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  • America Russia News: Flippant world reports dedicated to Bush and Putin. Published weekly.
  • American Newspeak: Commentary on current events and political statements.
  • As Good as News: Stories, editorials and the Toothpaste Report. Laughing recommended.
  • UK based satirical newspaper. Laughs about politics, health issues, arts, business and current events.
  • Barry Lank's Teeny Tiny Brain: Notes on the world. Published in the Courier-Post of South Jersey.
  • Bean Soup Times: Main sections include Newscurves, Ghettoscopes, Columns and Comics. Offers archives, editorials and the Kitchen.
  • Big Fat News: Fairly preposterous site featuring news from the USA and the world.
  • Bob from Accounting: Features headlines, articles, pranks, advice and past issues.
  • Bongo News: Weekly covering politics, entertainment, business, sports and international affairs. Brief, visually-oriented material. Also runs a monthly photo caption contest.
  • Borowitz Report: View of US current events. Features archives, appearances and books. Daily.
  • Broken Newz: Daily. An up to date look at events.
  • Crusader Rabbit: Offers today's news dressed in comfortable shoes. Features an archive in categories including politics, sports and travel.
  • Daily Hog: Features include world, national, business and entertainment news. Offers funny videos, cartoons, games and archives.
  • EqOnion: Features headlines, top stories. opinions and archives. Published from Hempstead High School.
  • Faux News Channel: Featuring letters, rants, political cartoons and personalities.
  • Finger to the Wind: Weekly humor column, updated Wednesdays. Offers commentary by Ralph Cohen.
  • A satirical response to mainstream media coverage of US politics. Features include cartoons and archives.
  • Frumious Bandersnatch: Features articles and editorials, bad advice and back issues.
  • G21: Feature articles, back issues, the writers and talk back. Established 1990; launched on the Web 1996.
  • Features top stories, kids fun, retractions and letters to the editor.
  • Gracelessland: Features an archive of rants about the news starting in 2001. Includes reviews, articles and design issues about games.
  • HDBAY: Features weekly rambling, top stories, from the readers and the Yugo pot.
  • Humor In The News: Weekly. Flippant photo captions with topical themes. Offers a political cartoon and archives.
  • British twist to events. Offers lists, pictures and a hall of fame.
  • Ironic Times: Weekly world and US stories. Features three pages of articles and an archive.
  • It's News Dammit: Offers rants and observations poking fun at political figures and current events.
  • Last Story: Source for the world of entertainment, politics and everyday life. With articles, reviews, and top ten.
  • Libin Zhang's World: Collection of articles featuring commentary and rants. Published in the California Tech.
  • Loon News Online: Fake reports, alternative comics, MP3s and social commentary. Since 1983.
  • War and politics; rants and articles. Features include School Daze and Hollyweird.
  • A semi-daily feature offers commentary on current events and other stories.
  • Miami Harold: Features stories and captioned pictures. Updated weekly.
  • Mike's NewsQuips: Spoofs and blurbs about topical events and personalities.
  • Mockweb: Entertainment satire and humor site focusing on the worlds of film, music, television, sports, and gossip. Updated frequently.
  • Mudcat Falls: Parody of a small town America publication. Features headlines, sports, opinion, arts, and classified.
  • Mustache Press: Offers late breaking, a featured column, in brief, movie reviews, headlines, sports and opinion.
  • National Post: Sections include financial, stories, arts, sports, commentary and diversions.
  • Weekly newspaper about New York City.
  • News At Ten: Spoof updated every other week. Offers headlines, stories and pictures.
  • News Hax: Sections include entertainment, current events, editorials, interviews, politics and technology. Features user submissions on a variety of topics.
  • Parody articles covering the NFL, politics, news, and the animation industry.
  • Not So News: Features headlines, local stories, media, and archives.
  • Oakcrest Park: The official website of a fictional city, featuring local and national news.
  • Odd Copy Network: UK-based spoof news, horoscopes, and letters.
  • Parody Central: Song parodies and commentary on topics both political and silly.
  • Paul and Carl's Daily Diatribe: The jaundiced world view of a pair of embittered curmugeons.
