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  • A Moron's Guide to Toast: A guide to help everyone make better toast. Includers some toaster humor.
  • A Technical Writer's Chicken Soup Recipe: Cooking instructions with a twist.
  • A campaign to rid the world of the tomato.
  • Atkins Diet Sucks: Exploring the world's love and hate relationship with this famous low carbohydrate diet.
  • Ban Bread Now!: Spoof on governmental controls of individual freedoms, and the anti-smoking campaign, explaining why bread is the real threat.
  • Beans Around The World: The true adventures of a can of black beans that have traveled the U.S. and world.
  • Beer Info: Beer stories, jokes, facts, photos, posters and games.
  • Befuddle: A collection of alcohol-related true stories, pictures and jokes.
  • The adventures of an oversized red mug, with photos, a quiz and poems.
  • Booze Hound: In this drinking game, catch the falling garnishes in your cocktail glass. Requires Flash.
  • Bottom Of The Can: Selling half-eaten cookies for your enjoyment.
  • Bring Back The Berry: A campaign to bring back Raspberry Kool-Aid.
  • Buffalo Wing World Domination: Dedicated to the peaceful domination through the use of buffalo wings.
  • Donate towards the author's lunch and read reviews of what has been eaten.
  • Church of the Holy Spork: Contains the Spork Bible, a library and pictures of this hybrid eating utensil.
  • Cleaning The Kitchen: How to wash pots and pans and learn the secrets of disposing of pizza boxes. Contains strong language.
  • Clinton Candies: Candy company parody and jokes.
  • Cooking with Gus: Daily comic strip about a chef, plus archives.
  • Crazy Asian Drinks: Humorous reviews of Asian drinks.
  • Diet Humor: A large collection of humorous saying relating to dieting.
  • Diet Jokes: Jokes, quotations, anecdotes and limericks about trying to lose weight.
  • Eat, Drink and Really Be Merry: Humorous articles on the world of food and drink.
  • Evil Waiter Bob's Bistro: Experiences in the food service business, difficult customers, and how to deal with them.
  • Food Jokes: Jokes about food, drinking, eating, waiters and bars.
  • Freddo Frog: Dedicated to the Australian reptilian chocolate confection.
  • Funny Food: Humorous recipes, photos, tips, and jokes.
  • Funny Tummy: Food jokes, strange diets and unusual recipes.
  • Give Jason Fruitcake: Collecting festive foodstuffs for a lover of fruitcake.
  • Hamburger UK: Madcap interactive lists of food films, food songs, and the conveyor belt game.
  • Helly Jelly: A parody of Jelly Belly jellybeans with unusual flavors such as anchovy, asparagus, bacon, and boiled okra.
  • How To Drink: Step-by-step illustrated instructions on how to imbibe alcohol to excess.
  • International Church of Alcohol: Fringe religious organisation based on the worship of alcoholic beverages. Free ordinations available.
  • Jack Ass's Beer: Information on this possibly real beer.
  • KRILLco Online: Company allegedly supplying krill to retail-level consumers.
  • KookyChow: A humorous look at real and odd food stuffs.
  • Krusty Sushi: The world's first mail order sushi company.
  • Look in my Fridge: Humor site related to the contents of a fridge.
  • A look a retro foodstuffs.
  • Lunchtime Larry's Wheel Of Lunch: Enter eight possibilities for lunch and spin the wheel to decide. Requires Flash.
  • Mary Glenda Ference Slurpee Diary: Records a year of slurpee enjoyment. Links to the previous year.
  • Meat-n-a-Can: Revolutionary aerosol spray meat.
  • My Slurpee Cup: Humor, games, quizzes, tips, addiction list, and information about 7-Eleven and Slurpees in Canada and the US.
  • MyMcDiet: Demonstrating how to lose weight by only eating at McDonalds.
  • NHRT: We mix flavors of Gatorade and identify new, better flavors.
  • Never Trust Anyone Who Doesn't Like Garlic: A humorous take on those people who dislike this particular foodstuff.
  • Ninja Burger: The only fast-food restaurant run entirely by ninjas.
  • Passions Drinking Game: Drinking game to go along with the NBC soap opera "Passions".
  • Pattieworld: The history and general background of this regional dish from Hull.
  • Pizzas By Post: Virtual pizza on the web, and home of the Pizza Portal collection of pizza links.
  • Planet Ketchup: A world of information and passionate babbling about everybody's favorite condiment.
  • Planet Ranch: A tribute to this popular food dressing.
  • Potato Fan Club: Featuring the history of this vegetable, celebrity potato heads, notable film and TV appearances and the potato world cup.
  • Random Soup: Humorous quotes, stories and trivia about soup.
  • Retro Recipes: Features a collection of the worst recipe cards. Organized by categories devoted to Jell-O molds, Tuna bakes, Hot Dog casseroles, and creepy looking cakes.
  • Richapplefool: Humor sections include recipe for disaster, master chef, and a special of the day.
  • Roadkill Cafe: Pictures of various roadkills and what meals could be made from each of them.
  • Sarco's Blood Bar & Grill: Fifties-style diner with an unpleasant cannibalistic twist.
  • Save The Cookies: News and views relating to this relative of the common biscuit.
  • Show Me What You Are Eating: A collection of photographs of people showing what they are eating.
  • Sinkie International: The international association of people who dine over the kitchen sink. Features a Sinkie FAQ and membership certificates.
  • Skytopia : Fruit Emporium: Humorous mini reviews of every fruit under the sun, with pictures and ratings given for taste and weirdness.
  • Slurpees: Nectar of the Gods: Slurpee etiquette, pictures, funny stories, and bizarre experiences.
  • Sporks Are Godlike: Contains extensive information on the origins, greatness, rituals, and uses of sporks.
  • Spot The Doc: Can you see where the cans of Dr Pepper are hidden in the picture? Updated monthly.
  • Visitors can create a virtual pizza for themselves, or send one to a friend.
  • T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S.: Featuring a variety of scientific experiments on this popular snack food.
  • The 4 O'Clock Lunch Website: Food-related humor, articles, reviews and quizzes for those followers of late dining.
  • The Amazing SPAM Homepage: Includes facts, fiction, theories, and history of SPAM.
  • The Association for the Study of Meats: Seeks to promote community awareness of the issues associated with various canned meat food products.
  • The Blue Hammer - The Worst Waiter in Seattle: Account of working at a restaurant with a reputation of poor service.
  • The Chilli Source: All about the greasy world of the Doner Kebab.
  • The Curmudgeon's Home Companion: Food writing with an unusual ingredient, a sense of humor.
  • The House of Werthers: A site dedicated to the Werthers Originals candy.
  • The National Pist: A satirical look at alcohol consumption around the world.
  • The Proud Men: A bunch of guys who do strange stuff with sausages, eggs and cheese.
  • The Wacky World of Flan: A light hearted tribute to this dish.
  • Three Hams: Pictures of ham. Visitors can request more ham at their own risk.
  • Tomatoes are Evil: Dedicated to those who believe that this fruit is actually the spawn of Satan.
  • Vegan Police: A comical look at the more judgemental side of veganism.
  • Wonderful World of Donna: A gallery of cartoons by New Yorker cartoonist Donna Barstow, about restaurants, cooking and food. Also features how the cartoons are drawn and describes a cartoonist's life.
  • Wow Wife's Wine: Humor about wine and marriage.
  • Your Burrito and You: You are what you eat. Find out what fillings and toppings can tell about people as you build the perfect burrito.


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