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  • 16 Color Cinema: Make and share shockwave cartoon movies.
  • Adventures of Brian, The Confused Mail Clerk: A humorous story, written by its own readers.
  • Amazing Baconizer, The: Online version of the Kevin Bacon game shows degrees of separation between unlikely bedfellows in books, movies, music, games and software. Search by category, popularity, or simple text entry.
  • An Interactive Journey: Inter-active journeys ranging from a prehistoric hike to an intersteller cruise.
  • Are You A Freak?: Find out how unique you feel you need to be with this online quiz.
  • Astro Joe: Funny interactive flash cartoons and games.
  • Bizarre Rumour Generator: Writes a random, sometimes senseless, customizable accusation, similar to an insult generator.
  • Cartman Interactive: South Park fan site featuring animation and sound.
  • Cartoon Magic: Visitors can create personalised interactive Flash cartoons by uploading photographs of friends, famous people or family.
  • Crudpot: Archives of humorous pictures, audio and video clips, a messageboard, and weekly polls. Win prizes.
  • Don't Be A Dork: The ultimate adventure game. Join in on the comic caption contest or see who is the dork of the month.
  • Dope Game: Trade illegal drugs throughout European capitals.
  • Dress-Up Games: Dress up celebrities, nerds, historical figures and many others. Also a dress-up site for kids.
  • Eating New Yorkers: Interactive story where the visitor plays the part of a monster eating people in New York.
  • Eddie Crush Predicts: A virtual folding paper future predicting thing.
  • Electric Park: Includes egglatin, electronic cardshop, chienworks chat, and the ersatz dictionary.
  • English-to-12-Year-Old-AOLer Translator: An online form translating English to 3NGLISH.
  • Entertainment: Interactive games, stories, and magic cards.
  • Fight Fantasy: Vote for who would win in a fight between famous fictional and real people.
  • Find-the-Monkey: An amusing web diversion where the user is asked to select the monkey from among several images given.
  • Fishing For Love: An interactive comedy featuring a misfit filing clerk and a smart girl from the 10th floor.
  • Flash Interactive: Silly flash games to play and download, including celebrity spank, the excuses database and links.
  • Fun Interactive: Users can create a personalised funny site with jokes and pictures through a control panel.
  • Fun Interactive: Interactive Humor, riddles and image posts.
  • Funky Afro: Give expanding roster of animated individuals cliched haircuts, or just watch them dance.
  • Funny Pages: Hundreds of funny interactive pages to send to friend or relatives, ranging from greetings pages to insults.
  • Get Your Star at Hollywood Boulevard: Enter your name in the URL and see a photograph of your own star.
  • Insanity Club: This quiz will help you determine and deal with your sanity.
  • Interactive Humor: Humor and fun served with jokes, games, interactive polls, and parodies.
  • Jokeman: Makes insane remarks, stupid noises and even tells jokes, all randomly generated by a single "beep" of his red nose. Requires Flash.
  • Lauderlis Semaphore: Interactive cartoons, galleries, e-cards and point-and-chat. In English, German and French.
  • Lauderlis Semaphore: Interactive cartoons and point-and-chat. In English, German and French.
  • Laughspot: Read jokes, send free postcards to friends, or play madlibs or other interactive games. Jokes updated Daily.
  • Madame Karma's Karmatorium: Your destiny revealed free online with Madame Karma's easy-to-use fortune-telling aids.
  • Madness Test: An interactive but probably inaccurate way to see if you are mad, or not.
  • Marioweb: Slime volleyball, optical illusions, a sanity test and humorous pictures.
  • MiniClip: Interactive Flash games, humor and animation. Also offers free website content.
  • Monsterland: Take it in turns with other site users to draw hideous monsters, one section at a time.
  • Mystery Pics: Funny Captions and Pictures: Funny captions accompany humorous photos. Submit a picture or your own caption.
  • Netstupidity Network: Flash and Shockwave games, plus a discussion forum. Some content available for syndication.
  • Never Ending Story: Read the story, then add your own. New content on every visit. Write your own chapter.
  • No. Go Away.: Visitors must answer a series of taxing questions to find what lies beyond.
  • Nookie: Surprise a friend by sending them a virtual fortune cookie.
  • Original Sanity Test: Answer these questions to get an evaluation of your sanity.
  • Pepsi-Coca: Visitors can vote for their favorite cola, and read comments from other cola drinkers.
  • Phone Spell: Find out what the letters associated with your phone number spell out.
  • PhoneSpeller: Convert telephone numbers into words or convert words into telephone numbers.
  • Converts numeric phone numbers into words.
  • Psychic Test: Test out your psychic abilities, and see how well you do on the psychic quiz.
  • Psychic Webline: Online psychic readings and ESP tests.
  • Pub Quiz: Pit your wits against an alcohol-fixated quiz machine.
  • Rancid Ass: Interactive toys and games plus humourous columns, free screensavers, wallpaper and links.
  • Rear Blowhole: Videos, outrageous photos, games, chat and links.
  • Scott Pakin's Automatic Complaint Letter Generator: Automatically generate humorous complaint letters. Just tell it whom to complain about, and the automatic complaint-letter generator will do the rest.
  • Secret Service Test: Online test to rate your suitability as an elite secret agent. Requires Flash.
  • Shoot It: Visitors can upload a picture of someone they don't like and then blow holes in it. Requires Flash.
  • SillyTech: Where anyone can submit skit-comedy that they have written. The best will be made into a TV show.
  • Virtual bubble wrap.
  • Spanky's World: IQ Test, Free Bumper Sticker and more fun than you can shake a small woodland creature at.
  • Take part in a virtual staring contest with the computer.
  • Take a break, laugh, and bust stress with interactive cartoons, jokes, games, funny videos, and pictures.
  • Switchback Fair: Satirical comment and parodies set in an environment that visitors navigate as if it were a fairground.
  • T-bone's Stress Relief Aquarium: Subject a defenseless fish to a variety of hardships in the name of stress relief.
  • Tell The Wizard: Got a rant? Leave it here, and read others.
  • The Beanie Baby Blaster: Tired of those cute little monsters? Kill a beanie today.
  • The Bitch Test: Calculate just how much of a bitch you really are using our completely unscientific testing system.
  • The Comedy Robot: Visitors can rate jokes told by an animated robot.
  • The Cyborg Name Generator: Visitors can find what acronymn their name would stand for if they were a cybernetic organism.
  • The Joe Cartoon Co.: Site featuring a variety of interactive Flash cartoons.
  • The Lieutenant Black Mysteries: Visitors can practise their cunning lateral thinking in this send up of detective mysteries.
  • The Twisted interactive humor covering everything from dating to politics.
  • The Wiseacre'sCcorner: An interactive humor competition featuring funny questions and answers, aphorisms, jokes and poems.
  • Virtual Bubble Wrap: Pop the virtual bubbles in the wrap to help relieve virtual tension.
  • WWWF Grudge Match: Fictional send-ups pitting two cultural icons facing off for supremacy.
  • WebCaption: Add humorous captions to various images and photographs, and view the submissions of others.
  • Weebls Stuff: Offbeat and unusual games, cartoons, art and comment.
  • Who Would You Kill?: An online game which allows you to kill off famous personalities and justify why you did it.
  • Would You Rather: A collection of absurd and distressing dilemmas for visitors to ponder over and vote on.
  • Young Justice: A wide assortment of fan-fiction, interactive games, trivia, polls, and links.
  • A variety of applications and games to play with, plus other assorted humor and multimedia.
  • eLouai's Smiley Creator: Visitors can create their own smiley faces from a variety of expressions and accessories.


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