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  • All Too Flat: Geeky humor, backwards Google searches, the Bible According to Cheese, help with pet names and an advice column from a halibut.
  • Procrastination aids, bad pickup lines, taco humor and chipmunks.
  • Alien Central: Featuring a variety of alien and abductee topics, including an alien chat bot, abduction requset forms and a forum.
  • Altering Time: A blend of geeky and technical humor, reviews of useless sites, news commentary and multimedia.
  • Alvins Adventures: The short, brutal life of a helpless teddy bear.
  • Annanowa: A Thai woman talking about pheasant pluckers in a style vaguely similar to the Ananova animated newsreader.
  • Baney: The adventures of a little green frog with a big personality.
  • Blah Blah Blah: Visitors are challenged to find the hidden meaning.
  • Blue Duck With Fangs: A semi-vampiric waterfowl.
  • Brampton Bugle: Spoof newspaper website, covering a number of surreal topics, a fake advice column and bizarre advertisements.
  • Broadswords and Bunnies: A dedication to cute and cuddly things and metal harbringers of death.
  • Buzzword Free Zone: Home of the Koolefant, URL toys and random poetry.
  • Candyboots: A collection of disturbing pictures from old Weightwatchers recipe cards and childrens books.
  • Cate's Garage Sale Finds: A showcase of bizarre and disturbing items found at garage sales.
  • Contacting George W. Bush: Visitors can try to get in touch the president to exchange views.
  • A list of oxymorons and humorous questions to ponder.
  • CreepyGuy: A self-confessed creepy guy reveals all.
  • Daffodil: A long and completely incomprehensible fairy story.
  • Dave's Web Of Lies: Offering a new lie every day, plus a listing of all the lies of the week and a searchable database.
  • The chance to email those who have gone to hell, also links to a site to email those who have gone to heaven. May cause offence.
  • Dnas's Website of Stuff: Useless facts, quizzes, images, recipes, games, and silly generators. Also includes Hairy Potter, who lets you ask but does not answer questions.
  • Doggieville: Original humor to amuse your inner hamster.
  • Dogs in Cars: A gallery of automobiles with canines in them.
  • Dogwater Soup: A collection of humorous photographs, video, animationsm rants and links to unusual and bizarre sites. Requires Flash and JavaScript.
  • Doorknob Signs: A collection of humorous doorknob signs to print, cut out and use.
  • Dr Speedbump's Attention Deficit Compan: A mix of satire, philosophy, abruptly-ending fiction and lobotomies.
  • EggEgg!: Surreal comic strip with political leanings.
  • Encyclopedia Darcica: Compendium of pointless lists and questionable essays.
  • Entertainment Cocktail: Animation, comics, games, opinion, downloads and a Drink of the Month.
  • FOUND magazine: Photographs of found objects. Images and RealAudio samples, and they accept actual found objects by mail.
  • Freaking Kids: Shows a personal hate of many things in this world, headlining the hate of children and their behavior.
  • Frita Bandita Boop: Flash animation and humor featuring an obsessive ex-boyfriend.
  • Garbage Thief: Featuring commentary on spam and bizarre websites, comics and animations, plus a forum.
  • Giant Lava Lamp: A small town in Washington is trying to build a huge lava lamp. Site includes a request for help and computer simulated pictures of what the lamp might look like.
  • Gift Horse: Place to find pointless, thoughtless, and the most unsuitable gifts for everyone, plus random advice.
  • Global Honk: A place for the gullible to learn about the world around them.
  • Hidden Level: Claims to thoroughly eviscerate your childhood.
  • Hyperhero: Information about this powerful superhero, his heroic deeds and his inventions.
  • Invertit: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, written backwards.
  • It's Better Tinned Than Fresh: Surreal humour, featuring Lazarus the off-color zebra, a gallery for trolleybus fetishists and a strange guide to Ashby de la Zouch.
  • Iur - My Life: The life of a rejected mains plug.
  • Disjointed concepts and unsettling humor.
  • Flash animations and exploding toilets.
  • Information on how to be a superhero, text-based pong, and how to deal with a worldwide ant invasion.
  • Lakeside Nature Preserve, Gun Club and Home for the Insane: A community of beer-loving people living under an energy-field dome. Photographs of dangerous cows and giant frogs.
  • Learn to Count to Ten: Using both arabic numerals and human digits.
  • Leechco: Humor about travel, world domination, art and an opportunity to harmlessly vent your anger.
