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  • A is for Army: Humor by army cadets, for army cadets.
  • Jokes about accounting and book-keeping.
  • Accounting Info: Contains jokes and news about accountants and taxes.
  • Accounting Jokes: Humor about accounting, banking and finance.
  • Architecture Jokes: Jokes about architecture, building and construction. Visitors can rate jokes for quality or submit their own.
  • At Work and Bored: A selection of work and non-work related humor to stave off boredom, plus a panic button in case the boss visits.
  • Bad Managers: Real-life horror stories of disastrous projects and egotistic managers. Updated weekly.
  • Barber Humor: A collection of quotes and funny sayings relating to the business of cutting hair.
  • Being A Pizza Delivery Driver: A humorous list of things that customers should do to make the job of a pizza delivery driver easier.
  • Bo Mallow: An original cartoon character reflecting the life of a person being laid off. Job resources, wallpapers, comics available. Requires Flash.
  • Business Buzzword Bingo: Randomly generated cards to print out and take to meetings.
  • Business and Safety Cartoons by Ted Goff: Business cartoons searchable by keyword or topic.
  • Call Center Comics: Cartoons and funny situations from life in a call center.
  • Click Your Heels Together 3 Times: A look at the funny side of being unemployed.
  • Clientcopia: Collection of stupid quotes from customers and clients. Accepts submissions.
  • Contractor City Construction Jokes: Construction and building trades-related jokes and humor.
  • Corporate Cliches: A dictionary of over-used business terms and their true meanings.
  • Corporate Dump: An office aid to wasting company time, featuring humor, games, pictures and a "boss" button.
  • Cubicled: First it was cubicles, Then they found the reams of pink paper. This is what happens when almost everyone in a business is "let go".
  • Customers Suck: The reason why those in retail think customers suck, and what you can do to stop it.
  • Don's Boss Page: Hide from your boss with this fake spreadsheet. Stealth surfing tips, and worker-friendly sites.
  • Drink at Work: Weekly career advice for the professionally disinclined.
  • Provides a full list of rules to observe when riding an elevator.
  • Financial Humor, Investment Fun and Jokes: Jokes related to financial services and economics
  • Fun at work: Humorous jokes, and cartoons about the workplace for executives, management, and human resources professionals.
  • Get a Job: The jobs are real,the classified ads are real, the applications and the responses are all real.
  • Goin' Postal: A look at life at the post office in a humourous way through cartoons.
  • Gone to Blazes: Firefighter jokes and humor and extracts from an upcoming book of firefighter humor.
  • Hate Your Job: An irreverant look at work including rotten managers, subversive staff, and jargon.
  • Hire Me Dumbass: Prank cover letters and various other items relating to work and unemployment. Includes online sale of book and merchandise.
  • Advice, inspiration and excuses for not going into work. Submit your favorite hooky story.
  • How Not to Promote Financial Planning Services: Slogans and ad campaigns that didn't quite make it.
  • Humorous Office Memo's: Humorous company memo's that have been collected over the last 30 years of office life.
  • I Despise my Job: Stories about toxic jobs and psychotic employers, plus career advice learned the hard way.
  • I Love Boxes: Stories of experiences working in a glorified box factory with a collection of social misfits.
  • I Should Be Working: Look busy while you slack off and play games or read jokes on this site.
  • Insanity At Work: For the employees of the customer service industry. Do not visit if you believe the customer is always right.
  • Job Trapping: Stories and humor about job hunting and unemployment.
  • Jobs That Suck: Some jobs that suck and some that don't. Work place and telephone humor.
  • JokeChest: Jokes relating to different jobs and professions, plus some general humor.
  • Kill Our Boss: An office humour web site by slaves, for slaves.
  • Laid Off: A No Nothing Production: An animated story of Odd Todd's life after he has been laid off from his job. Includes downloads, personal thoughts, and related links. Tip jar accepts PayPal donations.
  • Life in the Weeds: Humor for waiters, waitresses, bartenders, and other restaurant staff.
  • MBA Writer: Automatically generates buzz-laden MBA-speak sentences for insertion into your business plan or office memo.
  • MadKane - Career Humor: Workplace humor from columnist Madeleine Begun Kane.
  • Midnight Plumbers: News, plumbing advice and horse racing tips.
  • Military Jokes: Jokes about and for members of the armed forces.
  • Military Jokes and Humor: Including murphys laws of combat, funny military quotes, and humorous stories from the armed forces.
  • Mindless Jobs of America: A collection of stories that people have submitted about their extremely dull jobs.