  • A collection of rants and commentary on world events. From the Philippines.
  • Satirical news and commentary with forums for community and debate. Sarcasm and humor lace featured columns on current events and entertainment.
  • Private Eye: Offers include old world, I-Spy, lookalikes, crossword, strips and a diary. British publication.
  • Rant of the Week: An alternative look at the news.
  • Real Stupid News: Daily news parodies with links to actual stories for ironic comparison, satirical commentary on events and news makers.
  • Daily rant and commentary. Departments include politics, technology, entertainment, business and sports.
  • Rocket: Articles, posters, letters and an archive. Offers rants and farcical political commentary.
  • Sandyloam News: Humorous look at the news from a small Texas town. Features quotes, stories, thoughts and the cat house.
  • SatireSearch: Headline service delivered by mail, live feed or integrated into other sites. Also offers a discussion forum.
  • Articles posted daily on issues and public figures.
  • Screaming Pickle: Headlines and stories. Features polls, rants, quotes, 10 lists, and past articles.
  • SlashNOT: A parody of computer news. Sections and topics include true stories, Apple, Intel, hardware and Microsoft.
  • Spitting Llamas: Features politics, reviews, and humor debate. Offers include commentary, archives and a forum.
  • Stinky Shorts: Offers stories, commentaries, headlines and reports. Features an archive.
  • SubBrilliant News: Absurd world update covering topics such as business, religion, science and politics.
  • The Blue Brick: News spoofs, articles, and star editorials. Offers FAQ and briefs.
  • The Daily Probe: Offers front page, weekly features, headlines and previous issues.
  • The Daily Sedative: Journal features news in brief, columns and latest top stories. Published weekly.
  • The Daily Spot: A look at the amusing aspects of the news from a North Staffordshire perspective. Also Home of the mythical potteries town of Waggersley.
  • The Globe-Guardian: Issue features include drivel, reality bytes, FutureNews, obscure and AnswerMan.
  • The Gurkin: Categories include business, gossip, national and consumer. Features an archive.
  • The Hammer: Biweekly offers stories, filler, and briefs. Offers an archive.
  • The LALA Times: Spoof of local news for the Los Angeles area. Features a dictionary and archives.
  • The Moderate Independent: Features editorial mockery, media stalking, absurd reviews and historical farce.
  • The Moynihan Institute: Covers education, popular culture, public policy, politics, and celebrity with an eye toward ridicule, shame and satire.
  • The Munews: Brief articles posted by staff. Offers commentary on world and local events.
  • The New World Odour: Features international editorial spoofs. Published monthly.
  • The Noise: Lampoon of current events, politics, and modern society. Focused mainly on Canada and the USA. Updated weekly.
  • The Onion: A farcical newspaper featuring world, national and community news.
  • The Online Investigator: Offers reports and archives.
  • The Rail: Satirical newspaper with clippings, polls and archives.
  • The Rockall Times: Issue includes society, sex, arts, science, politics and logic.
  • The Slant: Features a frontpage, hate mail and archives. Offers lampoon journalism, polls and columns.
  • The Snork Report: Covering politics in New Zealand and abroad. Published monthly.
  • The Specious Report: Spreads rumors, half-truths and misinformation. Features stories, an archive, brief and in depth reports.
  • The Voice of Reason: Features rants, headlines, comic horoscopes and links.. Published monthly.
  • The Watley Review: Features weekly stories, letter from the editor and previous articles.
  • The Wired Press: Features include articles, briefs, opinions, editorials. Offers an about and contact section.
  • The Wymsey Chronicle: Rural parody. Offers archive, weekend, and articles.
  • List of articles. commentary, rants and headlines.
  • Trashy News: Features fake news and opinions, along with humorous commentaries on current events.
  • US Press News: Features stories, headlines, the world, sports, law, opinion and gossip.
  • Unconfirmed Sources: US left wing satirical journal that pokes fun at political figures and popular culture.
  • Untrue News: Interactive community posting rants and commentary on politics and world events.
  • Issues include The Cynic, GetaLife, The Slob, and ShitShat. In broadsheet format.

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