dishes: An array of recipes from the Better Homes and Gardens Recipe Center. Some have photos, all have nutritional information.
  • Mad About Mutton: A discussion on mutton and how it is prepared in different areas of the world, including recipes. A recipe alphabet bar is also provided.
  • Mega-Zine Lamb Recipes: A listing of recipes plus a special recipe search and links to other cooking information.
  • Mutton with Ginger: A Chinese recipe, using slivered mutton, ginger, garlic, green pepper, and seasonings. A photo of the finished dish is included.
  • New Zealand Lamb Cooperative: Recipes that include seasonal and international dishes. Also provided is information on key cuts, carving, and handling.
  • Old Fashioned Lamb Recipes: Lists a variety of traditional dishes. Cooking information for chops, kidneys, and shoulder is also included.
  • PaleoFood Collection: Recipes are sorted by method of cookery, covering stove top, oven, broiler, crock pot, stews, and curries.
  • Pepper Fool Lamb Recipes: An index of hot and spicy recipes. Links are also provided to a chili pepper photo gallery and a spicy style restaurant review.
  • Ranchers' Lamb Recipes: Lamb recipes from several chefs.
  • Recipehound Lamb: A comprehensive index of recipes originating in several countries, including Australian, Greek, Japanese, Indian and American.
  • Recipes 4 You: Offers recipes with lamb as the main ingredient. Details are contained on individual printable pages.
  • Recipes from Kaloti: The amount of cooking time required for each recipe is indicated in the index, and photos of the prepared dishes are provided.
  • Shoulder of Mutton with Oysters: This recipe is from a 17th century cookbook, "A Boke of Gode Cookery." A link is provided for viewing all of the recipes in the book.
  • Somerset Farm Direct: Offers several recipes for both lamb and mutton. There is also information and articles about the farm itself.
  • Southern Cross Australian Lamb: Provides recipes for roasting, broiling, grilling, and stewing, and offers advice on cuts and preparation to use for each method.
  • Special Recommended Recipes: Provides recipes from various accommodation and restaurant establishments. Links to holiday destinations and related sites are also included.
  • Superior Farms Recipes: Provides tested recipes for lamb dishes. Also includes nutritional information, and discusses various cuts and selection.
  • Tomato Lamb Tarkari: A spicy Nepali lamb dish that contains cubed lamb, chopped tomatoes, chopped onion, and seasonings. Suggests serving with rice or roti.
  • Torri Gosht: A recipe for zucchini with lamb, that includes preparation time and cooking time. Offers links for other cuisine and recipes.
  • Welsh Mountain Mutton Recipes: Traditional spiced mutton and mutton broth, from Graig Farm Organics. Links are also available for information about the Graig Farm.
  • Zen Sheep Farm Recipes: Collection of organic lamb recipes including: Middle Eastern marinade, Soy marinade, Kaftas Lebanese Style, Lamb in a pot, Lamb Curry, Lemon Yogurt Grilled Leg of Lamb, as well as approximate cooking times.
  • iChef Lamb: An international collection of recipes, searchable by category or ingredients, a recipe forum, a recipe club, and a radio cooking program.


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