  • Lonely Socks: Collection of pictures of single socks looking for their match. Accepts submissions.
  • Lunatic Lounge: Featuring stupid human noises, Trek Love, Polka Chicken and a gallery.
  • Manatees Crashed Cars of Kuwait: Clearly one of the more dangerous places in the world to drive.
  • Mr Wonderful Still Loves Debbie: Journal of a male doll and his adventures away from his owner's office cubicle.
  • Name That Drug: Visitors are challenged to name a narcotic based on abstract picture clues.
  • Name Translations: Humorous definitions of people's first names.
  • Now or Sooner: Games, links, recipes and words of wisdom wrapped up in a challenging-to-use page design.
  • Number Of The Moment: Visitors can find their Karmic number and have its significance explained.
  • Old Core: Teenagers dress up as old people, and then feed the ducks.
  • One Crackheaded Site: A site for crackheaded individuals.
  • Pick The Worst: Visitors can choose the worst option out of several bad scenarios.
  • Pointless Site: Featuring both possible and impossible mazes, and a collection of dead and blank links.
  • Poll of the Day: Pointless polling of offbeat subjects.
  • Scan Your Face: Visitors can submit pictures of their face taken with a scanner and view others.
  • Visit the webmaster's awful apartment and read sad stories about relationships.
  • Shades of Liberty: Gallery of people wearing Stars-and-Stripes glasses. Requires Flash.
  • Horrorscopes, World Cup Bingo, bizarre domain names and tips on playing pranks on your friends.
  • Visitors can compare expeiences and notes from those times that one song turns into another in their head.
  • Sox: Sock Monkey with a Harley: Photos of Sox in a variety of situations: riding his motorcycle, eating, relaxing and working out.
  • Star Wars Action Figure Webcam: The life and times of the Star Wars action figues sitting on a desk.
  • Stuff That Sucks: A comprehensive list of several thousand things that are deeply annoying or depressing.
  • Articles on things the author finds stupid, including cartoons, television shots and sports.
  • Surreel Toon Supply Company: Cartoon supply company provides online searchable knowledge base and trouble ticket system for customers. Humorous technical support issues are posted for your amusement.
  • THE NeTworK: A digital bemusement park. Wide range of useless products, games and guides.
  • The "We-Made-This-Up-When-We-Were-Really-Drunk" Calendar: A year-long calendar with unusual holidays, celebrations and a challenging approach to dates and months.
  • The Brink of Insanity: Various topics including Duct Tape Man, Sockweb, a horrorscope and poetry. Features a challenging navigation system.
  • The Incomplete Worlds Of Billy Shakespeare: Allegedly newly-discovered works of The Bard written in suspiciously modern-sounding English.
  • The Konundrum Engine Literary Review: Peculiar prose, fiction and poetry.
  • The Longest Domain: Demonstrating a 67 character domain name.
  • The Official Shotgun Rules: Detailed guidance on how to call shotgun before riding in a vehicle.
  • The Realm of Niftyness: Interactive games, crudely drawn adventures, Ask Skippy, and a tour of a real college dorm room.
  • The Reject Syndicate: Dedicated to the things the author hates.
  • The Star of David Jewish Ninja Shiruken: The weapon of a ancient and secret martial art.
  • The Stupid Pastimes on the Web Site: Includes Build Your Own Cow, the Incredible Bouncing E-mail and the Cleanest Page on the Web.
  • The Ultimate List of Uses For..: A list of uses for Marmite, AOL CDs, dead cats and other household objects.
  • The Useless Information Society: Useless news, rants, writing, discussion, and links.
  • Tits or Eyes?: Visitors are given the chance to identify a stylized anatomical part.
  • Twistedmindz: A collection of interactive games, journals and offbeast pastimes.
  • VCR Clock Error: A cross between a server error and a misconfigured VCR.
  • VanderPuamp: Home of an obscure word game.
  • Virtual VCR Clock: Dedicated to the millions of VCRs in the world that don't have their clocks set.
  • Wah Kazoo: Experience the sound of a kazoo through a wah-pedal.
  • Your Driver Is: An innovative way for bus passengers to insult and poke fun at their driver.
  • Countdowns to memorable and not-so-memorable days, a running total of free AOL hours and the weather in Regina, Saskatchewan.
  • Featuring games, karaoke and media downloads. In English and Turkish.
  • Where you'll always get a warm welcome. Requires Flash and audio.
  • sebisworld.COM: An exploration of change, decay and disaster in both physical and metaphysical realms.

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