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  • About Apricots: Information about the fruit and growing it in Australia.
  • Apple Cultivars for Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin recommended cultivars, including a list of disease-resistant strains.
  • Apples and More: Links to various apple related items, and lists of apple related facts, compiled by the University of Illinois extension.
  • Arizona Master Gardener Manual: Fruit Trees: General information on home growing fruit trees in Arizona. University of Arizona Cooperative Extension.
  • Ask the Berry Man: Features cultivation guides, recipes, climate chart, and links
  • Berries in Ontario: Information for both the commercial and home grower. Cultivation practices, cultivar recommendations. Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.
  • Brevard Rare Fruit Council: A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the propagation and distribution of new species. Meetings, membership, fruit species profiles, and recipes.
  • CRFG- West Los Angeles Chapter: Official homepage of California Rare Fruit Growers, West Los Angeles Chapter. Newsletter, schedule of events and links.
  • California Backyard Orchard: Includes gardening calendars, general orchard preparation and maintenance tips, specific fruit species information, and glossary.
  • California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc.: Membership information, seed bank, book reviews, local chapter information, plant descriptions, member nurseries and fruit sources.
  • California Rare Fruit Growers, San Diego Chapter: Articles, activities, links, newsletters, photographs, etc.
  • Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm: Tropical Fruit: Provides a list of more than 60 different exotic fruit, and each is linked to another page providing detail on how to recognise each fruit, grow them, eat them, and some recipes
  • Cherimoya: Cultivation and nutrient information about the fruit.
  • Citrus in the Garden: Factsheet that describes types of citrus trees and cultivation information.
  • Cornell Minor Fruits: Information about gooseberries, currants, juneberries, elderberries, persimmons, hardy kiwifruit, pawpaws, mulberries, quinces, high bush cranberries, Cornelian cherries, and buffaloberries.
  • Currants and Gooseberries: Extensive factsheet on the cultivation of the fruits from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food.
  • Currants and Gooseberries in the Home Garden: Article on cultivating white, red and black currants and gooseberries in the demanding Minnesota environment.
  • Dumfries and Galloway Orchard Network: Fruit growing and eating information for South West Scotland. Includes forum, fact sheets, suppliers, and links.
  • Durian OnLine: Gives recipes, links, photos, information, art, news, articles, nutrition, cultivation, market, books, and statistics.
  • Durian Palace: Description of the legendary Asian fruit, botany, cultivation, selecting, eating, festivals, news, links, message board, classifieds and photogallery.
  • Eastern Chapter of the Ontario Nut Growers: Information of the chapter plus a detailed cultivation manual and list of nut tree sources.
  • Edible Landscaping & Gardening: Index of edible perennial plants, both common and uncommon, including fruits, nuts, vegetables and herbs.
  • European Collection of Minor Fruit Trees: Associated with the University of Florence, this European Union project collects varieties of minor fruits cultivated around the Mediterranean. Holdings include cornelian cherry, figs, loquat, medlar, pomegranate, sorbus, strawberry tree. Description of project, database of holdings, descriptions and photographs of plants.
  • Florida Subtropical and Tropical Fruit Crops: Factsheets from the University of Florida extension on a cultivation of a variety of fruits and nuts in Florida.
  • Frank's Strawberry Patch: Description of the benefits of growing strawberries in raised beds protected by thick plastic. Specific directions and photographs of crop.
  • Fruit Tree Tips: Eleven tips for growing fruit trees including pollination, pruning and harvesting from an Oregon nurseryman.
  • Fruit for the Home:'s tips on home fruit growing. Species covered include apple, pear, peach/apricot/nectarine, cherries, plums, currants, brambles and strawberries.
  • Fruits of Warm Climates: List and description of lesser-known fruits that grow in warmer climates.
  • Gooseberries: Information about aspects of gooseberry cultivation (botanical and horticultural) and a variety list.
  • A directory of selected grape growing and wines sites. Gives information on table grape varieties.
  • Grow Fruit and Nuts in the Suburbs and Homesteads: Index of fruit species with descriptions and links.