  • Minimum Wage Superhero: The story of a fast food restaurant worker blessed with superhuman powers.
  • My Barge: Photographs of the stuggles and triumphs of a construction barge in West Africa. Features lots of rats.
  • NetSlaves: An e-zine devoted to real-life cubicle warriors.
  • Not My Desk: Views on the workplace and life from a jobbing temp.
  • Occupational Hazards - Job Jokes: Jokes by profession including doctor, lawyer, dentist, scientist, engineer, and truck driver.
  • Oddly Enough Engineering: Dedicated to engineering and construction humor.
  • Off The Boss Online: How to survive working for a Bonehead Boss.
  • Office Ball Games: Overview of games designed for office environment. Large selection of quotations plus references to internet money making schemes.
  • Office Diversions: Diversions, games, humor and chat aimed at lowering productivity.
  • Office Funnies: Share office whines, woes, and frustration. Includes copier madness, a sound-off forum, and harmless software.
  • Office Humor: On line joke book containing cartoons, one liners, comical recipes, funny poetry, and true stories.
  • Office Olympics: Video clips of workplace sporting events.
  • Office Thoughts: Humerous clips and caption-balloons with everyday office antics, insults, rants and chatter.
  • A collection of jokes, funny stories and images aimed at office workers.
  • Overnight Stories: Stories from working on the night shift.
  • A collection of jokes, pranks, scripts, and exectutables about wasting time at work.
  • Profession Jokes: Jokes classified according to professions including actuaries, farmers, programmers, and doctors.
  • Real Taxi Stories: A site about taxi driving with real stories, and pictures.
  • Receptionist Rage: Rantings of a receptionist to let off steam.
  • Retirement Joke: A small collection of jokes dealing with old age and retirement.
  • Service!: Quotes and tales from the author's days as a waitress. Visitors can also contribute their own experiences.
  • Shop Talk 101: Humorous observations from the front lines of the retail industry.
  • Stars 'n Toads: Comic strip based in the offices of the fictional WorkRFun Inc, staffed entirely by animals.
  • TalesFromWork: A collection of humorous tales from the workplace around the globe.
  • TechRant: Rantings of people who work in the technology sector.
  • The 213 Things Skippy Is No Longer Allowed To Do In The U.S. Army: An offbeat list of forbidden things to do in the military.
  • The Airline Dispatcher Home Page: Heffernan Dispatch Federation, for the experienced aircraft dispatcher.
  • The Aviation Humour Collection: A collection of jokes and stories from the lighter side of aviation.
  • The Beandog Abduction: One dude's efforts to stop a good engineer from leaving the company.
  • The Covert Comic: CIA-related humor by a true CIA officer.
  • The Cynical Parrot: Humorous phrases and animations for office workers. Visitors can rate the phrases and make submissions.
  • The Daily Grin: Office humor, pranks, thoughts and excuses.
  • The Glasscollector Union: Home of the overworked and underpaid purloiners of drinks.
  • The Mother of All Excuses Place: Read or submit excuses for not going to work, school, being stopped by the police, breaking dates, doctor excuses and other topics.
  • The Sassy Secretaries Secret Society: Humorous tips, resources, and rants for the underappreciated administrative assistant.
  • The Wacky World of Wally World: A journal of all the insane things encountered while working at Wal-Mart.
  • This Job Sucks: A place to get work off your chest and share experiences with others.
  • Totally Off The Record: Anonymous work stories from the virtual water cooler
  • True Office Horror Stories: Bizarre stories and cover-ups from the workplace covering management, staff and the curse of fashionable business practice. (Requires Flash)
  • Unitapioca, Inc.: The happy employee handbook, designed to help new workers become part of the "Unitapioca way of doing things".
  • Universal Questionnaire Response Form: A questionnaire to send back to people who send out questionnaires.
  • Wal-Mart Cart Crew: Funny stories, information and pictures from the crew from Supercenter 0766.
  • Why Work Sucks: Workplace coping techniques, including the 'Wheel of Policy' feature, and a quiz to see if you're management material.
  • Work Haiku: Poetry to allow office workers to release their pent-up frustrations.
  • Work or Spoon?: Attempting to find the answer to the question - which is more painful, going to work or gouging your eye out with a spoon?
  • Working Humor: A collection of workplace related humor, cartoons and puns.
  • Working Wounded: Advice that adds insight to injury including the workplace confessional, weekly contests, and download degrees.
  • Workplace Humor - Selection of workplace related humor sites.
  • Visitors can share their awful work experiences at jobs they'd like to quit.
  • Read, vent or share anonymous work related stories about foolish coworkers and bosses.

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