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  • A Parent's Guide to Choosing a Private Cord Blood Bank: A thoughtful and detailed site with much background on cord blood banking. It provides a questionnaire for interviewing and evaluating private cord blood banks. Background information on medical pros and cons, laboratory procedures, and a list of storage banks.
  • AAP statement highlights controversy about cord blood storage - Parent News: Learn about umbilical cord storage.
  • Alberta Cord Blood Bank: A non-profit organization dedicated to the collection and preservation of umbilical cord blood stem cells for public use. Although located in Edmonton, Alberta, the Bank is national in scope and collects donated waste umbilical cord blood samples from coast to coast in Canada.
  • Alpha Cord Umbilical Cord Blood Network: A network of four banks offering umbilical cord blood collection and storage. Storage in Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, and New York.
  • Baby Chord Securacell: Private umbilical cord blood banking services for families throughout Canada. In Toronto.
  • BabyZone: Cord Blood Retrieval: Is the belly button really the end of the line for the umbilical cord? One of the newest items of interest in obstetrics is umbilical cord blood retrieval at the birth of a woman's child.
  • Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplants for Childhood Cancer Resources: Stories and annotated links related to marrow and stem cell transplants and children's cancer.
  • CORD: A full service cryobank licensed in the State of New York offering cryopreservation of umbilical cord blood, semen banking and male infertility testing.
  • Carolinas Cord Blood Bank: Two hospitals, Duke University Medical Center (DUMC), and Durham Regional Hospital, are collection centers, and they make up the Carolinas Cord Blood Bank. Both hospitals are located in Durham, North Carolina. The units of umbilical cord blood that are collected at both Duke and Durham Regional are processed and banked at Duke.
  • Cells for Life, Ltd.: Information on umbilical cord blood banking at the Markham Stouffville Health Centre, Markham, Ontario, Canada.
  • CorCell: Private cord blood storage company that provides expert service in collection, transportation, processing, testing and long storage of cryopreserved umbilical cord blood stem cells.
  • Cord Blood Bank of Canada: Information on cord blood banking and medical uses of stem cells.
  • Cord Blood Banking: A pediatricians's discussion on the benefits and risks of donating a baby's umbilical cord blood. From the "Keep Kids Healthy" website.
  • Cord Blood Donor Foundation: Exists to provide educational awareness and to conduct further research in the use of cord blood stem cells. You can mail a SASE to receive a list of cord blood donor banks in the United States.
  • Cord Blood Issues: Discussion board at
  • Cord Blood Registry: Cryopreservation of umbilical cord blood stem cells. Headquarters in San Bruno, California; storage in Tucson, Arizona.
  • Cord Blood Society of Canada: A non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness about the importance of cord blood banking. Information on stem cells, medical uses and review of cord blood banks in Canada.
  • Cord Blood Transplant Resources: News, journal articles, organizations, private storage banks, and bone marrow transplant centers.
  • Cord Partners: An umbilical cord blood banking company with offices in California and other U.S. states.
  • Cord blood: Preserving a lifeline: Collection and storage of newborns' umbilical cord blood for treatment against future disease is rising in popularity.
  • CordBank - New Zealand: New Zealand licensed cord blood collection, processing, and storage facility.
  • Cryo-Cell Europe -- Stem Cell Technologies: Cryo-Cell specializes in the separation and storage of stem cells from the umbilical cord blood. Affiliates in the United Kingdom (Cryo-Care), Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Also connected with CryoCell International in the United States.
  • Cryo-Cell International: A cryobank for newborn's umbilical cord stem cells. Excellent FAQ. In Clearwater, Florida. This is the American affiliate of Cryo-Cell Europe.
  • Cryobanks International: Provides umbilical cord blood storage, personal blood storage, semen banking, anonymous donor semen, and male infertility testing. Has a very good FAQ section. In Altamonte Springs, Florida.
  • Cryocare U.K. Ltd.: A facility in London to store stem cells from the umbilical cord blood following childbirth.
  • Cryolife Cord Blood Bank: State-of-the-art facilities for the collection, processing and long-term cryogenic storage of umbilical cord blood stem cells in Hong Kong.
  • Custom baby saves a life: USA TODAY Academic Health Center/ University of Minnesota. Cord blood transplant appears to have saved sister's life.
  • Donate Your Baby's Umbilical Cord Blood: Detailed information on cord blood donation from the National Marrow Donor Program. Links on this page lead to longer explanations and to an extensive list of cord banks, both NMDP members and others.
  • FamilyLink Cord Blood Storage Program: Provides for the recovery, preservation and storage of stem cells obtained from the umbilical cord immediately after child birth. These stem cells are reserved for future use by the donor or donor's family in the treatment of a variety of major diseases and serious medical conditions.
  • How Will Storing Cord Blood Help My Child?: Cancer Group Institute's umbilical cord blood banking program, providing pregnant parents an alternative to discarding their newborn's cord blood stem cells.
  • Legal Issues in Medicine -- NEJM 1999; 340: 1521-1524: Waste and Longing: The Legal Status of Placental-Blood Banking
  • Lifebank (USA): Cryopreservation of umbilical cord blood stem cells. In New Jersey and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Lifebank Cryogenics Corp.: Umbilical cord blood bank in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  • Lifeline Cord Blood Bank: Umbilical Cord Blood Bank in Cyprus, with offices in Nicosia, Cyprus and London, UK.
  • National Marrow Donor Program - Cord Blood FAQs: Frequently asked cord blood questions.
  • New England Cord Blood Bank: Umbilical cord blood stem cell processing and storage. Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Newborn Blood Banking, Inc.: Umbilical cord blood storage bank in Tampa, Florida. They emphasize the storage of whole blood, not just stem cells.
  • Puget Sound Blood Center Cord Blood Program: The program collects, processes, stores and distributes blood collected from the umbilical cord for patients needing a stem cell transplant.
  • SecuraCell: Collection and cryogenic storage of umbilical cord blood stem cells for the potential treatment of various diseases. In Canton, Ohio.
  • South Texas Blood and Tissue Center: Cord blood collection and storage details.
  • Stem Sciences Cord Blood Bank: Umbilical Cord Blood Bank in Ontario, Canada.
  • StemLife : Umbilical Cord Blood Banking: A company in Malaysia which stores and processes cord blood.
  • UCLA Umbilical Cord Blood Bank: The emphasis here is to support bone marrow transplants by banking umbilical cord blood from a variety of ethnic groups. In Los Angeles, California.
  • Umbilical Cord Blood -- What is it?: "The material that is routinely discarded after birth could one day be life saving for that person or someone else in the family." A series of summary articles for the layman.
  • Umbilical Cord Blood Banking: Insurance Against Future Diseases?: Researchers are continuing to seek answers to the scientific and ethical questions surrounding this experimental and controversial medical procedure. Article by Holly Wagner of USA Today magazine online.
  • Umbilical cord blood could replace blood marrow transplants: CNN.
  • Viacord umbilical cord blood banking.: Enables expectant parents to store their newborn's umbilical cord blood as a potential source of stem cells to help treat cancers & other disorders. In Boston MA.
  • Wadsworth Center Blood and Tissue Resources: Guidelines for collection, processing and storage of cord blood stem cells .


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