  • Grow Fruits and Nuts in Temperate Areas: Cultivation summaries for fruit and nut bearing plants from the common to the exotic.
  • Growing PawPaws (Purdue University): Cultivation hints and list of sources. PDF file.
  • Growing Peaches and Nectarines in the Home Landscape: Factsheet from Ohio State University.
  • Guide to Growing Fruit: Introduction to growing a variety fruit trees and other plants.
  • Home Citrus Growers: Information on growing citrus in the UK. Includes varieties, plant sources, and cultural advice.
  • Home Orchard Society: Oregon-based organization promoting the growing of fruit at home. Membership information, excerpts from the organization's journal and links to other fruit-interest sites.
  • Jeannie and Berry's Native Plants Page: Pawpaws, Persimmons and Elderberries: Information from self-reliant Kentuckians about using native edibles, particularly pawpaws, persimmons, elderberries and mayapples. Recipes and cultivation hints.
  • Kentucky State University Pawpaw Research Project: Information on buying and growing pawpaw trees (Asimina triloba), nutritional content of pawpaw fruit, recipes using pawpaws, research and the Pawpaw Foundation, bibliography of pawpaw articles, photos of pawpaw trees and fruit.
  • Kiwifruit: Information on fuzzy kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa), culture, and cultivars. Photographs of some cultivars.
  • Louisiana Fruit Tree Growing Guide: Information on growing fruits and berries in Louisiana, including cultivar recommendations. Presented by the Louisiana Nursery and Landscape Association and Bracy's Nursery.
  • Mark Reiger's Fruit Crops Home Page: Information on major and minor fruit and nut crops from a University of Georgia horticulture professor. Provides a botanical description, historical information, photographs, cultural notes and nutritional information.
  • MidFEx (Midwest Fruit Explorers): A Northern-Illinois based `group` of backyard fruitgrowers. List of recommended cultivars for the Chicagoland area and information on grafting fruit trees and growing paw paws (Asimina triloba).
  • Minnesota Home Fruitgrowing Materials: Newsletters, factsheets and other information from the University of Minnesota cooperative extension.
  • Minor Small Fruit Crops for New Mexico Gardens: Extension publication covering tayberry, currants and gooseberries, elderberries and Nanking cherries.
  • Missouri Apple Varieties and Their Uses: Recommended varieties for the Missouri climate, including a table of disease resistance and pros and cons of each variety.
  • Nafex Fig Page: Includes the history of fig growing, varieties, and cultivation information.
  • National Clonal Germplasm Repository, Corvallis - Temperate Fruit Genebank: Information on holdings, scans of antique prints and watercolors of fruit and plants.
  • Nebraska Horticulture: Online publications of the University of Nebraska cooperative extension targeted at homegrowers. Articles on strawberries, brambles and fruit trees including Nebraska-specific cultivar recommendations.
  • North American Fruit Explorers: An organization of amateur growers of fruits and nuts. Description of organization and membership information, links to local and plant-specific interest groups, list of nurserymen.
  • North Carolina Home Fruit Growing: A series of leaflets from the North Carolina extension service, in HTML and PDF format. Apple, bramble, muscadine grape, blueberry and strawberry cultivation and cultivar recommendations.
  • North Dakota Fruitgrowing: Answers to commonly asked questions about growing apples, grapes, brambles and strawberries in North Dakota. North Dakota State University Extension.
  • Northumberland Berry Works: Hobbyist's experimental planting of various gooseberry and black, red and white currants in central Pennsylvania. Cultivar recommendations, recipes, new cultivation practices.
  • Ohioline Fruit: A list of online articles from the Ohio State University Extension Service which are of interest to the temperate home fruitgrower generally and Ohioans in particular.
  • Oklahoma Fruit and Nuts: Leaflets on cultivation of fruits and nuts, for both the commercial and home grower.
  • Peaches and Nectarines: Information on growing peach and nectarine trees from the University of Georgia.
  • Pennsylvania Back Yard Fruit Growers: A Pennsylvania based `group` of amateur growers. Cultivar recommendations and photographs, photographs of espaliered fruit trees, bibliography.
  • Pennsylvania Small Scale Fruit Production: A number of tree fruit and other resources from the Penn State University Horticulture Department. Tree pruning illustrated, tree fruit fact sheets for the small-scale and backyard grower.
  • Pineapple News and Information: Features information on growing pineapples at home, pineapple cultivation in Hawaii, and links.
  • Planning a Subtropic Fruit Garden: Notes by Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery on planning a home fruit garden in subtropical areas. Oriented to Australia, universally applicable in the subtropics.
  • Pollination Home Page, The: Pollination management information for both home and professional fruit and vegetable growers, gardeners, beekeepers and others involved in pollination.
  • Pomology: Information and pictures of a large number of apple, pear, peach, cherry and strawberry cultivars. Site in French and English, with some materials French only. Frames.
  • Pruning Persimmons: Instructions from New Zealand on pruning the Asian persimmon tree (Diospyros kaki) to produce high quality fruit.
  • Quince Growing: Factsheet discussing cultivation, varieties, diseases, and harvesting of quinces.
  • Rare Fruit Society of South Australia: An amateur organization of fruit tree growers who preserve heritage varieties, explore climate limitations and study propagation, pruning and grafting techniques. Announcements, meeting and membership details, photogallery and links. Some areas members only.
  • Rarefruit - Rare Fruit News Online: Homepage of an e-newsletter covering rare, primarily tropical and sub-tropical, home fruit cultivation. Subscription information and back issues archive.
  • Reliable Raspberries: Pruning, trellising, and fertilizing tips. Recommends everbearing varities in raised beds. From Kitchen Gardener magazine.
  • Saskatoon (Juneberry): A fact sheet on the cultivation and care of the saskatoon (Amelanchier alnifolia) from the Alberta, Canada extension service.
  • Small Fruit Crops for the Backyard: Information for gardeners from the University of Illinois.
  • Southwestern Michigan Fruit Information: Information for the commercial grower which is of use to the home grower as well. Cultivation hints, pest information. Michigan State University, Van Buren County Extension.
  • Strawberries: A guide to growing strawberries, strawberry farms, selection and care, history, recipes and festivals. University of Illinois Extension.
  • Suite 101: Fruit Garden: Green guide to the selection, culture, and uses of fruits.
  • Tampa Bay Chapter of the Rare Fruit Council International: Information on growing and enjoying tropical rare fruit and exotic nut trees.
  • The Pits-The Rare Pit and Plant Council: New York City `group` dedicated to growing seeds and tubers of edible plants found in local and ethnic markets. List of publications, contact information and copy of current newsletter with cultivation tips.
  • The Virtual Orchard: Directory of fruit production links and resources.
  • Third Annual Ohio Pawpaw Festival: An Albany, Ohio festival devoted to the pawpaw (Asimina triloba). Pawpaw cookoff, pawpaw contests, sanctioned atlatl throwing contest. Although festival is over, site still exists.
  • Trees and Fruit in East Anglia: An amateur gardener's account of growing apples, plums, pears, cherries and various nut trees. Time-of-ripeness schedule for apples, pears and plums.
  • Tropical Fruit - Casimiroa, Black Persimmon and Mabola: Unusual tropical fruits, including varieties, and recipes.
  • Tropical Fruit Database: Uses, cultivation, and origin. Sorted by scientific and common names.
  • University of Kentucky Home Fruit Gardener Information: Pest control leaflets and other cultivation information for Kentucky homegrowers.
  • Virginia Home Fruit Growing: A variety of articles from the Virginia Tech cooperative extension relating to growing berry bushes and fruit trees.
  • West Virginia University's Kearneysville Tree Fruit Research and Education Center: Research institution specializing in plant pathology and entomology of deciduous fruit trees. Includes photographs of fruit trees afflicted by numerous plagues.
  • Wye College National Fruit Collections: The United Kingdom's national fruit collection. Listing of holdings, including appearance, blooming and ripeness times.

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